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  1. Steelers-Lions might be the worst game I've seen in person. Just a miserable showing from both qb's with plenty of blame for their teammates. Goff had an abysmal 55 yards passing at the end of regulation (he finished with 129). Rudolph had a nice showing on the first possession, then did his best to convince even diehard fans he won't be the guy to replace Roethlisberger. I don't even think he'll even be the guy to keep the seat warm, but I don't know that this is the year to draft a franchise qb. And, anyway, Steelers record over the past 50 years drafting QB's not named Roethlisberger or Bradshaw is a little suspect (Mark Malone, Neil O'Donnell, Cliff Stoudt, Kordell Stewart). Lol, when Roethlisberger was drafted local media, he was portrayed as a project who would hopefully learn from Tommy Maddox and replace him... some day. Granted, BR started the preseason third on the draft chart behind Maddox and Charlie Batch and only got promoted to starter because both Batch and Maddox got injured. Anyway, OT yesterday was a horror show. Bad passes, mental lapses, turnover, that ugly Lions fg attempt. Ugh. If someone had gotten a breakaway and headed for the endzone, I expect they would have made it to the 10 before looking down and realizing they had put oversized clown shoes on by mistake, then promptly tripping over their own feet. Also, it rained lightly most of the second half, so by the OT, we were damp and cold. Maybe. It's a "your mileage may vary" kind of thing, but unless CTE has caused Mannning to forget everything he knows about playing the position, I probably still want held-together-by-tape-and-twist-ties Peyton to qb my team over Goff and a couple others.
  2. According to Meltzer, it would be very surprising if the company did not pay Lee’s medical bills.
  3. I was flipping channels a few nights ago and came across Squidbillies and was dumbfounded when the channel guide said "season 12". I had no idea Squidbillies lasted more than a couple seasons. If you asked me how many seasons there had been, I would have guessed 3 or 4. I'm still kind of incredulous that Squidbillies has run for that long. Squidbillies has never looked funny to me, so I'm not sure if the addition of Tracy Morgan would make it more or less tolerable to me. Probably less, but I have no intention of finding out for sure until I die and go to Hell, at which point I'll probably be forced to watch Adult Swim 24/7 for the rest of eternity.
  4. Well, the other comment Meltzer made when he first reported the story was "he will probably scream about it at some point...." So I'm guessing AJ doesn't think he needs to sit out. I'm guessing COVID, but that's just my guess. WWE was asking talent not to admit they have Covid on social media, but they've been fairly close-mouthed about injuries in general recently. I don't have any reason to think AJ is an anti-vaxxer, but it wouldn't be a shock to find out that the Southern boy from GA is unvaccinated. I like AJ a great deal as a performer. but if he is refusing vaccinations and has Covid for the second time, I'd be wondering if it wasn't time to part ways with him. Wiki says he is 44 and AJ has claimed his current contract will be his last with the WWE, so he's probably about done with the company one way or another. That women's 5x5 match at SS looks horrid. Lol, I'd probably be actively dreading it if I was planning to watch the show. Fortunately.....
  5. The bolded part definitely sounds like something one of Da Baldies would do. I guess you could say he took his gimmick.... TO THE EXTREME!
  6. Show me a company that hired several times the number of people it needed - or could realistically use - to begin with. You generally don't find that in profitable companies. The reality of the situation has always been that a massive cutback was going to happen at some point. Either business was going to drop off to a disastrous extent or someone unbiased was going to come in, look at how inefficient the company is, and lobby for changes. Lance Storm made the point on WO this week that the WWE has cut approx. 125 people over the past 2 years and it hasn't changed the product much, if any. It's nuts that shareholders allowed the company to get this bloated in the first place. From a pr standpoint, I guess it would have been better if the company hadn't hired the Billie Kays and Buddy Murphys of the world in the first place? I doubt that would do the wrestlers much good, but by hiring a couple hundred extra wrestlers, they've left themselves open to criticism when they let people go. I'm not going to argue your larger point, but I personally have never expected my employer to keep me around if they decide they don't need me, or make my position redundant. My parents own a family business. I guess if I ever want a guaranteed income for life no matter what, I'll go work for them.
  7. I thought they had., IRRC, there was an item in the Observer a while back about WwE canceling their catering contract and talent going to have to get food from the concession areas in the arena.
  8. Someone needs to explain to me the logic of never getting a vaccination or taking a drug when you're ill - but taking a horse drug when you test positive for Covid. I mean, wtf? I can't figure out how that makes sense even if you're a looney pseudo-science guy. I'm not an expert, but I'm fairly sure veterinary drugs still fall under the umbrella of modern medicine. It's not more natural to drug your horse than it to drug your kids. If I'm Roger Godell, I'm suspending this clown for the remainder of the season, then praying he retires. Or, more likely, doing what I can to ensure he retires.
  9. I snickered my way through Rodger's interview to the point that my wife thought I was having a medical issue and kept asking me if I felt ok. I might - stress the word "might" - be inclined to give some credence to the allergy explanation if he had bothered to say that at some point earlier in the season or sometime Tuesday when the story broke (edit: story broke on Wed, not Tuesday). He could very easily have explained that in a tweet. I'm usually skeptical of simple, obvious explanations when it takes you three days to come up with that simple, obvious explanation. Sigh. My college-age niece is dating the son of a chiropractor and, you guessed it, the whole family are anti-vaxxers who think you can cure cancer with appt. at his office.
  10. If you’re looking for something to take up a fair chunk of the month, Edith Finch isn’t the game for you. It’s a couple hours long max. You could probably finish it in one sitting.
  11. Back in the 2000’s, Meltzer would “joke” about Vince believing women were too old to be on tv once they turned 30. He actually seemed fascinated by Layla El (not in a creepy way) because she managed to stay on tv till her mid-to-late 30’s. I won’t be too surprised if that joke comes back into vogue a couple years from now.
  12. The difference is that Marvel knows how to market its characters to non-fans while the WWE can't even interest die-hard fans in its characters and product. Also, does anyone know where I can buy leftover Karrion Kross gimp masks cheap? Did WWE Shop ever sell those? I assume they're marked down down? Edit: Um, asking for a friend. Just want to make sure you all know I'm not in the market for a BDSM mask.
  13. LOl, I wanted to write this post about five times, but didn't want to be canceled. Hopefully, I'm wrong but I feel like the agent of the guy who allegedly lied about being exposed to Covid to get out of a preseason game may have found a way to keep his client off the court while still getting paid and gain public sympathy. I don't have a problem with Simmons declining the 76'ers offer to put in him touch with a therapist to see one of his choosing - therapy is kinda useless unless you're comfortable with the therapist and the process - but I feel like he owes the team some sort of update so they know what's going on and have at least a ballpark expectation when he might be back. Keeping your employer in the loop isn't the same as putting the employer in charge of the process, at least to me.
  14. Ryker's recent career trajectory is baffling. Forgotten Sons were called up to the main roster, then immediately pulled from TV & split up. Supposedly, that was because of something Ryker said on social media (Meltzer backed that up, irrc). Yet, Ryker was the one who got paired with Elias and made it to tv weekly while the other two Forgotten Sons floundered. Ryker has a decent spot but they decide to split him off from Elias & give him a babyface push no one asked for, only to kill his push within weeks after a short feud with Elias & take him off tv again. His main usefulness to the company appears to be Main Event & sitting around in what used to be catering, and he's apparently an anti-vaxxer which makes his future with the company a bit tenuous, but he survives a purge where several other anti-vaxxers got released. Weird.
  15. FWIW, a story went around that the NBAPA was basically open to a vaccine mandate for players (well, open to at least discussing it), but a couple influential players were opposed and quashed the idea. Unsurprisingly, Kyrie was the name that was mentioned. The OBJ thing is nuts. I'm a "I just watch the games" guy, but I know a few people who know enough to understand the X's and O's and they think Mayfield's the one to blame for OBJ "not getting open" and not catching balls. It feels like they should have been able to get some return on him in a trade, even though his contract and the fact that no one really believed he'd be in Cleveland much longer probably drove down the offers.
  16. I'd agree with that, I guess. Though I say worse things to anti-vaxxers so I may be sued before he is .
  17. I dunno why you think this was in a company email or something. Ill-considered remark made to a small group of people outside of work by a guy with a drink in his hand. But I'm not going to argue with you. You win this bizarre little argument you want to have. Congrats.
  18. Lol, it was a colorful expression from a guy with a history of those. Definitely wasn't on the record and definitely wasn't a statement of the firm's official policy. And, actually, his point was just the opposite. Right before that, he made it clear that he didn't think anyone in the room - or the firm - was bringing the sort of billing to make it worth jumping through hoops for them. Unvaccinted employees have cost us quite a bit in lost manpower hours, missed deadlines, etc. What started the conversation was the mandatory vaccination policy the firm was about to announce. And, nope, there weren't any exceptions that I know of other than the standard disclaimer for "religious or medical reasons". Not many people got one of those (I don't personally know of any. The few people I know of who tried to get medical waivers couldn't get their doctors to sign off on them).
  19. I feel like the CEO of my firm put it best when he said "You don't have to get vaccinated, but you had better be making this firm a sh**load of money if you expect us to put up with your bullsh**" Well said. Not really surprised about Lee & Yim. Between their social media & Meltzer, I got the impression that the relationship with the front office was chilly & they possibly were still against vaccination. Kross is more of a head-scratcher unless it has to do with vaccination status or politics. I thought he was fairly generic, but the company invested a decent bit building him up. With his size and look, expected him to get several chances to succeed. B-Fab is another ???. Her match on NXT was terrible, but Hit Row just got called up and she didn't really need to have a wrestling role to play her part. Sorry to see Ember Moon go, but it seemed inevitable. Liked the way she reinvented herself in NXT, but the company seemed to have no plans for her in NXT once the team with Shotzi broke up. Dave didn't think a call-up was in the cards for her.
  20. Probably. Lol, you know Vince probably believes he would be back in the office within 36 hrs and is holding this against Triple H.
  21. He had a heart attack in August or September. The company has downplayed it publicly but he hasn’t been seen since at any WWE functions and is reportedly being kept away from business operations, so the general assumption is that it was more serious than the WWE has let on.
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