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  1. Meanwhile, 2 17 year olds played in the Euros this week.
  2. I had to fly to a nook miles island to buy a shovel and it was a tarantula island, picked up 3 spiders andb6 gold nuggets to boot.
  3. Forgot that you have to start Horizon after you recruit all the new crew. Would have done missions otherwise. and even though I fed them after every mission, my fish died.
  4. Its a lot of him bashing Russo, so if that appeals to you, …. otherwise, not a lot of new information, i dont think.
  5. He would have taken them to Santa's Vilage in the summer.
  6. Good thing it won’t come down to goal difference.
  7. Yeah, i took Grunt and Zaeed on the Jack mission. Prob one if the rare times i will use Zaeed once i get more crew members.
  8. Glad i took Zaeed on the mission to get Jack. He has a couple good one liners.
  9. Ah, i missed the battle royale ar the bottom. Still …
  10. You want a sign of how good de Grom is? I heard a Yankees fan on WFAN ask if it was okay to wear his jersey along with his Yankees hat.
  11. You know it's a big show if you bring in Andre and just use him as a guest referee. And Snuka is 4th from top.
  12. Robin Lehner to start next game for Vegas.
  13. Wales, go through. sorry, Claudio. (There's always the 3rd place route)
  14. FYI, Claudio is doing a Twitter Q&A after the Switzerland match and before the PPV.
  15. I should have mentioned Chris and Gino and the Gang in my original list.
  16. I was doing some mission today that i thought was actually in the third game.
  17. Turkey is also out, i think, since they also have 0 points after 2 matches.
  18. Since i was not a kid when i started watching (14 or 15), my choices are prob atypical: midnights, dibiase, budro, tully, jake.
  19. The latest BTS patreon was on the ECW bankruptcy stuff and Paul going to the WWF. some of the stuff he did at the time is amazing, inclluding using multiple emaiils to write letters putting down the coverage from dave and wade.
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