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  1. All fictional creations. Unfortunately that seems to be the case for people using the easy mod installation trick. So yeah, you gotta open tabs up for all the craft pieces then install the edit. Just make sure you have the game open and install them through the mod window so you don't get duplicates.
  2. I love New Jack despite his flaws. What an incredible talent. Loved watching him beat dudes up with shit and jump off tall places, but it was the promos I'll remember the most. So many classics and he could do the over the top race baiting and the gangsta stuff, but the best were the serious promos. Any which way he could and did. RIP to the realest. I've spent the last half hour scrolling twitter drinking in all the memories (and thanks to those that have added theirs here!) and shooting the shit with my friends about how legendary this dude forever will be. Here's hoping he went out at
  3. AEW's crowds were a massive part of the early magic and while I'd like to say I cannot fucking wait for them to be back, I absolutely can and should wait for them to come back when it's safe and it really doesn't seem to be the case. Whatever. They're just one of many companies fucking this shit up at this point.
  4. I reset everything every so often because of advancements in either available edits, moves, parts, or modding, so I get where you're coming from. I would recommend making a list of promotions and wrestlers you want and then just go through it one by one. More and more people are publishing edits with DLC moves and parts. I usually try to find one of those and then add any missing moves a wrestler could use via the extended move list mod. If I can't find an edit with move/parts craft included, I'd use the TheAvenger3 as a base. Some people who publish moves (of varying quality that may or may n
  5. Maybe his dream match is a triple threat with Matt and Cody? Cody triple threats rule.
  6. At the C-Webb news, who is NBA twitter going to roast now? Oh yeah, every other NBA colour commentator (and Chris Jericho). Player Haters' Ball but in real life.
  7. He's absolutely good at what he does but it will be interesting to see how Burns makes the most fascinating and entertaining sportsman of all time boring.
  8. I do find it interesting that Cody seems to be on Sammy's vlog quite a bit but hasn't been on BTE in how long? Add to that, the aforementioned Cody's Isolated World of Midcard, and never interacting with the Elite suggests that perhaps it ain't all Gucci.
  9. They are going to heat Hangman up again over the summer. That will be fine. But, for tonight, I am most excited about what the future holds for Darby. The long-term directions seem pretty wide open. For now, a tag match with Sting against Ego and Scorpio will be fine I guess.
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