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  1. Was going to say the exact same type of thing.
  2. I'm glad Bucks moved on from Tucker. I think he looked pretty overrated defensively and he can't hit his corner threes anymore. Portland moved on from the always injured Zach Collins. Good. But they didn't really do much else other than make sure they didn't lose Powell for nothing. He and GTJ signed for the same money. Now move McCollum and pray Lillard stays. GSW getting Otto Porter on a min contract could be really useful. He's not the same player he was a few seasons ago thanks to injury but still can shoot and defend. Woj predicted that the Jazz would not want to be paying massive amounts of luxury tax if they kept Conley, which they have. I hope they keep the core pieces, as that is a championship calibre team.
  3. The tried and true way would be for him to fuck up Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky to save Darby before squaring up with Allin. That would be massive and well worth the price of admission for most I would think. Maybe promo, probably not on TV, but one for the fans. Or perhaps you start the show off with that because the crowd could hijack (will hijack?) the show until they get what they want.
  4. I'd love when a big heel would really lay it in on a schmo back in the day and David, in complete awe, would go "just look at him, Tony." So simple, yet so effective.
  5. Caruso not simping for LeBron on the court is going to suck. I miss it already.
  6. It looked fake because he dyed it jet black because of the death of superman we were all too ignorant to pick up on.
  7. Ric Flair requested and was granted his release. Flair vs Gage
  8. Just in time for the big Unagi push to pay off that's starting.
  9. I don't think kids want a sanitized repackaged version of AEW. There's probably a huge thrill to see some of the shit on Dynamite and PPV for kids.
  10. First real flurry does it, man. That's hella impressive for AJ McKee.
  11. Witt hit a spinning backhand then immediately got dropped by Barberena. Very fun third round. Jesus tap dancing Christ, Witt was getting concussed repeatedly but goes to pick up his mouthpiece in the middle of receiving a barrage. Madness. Don't think we get Bellator in Canada, so I'll see if I can find it later. Stuck with this for now and it's been okay. Jinh Yu Frey and Ashley Yoder was okay though neither will be fighting for a title fight. Gruetzmacher/Garcia on the prelims was solid too.
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