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  1. I think my last two have been an authentic with no fake (the thinker, the fiffer).
  2. On the doc i watched, they basically said they wanted Blessed just to do the Gordon’s alive gag.
  3. Whenever someone brings up Steven Bauer, I remember how my friend Dan made fun of his wooden acting in Raising Cain.
  4. Doing some pod research, had never seen the Brian Blessed episode of Have I Got News forYou.
  5. This episode of world wide has: Berry Orton as enhancement talent brickhouse brown vs Ernie Ladd stan Hansen v Barry Horowitz (as Brett Hart) gary hart comparing wahoo/Youngblood winning the tag belts to wounded knee jyd bringing out the wheelbarrow for Paul,Jones
  6. As great as Sales art is, i just see it now as another fun silver age villain being grimdarked, like so many Batmans Rogues Gallery.
  7. I think they talked about those on BTS not that long ago.
  8. Yeah, they are def in the wrong then.
  9. I presume there is likely a difference involving embargos and NDAs between reporters who attend the screening and reporters just covering the red carpet. i mean, if something happens on the red carpet, generally speaking, not just whatever happened tonight, does it qualify as “news” and not just movie publicity? another instance of me being happy to be a non-practicing journalist.
  10. Considering I saw at least 3 stories with it as their headline and not even teasing it as click bait, is it a spoiler? I thought they announced it on the red carpet or something. I never heard anyone say he was in the actual movie. I added a spoiler box for what I didnt think was one.
  11. For those who haven't seen it yet, Bix wrote a story about how the INS tried to deport Pat Patrerson in the 1960s because he was gay.
  12. The sports people are probably too wrapped up in Newcastle stuff to really care about the wwe this week. Unless one of the British wrestlers is going to replace Steve Bruce.
  13. Since apparently this needs to be spoiled...
  14. If I had known about this, I would have done HH this year.
  15. Him not breaking the Grand Slam record because he won't get jabbed would be some great Rod Serling karma.
  16. How has the caveman looked since returning from his injury? Will he be the next person to leave?
  17. I wonder if there could be an issue with the girl playing Kamals aging out of the part. I see she's 19 or 20, so maybe not, but you bever know with young actors.
  18. New BTS with Beau James has a great segment on Bill Dundee's 1985 heel turn, which was done on the fly due to Jerry Stubbs' decision to leave the territory out of the blue (we'll, due to his payoff).
  19. You did have them doing 3rd party bookings late into the 90s. That was one of JC's jobs, along with booking enhancement talent for TV tapings. Admittedly, that was likely for the likes of the Hardy Boys and not folks like Austin and taker.
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