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  1. If you are missing Arlo White on the NBC coverage, you should know he took the bloody money to broadcast for LIV golf. So be glad we have Peter Drury now.
  2. Also, if you are a professional athlete, and you have a team doctor, I don’t know if I would take any thing with a prescription without them signing off on them. And least then you have plausible deniability and or a scape goat.
  3. I guess today shows why we should be more understanding about celebrities being cautious in public. Admittedly, extra dimensions in this particular case, but crazy stalkers are dangerous, whether it’s lady wrestlers, actresses or award winning authors.
  4. Happy (slightly belated) 38th birthday, Buckaroo Banzai. Even if I'm one of the only people who care.
  5. I keep hearing people recommend that for people weary of ACNH.
  6. You'd think so, but I hadn't seen any proof of it being fake.
  7. And how many wrestling promotions are funded by legitimate businessmen to launder their money.
  8. She was probably doing porn before he was even alive.
  9. One can only hope there was Vince info found in the FBI raid.
  10. Roughly half before 1965 and half 1966 thru 1969. (I thought they had a "new" unreleased song but maybe not.)
  11. Slade had 6 UK number 1 songs. Beatles 17 UK number 1 songs and 10 consecutive.
  12. I was eating lunch today and there was a guy in a nearby booth wearing an nwo shirt. Why yes? It was a late 30s white guy with a beard.
  13. Just give him a real blackjack/slapjack/slapstick with which to hit someone from behind.
  14. Slow watching, so only up to Ep 3. Eagerly awaiting the diner episode, as Thewlis will probably be amazing. Will miss Joey Richardson, as she was great. sad to see Jenna Coleman’s acting has not improved for me since being in Doctor Who. Don’t know if they will give Matthew a new backstory. Did Matt Cable ever show up on the most recent Swamp Thing atl show? nitpicks aside, it’s at least a refreshing change from the D+ MCU TV formula.
  15. I'd suggest listening to Semp's Mid Altantic pod, as they are just about that match timeline wise. And, if you have the Network,the MACW is on there.
  16. As a non Piper fan, I’d say he was always insufferable, but it made sense as a heel.
  17. Yes. Both are good. Also, his Deadshot book at DC was good.
  18. Overly talky makes it a faithful adaptation. im only through episode 2 so far.
  19. Debbie Harry telling Dave why she prefers Georgia Championship Wrestling to the WWF
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