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  1. @Spontaneous all good man. Different strokes for different folks. You do what works for you.
  2. In the "Mileage May Vary Selection" , I myself have had a great time with Lexapro. I went on it in January about 2 years ago and I was an anxiety and rage riddled mess. It has greatly helped me and my home life. I don't think I need anything stronger than it, but it has helped me.
  3. So venturing on the wild and lawless frontier that is Twitter, (I know big mistake), I saw quite a few inflammatory posts about Bill Willingham. Seems he was once on the payroll of Breitbart as an entertainment writer and such. Also it seems his politics seemed to lean to the far right, which I kind of though was odd given the diversity and such of the sum of his works. Does anyone have any info on this?
  4. Hal Haney's wrestling art is pretty good. He also has a 50 Shades of Sting print as well.
  5. I need to put a preorder in for this. Thanks to Cartoon Kayfabe with Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg, I have been buying up a few Love & Rockets trades here and there.
  6. I know Gerry Conway most definitely. Currently it has me wanting to read more of the 70's era Spiderman. Man-Wolf is currently my favorite Spidey villain.
  7. I have currently been on a John Jameson - Man Wolf kick. Currently reading all the Man-Wolf appearances in order on Marvel Unlimited.
  8. Whenever you can read Maestro, I would highly reccomend it. Made me fall back into the PAD groove again.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the Maestro (Prequel to The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect) by Peter David. I miss the good old days of Peter David on The Hulk. The art, IMHO was tremendous as well.
  10. Oh the OG X-Factor probably my favorite X title of all time! Walt and Weezie at their best.
  11. Not sure if it is your thing or not, but you can definitely catch up on a lot of these storylines and runs through Marvel Unlimited. I swear by it when reading big chunks of stories and such.
  12. I have the all black version of this with the logo. It is my impromptu go to wrestling shows hat. Man I miss going places.
  13. Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan is pretty good as well. A totally different kind of tale, less space opera more sci-fi but I recommend those as well.
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