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  1. I'm confused. Didn't Orton just use Khan for leverage then signed, presumably, a long extension with WWE? Why we talking about him signing with AEW?
  2. Good news for the west coast people
  3. It's Khan's show the same as WWE is Vince's show. If Khan doesn't feel comfortable giving Cody direction/criticism, that's on him too.
  4. Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddiq from yesterday's Glory show is a must see. Back and forth kaiju battle with guys wearing the damage. Incredible fight.
  5. Tony Nese is a guy that should be in Impact.
  6. She was injured, I believe, but no way should these former champs be sidelined like they have. Look at how they treated Jericho and Moxley. Riho and Shida are not those two but to basically be deleted from TV up until Shida's little current losing streak gimmick they're working is ridiculous. Nyla is the only one that's been kept in the rotation.
  7. Haha yep. Ole is a good coach. Just needs more time.
  8. Jungle Boy should beat Cole at the ppv. Whatever happens I need that Christian turn and feud ASAP. They did a great job setting the table for that. Agreed on last night being a clear sign of improvement for JB on the mic.
  9. I loved Danielson/Dustin so much because it had all the things you said it had in it, Matt, while not needing to be hamfisted about any of them. The announcers called attention to most of them too. It was a very good match on the surface, but when you add the attention to detail stuff like Dustin's determination to not be a pushover and put on a better performance than his last TV match (Malakai) along with the other things mentioned, I think it elevates it to greatness. Loved Dustin countering the Danielson comeback special with the powerslam. Repetitive and predictable spots like that, particularly ones not set up better, should be punished in rematches or matches against wily vets or students of the game. Jeez, that Danielson line on Kingston was mean-spirited. We are getting Danielson vs Moxley unless there's a pivot because of The Notebook, but it would be sweet if Kingston could humble Dragon a bit. Definitely more than just shades of his old ROH persona leaking through here. I feel like this tournament ends with Moxley, out of desperation after being pushed to his limit by Bryan, kicking Danielson in the nuts after some sort of ref shenanigans and hitting the paradigm shift. Something like that. A move from his perspective that can be justified by motivation to fight for his family regardless of consequences and it gives Bryan's first loss purpose (cementing a top guy's turn) and an out to keep him strong, possibly setting up a rematch too. Should be great however they pull it off but babyface Mox has had his run and needs a new purpose. Grumpy, tired new dad. Does he still use wild thing? If the turn works you could see stuff like small scale versions of the infamous Onita deathmatch in NJPW entrance.
  10. Most definitely was. His error was not finishing the job, brother. Yeah, as fast as I was to get back on the Cody train for a couple of weeks, this stunk.
  11. He landed on his head, man. The wrestling business over the last 25 years has rotted our collective brains. Could somebody please post the Danielson/Kingston segment when it's online? Apparently Danielson let him have it.
  12. Most important part. SRS reported that he walked to the back on his own. Cody Codys. Whatever. That match was a mess. I know we're getting a tag and it should be good but I just want these two to move in different directions. Dragon/Dustin was really smart. Great match. Easy stuff for Bryan. MJF/Stanger segment was great and they are starting the Wardlow turn. Beautiful. They're also starting the Moxley turn. Everything is falling into place. Good Kenny promo too.
  13. There are a lot of wrestling matches booked for this two hours of television. Not many angles/promos I'm guessing with so many who would normally be slotted for them away on the covid ship.
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