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  1. After a quick swap of my Xbox's location to New Zealand, I'm up and running baby!
  2. In what can only be good news: the Mass Effect Remaster was the top selling game on Steam yesterday over Resident Evil 8. There is apparently a push to have the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer added if this game gets popular enough, and early sales indicate it might be a possibility.
  3. Made my purchase, doing the pre-load today while my DnD game is going.
  4. Fucking dammit Lions you were not supposed to make the smart pick.
  5. Out of curiosity can someone post recent 1st round Tight Ends and there success rate? The last one I remember being a legit top 5 TE in football was probably Vernon Davis, but that can’t be right.
  6. The funny thing I always felt the evaluations on Fields were significantly too high. He preyed on a Big 10 who only had 2 legitimately really good secondaries (Indiana and Northwestern, and in those 2 games he went 30-57 with 2 Touchdowns and 5 Picks), and then he had tons of prep time for the Clemson game he won’t get at the next level (And Clemsons defense wasn’t that good either). He feels like a 1 read QB to me, and I think he’s far from ready for the NFL game.
  7. The best American born wrestler of this century is Bryan Danielson, which isn't controversial. The second best is Eddie Kingston, which probably is controversial. Rick Martel is the best babyface in North American wrestling history, at least that we have footage of. He was incredible in AWA. Lex Luger was a better worker then Curt Hennig ever was, and Hennig is probably a good answer to the question of "Most carryable wrestler ever who could never be the best guy in a great match" Some of the mini's from the 70's and 80's were legit great wrestlers and some of the best talents o
  8. Nah, that's the DVDVR answer for people who think they know DVDVR but don't REALLY know DVDVR. I love Chris Masters. Chris Masters on his best day doesn't touch Ken Patera vs. Bob Backlund.
  9. I mean, Ken Patera is probably the best wrestler ever to use the Full Nelson as a finisher, so I’ve got no problem vindicating him.
  10. For all of the things Raw has gotten wrong booking wise, the Hurt Buisness manages to be the one thing holding anything together.
  11. I’m honestly not surprised. The business model is basically loot boxes, which are a lawsuit hell in Europe. They’d basically have to completely redo there store.
  12. They did. The Mass Effect Remaster will release on May 14th. Also, LadyInsanity (one of my favorite Bioware content creators) with the breakdown
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