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  1. NSFW swears (and dumb kid being homophobic)
  2. What the hell is the internet for if not to bitch about such things?
  3. Do we prefer 6 or 4 PPVs a year? I know which my bank account prefers but they generally do a good job with PPVs. I've regretted a couple but that was more execution (the sparklers and the Matt Hardy concussion also killed my ability to enjoy that show too) than anything else. DoN's build hasn't been the best. To the shock of nobody, MJF's feud has the most hype/best build going into a PPV and whoever said Punk/Hangman was missing a beat was spot on. Doesn't feel complete in its storytelling. Feel like the Jericho/Eddie stuff got watered down when they added in BCC though the match will be better for it. All the matches look very good on paper but not their best effort.
  4. Yeah they did a soft reboot of her character without explanation around the time of the Leyla feud.
  5. I didn't say anything about him in relation to anybody like that. That's a strawman if you're arguing my point. Why is the Coldhearted Handsome DevilĀ© working out with some nerd in face paint and a cape? He gave him chips? Why can't he just be cool and break people's necks instead of protecting the shittiest character in the company? I don't care that Danhausen is over (and how long with that last?). What happened with HOOK and Team Taz? He doesn't have to be Goldberg nor does he need to be a pillar. He's HOOK. They've gone too quickly into the babyface stuff with him. It took Austin and Rock years to soften their characters to even tolerate Mankind, and Danhausen is no Mankind. This just feels cheap to me and I love HOOK and deplore Danhausen. HOOK should be a good two years away from doing anything with anybody like Wardlow or any other main event calibre wrestler. I've argued against people talking up the TNT title for HOOK and that it was ridiculous to expect a guy with a handful of matches to fill that role so early. He needs to be handled with care and caution but this isn't what I had in mind and really hope it's short-term.
  6. Sadly, depending on your perspective, seems like the Dark Order as job boys is set in stone. Lost a member as Tony didn't want to pay Stu and haven't had a feud or tv win in forever. Feels like Silver still could be elevated if they wanted to, he's not a lost cause, but it's pretty sad to see how over he was last summer compared to now. They clearly are grooming 10 for a push after breaking away. Dark Order likely doesn't have a much longer shelf life. The Smackdown hair dryer piped in crowd noise helps make the women's matches stand out a bit more than the death they usually receive on Dynamite but that was a good match regardless of crowd feedback, which for me is usually key. Good stuff from both.
  7. This feels like Disney levels of fan service that undermines a character but gives the people what they want.
  8. Ah I can't not say it... Can't believe they dropped the ball with HOOK this early. Incredibly disappointing and sad. He isn't past the point of salvaging but his aura has been tarnished by this bullshit. Start the recovery off by having him drop Danhausen on his stack of dimes he calls a neck at the ppv.
  9. Assclaimed don't even need matches to steal the show at this point. Heel Velvet is so significantly better than generic face Velvet. Still need to catch the main event but fun show up to that point with one exception. Scorpio stuff feels like it's from another promotion or something and not in the good way. At least they are mostly trying with him for the time being so when he gets depushed back to Dark there can't be complaints. Far cry from the days of Miro. I miss him so.
  10. Was just coming to post the Takeshita match. So good. I always liked Brooks back in his PWG days because he would weave in heel psychology and antics into the modern indie style and was pretty good with not completely going over the top. More of a straight up indie match but very fun. That counter jumping knee off the springboard ruled.
  11. The one Hangmin dished out looked substantially more dangerous in my eyes and almost Ricky Starks level bad. If Takeshita didn't train doing bridges in the dojo he'd probably be wheelchair bound. Brutal match but I loved every second of it. He was so damned good in that. That whole squad was ripping it up both in terms of character and in the ring. I too wish they'd deemphasize Cole but I doubt it's in the cards anytime soon. Who do we think debuts at the PPV? Claudio? Gargano? I still want Bray to pop up and do spooky fun shit and have a great match with Danielson and some okay to pretty good matches with some other capable wrestlers in AEW.
  12. I don't know what the plan for Takeshita is but I'd like to see him win a few matches before being fed to another star. And yeah maybe Mundo is only in for one or a handful of matches because I just checked again and did not see an "is All Elite" tweet. Glad it wasn't the other Johnny *spit* but thought they could've gone with a big name and have Satnam and company cost Joe the match. Now I'm trying to remember if any of the Owen matches have had shenanigans... Have they all been clean so far? That's cool if so. Adam Cole winning would be significantly less cool. Plz don't give it to an HBK guy. O'Reilly is both very good and the most Owen-alike of anybody in the company. I get he's a tag guy for now but I'd go with him.
  13. I reckon a certain section of the board will hate the Fenix/KOR match and that's okay but I enjoyed it. Not as much as Hangmin/Soup but still two great matches on one episode.
  14. I would very much like Takeshita to work Kenny again before heading back to Japan.
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