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  1. If you are confused from a philosophical standpoint then I can understand, but I'd be astonished if you were genuinely baffled. The Therum laser drill XP glitch and the Lorik Qui'in infinite Renegade / Paragon point glitches still work in ME1. Does it really surprise you that the visual glitches in ME2 are still there? The games were prettied up and that's about it. The bugs and glitches from the original game code are still present from the rifle stuck to Praza's hand to the brutal cutaways during Paragon interrupts. Eddie Lang's glitchy Omni-Tool is still in the game. If you catch him at the right angle when you start talking to him, it is floating in mid-air behind him during your conversation. The youngest of these games is still nine years old. I don't really expect them to chase and fix bugs in games that are close to or over a decade old. I want them to spend their time preparing to re-release multiplayer and put ME4 on store shelves before I die. Yeah. I miss Kelly's old hairdo and her eyes are set a bit too closely. It makes her head look gigantic.
  2. It's on AMC+. I decided to pick it up since I already subscribe to Shudder.
  3. The Cain strat works as long as you mind the target. The shell has a pretty slow velocity and there is always the outside chance that you will miss your target. If you're going to use the Cain, then purchase the Ordinance Packs on Tuchanka so that you'll be able to get the charge up to two shots instead of one. I've nuked both the Thresher on Tuchanka and the Proto-Reaper with no real issues and I'll be using the same strat this time around.
  4. Gangs of London is ridiculously violent. I totally love it.
  5. Wait until you have the Cain. It can nuke the YMIRs with one shot from long range so that you can move in and recover all of the cargo.
  6. I know that MCU Loki did not birth Slepnir and we all know that Hela was MCU-conned to be Odin's daughter and Thor's older sister. Just saying that there is enough real life inspiration to support MCU Loki's gender fluidity.
  7. This Bear Bronson guy is pretty good.
  8. Currently? Yes, he does. Of all time? Koko B. Ware. Has Bear Bronson had a bad match since turning singles competitor JTTS? Diamante should stick to using submission moves like that nerve hold and the straitjacket monstrosity she nearly killed Queen Aminata with last week. Ditch the Code Red, girl.
  9. Makes sense given his penchant for changing his shape so how rigid can his sexuality really be? I mean the dude gave birth to Odin's eight legged horse in classical Norse mythology.
  10. I am totally going to see Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. I do not give a fuck how corny it might be. It will have ninja in it.
  11. Sanada and Donnie Yen are both in John Wick 4? Those fights will be fucking crazy!
  12. Yeah, I saw that trailer first thing this morning. Way to start off the day!
  13. Aha! I got fixated on other shit. Yeah, that achievement sucks, too. I also did not realize that it wasn't just enough to use Incinerate. You had to burn away the armor with Incinerate to expose the red health bar and that is further complicated by squad members who have Inferno Ammo active.
  14. Oh, Casey was talking about YMIR mechs! Yes, it sucks that you have to destroy the shield and burn away the armor before you can use AI Hacking on it.
  15. My bonus reviews will be ready to go. I'll post them after Exec has posted everyone else's reviews.
  16. If you burn all of the armor off, the Atlas will explode. If it is a hijackable mech, you should be able to shoot at the pilot's canopy and kill him; then commandeer the Atlas. If the armor of an Atlas burns away completely even if you shoot for the pilot, it is not an Atlas you can hijack. Like I said before, before the Prothean DLC, there was only one opportunity to hijack an Atlas: Priority: Citadel. Now you should be able to jack the Atlas during Javik's recruitment as well as Priority: Citadel. You cannot hijack the mech during the Grissom Academy mission; you can only pilot the damaged mech you find near the end of the mission.
  17. There definitely seems to be something weird going on with the achievement counters for ME2.
  18. You'll start seeing better things the more you add points to Assault Mastery and decrease your Charge cooldown so that you are constantly smashing into people and recovering your Barrier. I'd also advocate picking Champion as your evolved Class skill. Destroyer looks good on paper, but your bread and butter is being able to BC as often as possible, so you'll probably want to buff your recharge time. Weapon damage will be a non issue. After the Derelict Reaper mission, you'll be armed with a fucking Claymore. Whatever you don't obliterate with your Charge will be leveled by your big honkin' shotgun. Don't sleep on your Pull power as you will be able to Biotic Combo with Thane and Miranda (who both have Warp) and that can help soften up enemies for your Biotic Charge.
  19. I'm not a big fan of the Kishock either. The Indra, OTOH, is my second favorite rifle in the game behind the Black Widow since it has all the benefits of a sniper rifle with the ROF of an assault rifle. Well, that's kinda dumb that they're asking you to self detonate your own Tech Bursts or Biotic Combos. Some classes will require a Bonus Power for them to be able to do that..... and that may be by design... hmmmm. Mail slotting Cerberus Guardians during the Mars mission may be my favorite part of the game. I think there are only two opportunities to hijack an Atlas Jarvik's recruitment mission. the Cerberus invasion of the Citadel. The Atlas you comandeer during the Grissom Academy mission doesn't count because in order to hijack an Atlas, you have to kill the pilot first and the other Atlas you fight during the Grissom Academy mission just blows up if it takes too much damage even if you deliberately shoot for the pilot.. In order to hijack an Atlas, shoot the pilot through the window of the mech. A Sniper Rifle usually does the job best. Once the mech stops, you can run up to it and press whatever the action button is for your console. There will be a brief QTA where you dump the body of the pilot and then you can commandeer the mech and do some damage.
  20. I love the M-11 Supppressor. I hate the Krysae because it can't crit. It's all about the Black Widow with a Penetration Mod so it can shoot through a wall and two additional targets at the same time.
  21. As creepy as MSV Corsica mission line and Overlord are, no single ME2 mission freaks me out more than the fucking MSV Estavanico.
  22. I am always forgetting to talk to squaddies while wandering around this time around, so I missed Tali's snarky comments while walking around the Council chamber or hearing Ashley and Kaiden's thoughts about why the Geth impale humans on Dragon's Teeth while standing at the Dig Site (THE GETH JUST WANT US TO SUFFER~! IT'S A TERROR TACTIC~!!!)..... ...until you go up the ramps to the camp and find out first hand what Dragon's Teeth actually do.
  23. Leave it to Roxxon Energy Corp to become the MCU's Wal-Mart.
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