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  1. I’m not arguing there ability to make money. The Disney Live Action Remake genre has been able to print money over and over again even when basically anyone can tell you they aren’t particularly good movies, and none of them have held candles to the originals. Jurassic World Dominion just made 800 million in spite of there not being a good Jurassic Park movie in 30 years. Being a good movie has nothing to do with being able to fill a theatre. My question is “are they now stuck so deep in this formula are they never going to make a Marvel movie that isn’t a generic action/comedy ever again.” Because this as a premise could have been super compelling if they took some risks, but reviews seem to say they really didn’t. It’s making it hard for me personally to get excited for future releases when they just play it safe by relying on nostalgia and making sure there are basically no stakes in these movies over and over.
  2. Gonna be honest, seeing the comic characters that were supposed to be stand ins for civil rights issues be reduced to Marvel “Have to cut a joke into every serious scene to remind you it’s a Marvel Movie” fodder is almost actively painful to me. In Black Panther they had the good sense to have T’Challa have weight, but Marvel was a lot more willing to experiment when that came out. With the state of this stupid country right now, doing an X-Men movie would take absurd amounts of care or feel like a huge slap in the face if it’s just another comedic marvel movie.
  3. I’m honestly starting to wonder if a mix of Marvel fatigue and Marvel just being waaaaaay to stuck in there formula has led to a point of no return. It will be interesting to see how they handle things from here, because it feels like post End Game Marvel has only had one big defining movie (Spider-Man), and even that was mostly huge due to the nostalgia elements. It feels like they need a big shake up to really get momentum back, but I don’t think that happens until they take some falls in the box office.
  4. I would just like to note that fuck absolutely all of this shit.
  5. While Sammy wa good in this, I thought it was clear as day 2.0 were the stars of the night. The reinvention of the goofy french canadian comedy act to bloody brawlers has been so out of nowhere, but holy fuck.
  6. That fucking ruled. Don't think it quite matched the Anarchy match, but best main stream War Games (tm) match in decades, and I don't think it's close.
  7. Imagine being a huge Stephanie Brown fan and wanting her to get her due, and THAT is the show she's going to be on. It's been weeks and I'm still pissy about that trailer.
  8. Fun little Rampage. Main Event was really good. Weird thought: While I like what O'Reilly has been trying to go for in AEW with his shoot style, I honestly think Fish at this point in time is actually better at using it in a pro wrestling setting. Darby is basically prime Jeff Hardy but with significantly better offense and without the drug problem, so him having good matches is far from shocking.
  9. Pretty clearly, yes. I generally can't stand Boston sports, but I actually like this version of the Celtics. There main core is all Boston drafted, and the players they added to complete the puzzle aren't mega stars, just good role players that fill the need they ar egoing for. Basically, I wish more teams were built like this current version of Boston. Amusinly, the closest comparable we have is probaby GS before Durant.
  10. Hangman wouldn’t be the worst case scenario by any means, but I just hope anyone not named MJF and Adam Cole wins honestly. In a perfect world though, there are a lot of young talents that could really use the rub of a match with Moxley with serious stakes. Cases I’d throw out there. Eddie Kingston: this one is kind of obvious, but boy would I love it. King remains over as all fuck and beloved, and while I don’t think now is the time, planting the seed of him back in the title picture would be great. Darby Allin: Long history with Mox, has basically been “guy who loses big matches” for a while, him getting to the final would be awesome. Miro: Fucking hell this would be great. Miro brutalizing the field would work wonders imo. and a couple of real dark horses Ricky Starks: IMO, he’s clearly ready for a tea shot at the upper card. Him getting his chance to go for the belt would be a cool story. Wheeler Yuta: Just off BOSJ, Yuta scoring the big win to get the opportunity for one more match with his mentor after there last fucking war would be awesome.
  11. I mean, I thought the show was largely fun with some meh stuff in the middle, but the booking of this fed in terms of results is stupid as hell. Why did Britt need the win on Ruby? Why is the 5th most pushed member of a heel stable beating Darby clean? Today really felt like the day to take the belts off JE, why not? Just good enough wrestling I'm over it.
  12. 10 Man might be my MOTY. Gotta love a Memphis Brawl in 2022. The stretch with Wild Thing playing on repeat was literally perfect.
  13. I was debating putting down the money for it tomorrow, and hadn't made up my mind yet. the Wardlow match was up with the Punk one for one I was most excited for. If it's announced that match isn't happening, I'm probably not gonna spend 50 dollars for the show. This idea that "People are already buying it, who cares if we try to convince people a match we've been building up to for literally over a year isn't happening!" is a late game WCW esqe move. Also, and the more important question: Fucking why? Why try to work your fans like this, what does it gain you? You aren't getting MORE PPV buys by hinting at a major match isn't happening. This isn't getting MJF heel heat, just "if you seriously pull this shit, fuck you, leave the company" heat. What sort of end game actually makes this valuable as a work?
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