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  1. The Kelly romance is barely a romance at all. The Samantha romance on the other hand is pretty charming and sweet, if short lived
  2. How this thread hasn’t just became the “Ohtani is Japanese Babe Ruth, how is this god damned happening” thread, I have no idea. In an era we’re baseball is largely forgettable he feels must see. He’s incredible.
  3. I think they do decently on this in Mass Effect 3 at times. 2 though? Hahahahahha
  4. There's something deeply saddening to me that in that game the 2 players who led each team in time on ice were Blues defensemen in our cup run, and now our defense mostly sucks.
  5. I think Vanguard in 2 is fine but it doesn’t really “sing” to me until 3 with Nova and worthwhile Melee. Mass Effect 2 honestly always struck me as a game in which Soldier, Sentinel, and Infiltrator are the most practical skills. Biotic can are too weak in 2 to make the Singularity throwing element of Adepts worthwhile and while Engineers are fine, “fine” is basically the perfectly apt description.
  6. Playing through ME2, I'm actually kind of frustrated with the remaster in the most mundane stupid ways possible. 1. How is it that this game still has the stupid glitch were the guns are glued to the Quarians Hands during your tutorial mission? One of them literally is putting a pistol through there own head at the start of the cutscene. I always thought it was just a personal little bug I got, but it's still there, and I just checked and it's apparently a regular thing. How? It's a stupid little visual glitch, but how does this make it to a remastered version? I'm confused. 2. Look, changing Kellys look to match her Mass Effect 3 design due to, I assume, problems carrying the characters hair over is forgivable, so while this is related, I just want to say it's not that specific problem. But why does hair in this remaster seem worse then it did in Mass Effect 2 to begin with? Like, Kelly is the obvious example, because boy is this a glowdown. But I'm noticing it all across the game already, even with just the woman arguing with the Turian at the start of Mordin's mission. And they smoothed out Dr. Chakwas face so much it looks like she de-aged 20 years, and I don't mean that in a good way. Like, it's not universal. Most of the aliens look better. But I honestly think a decent chunk of the humans in this game look worse then they did when Mass Effect 2 came out, and that was over a decade ago. How?
  7. Good god Kelly, what did they do to you? Absolutely tragic.
  8. Well that might have been the best ending to a playoff game ever.
  9. Canadian Hockey Fans, I’m curious: the old “Canada’s team” idea has always been bullshit and I always laughed at it, but is there a sense were you guys are that Montreal is getting a lot of rooting interest this year? I’ve seen multiple Toronto fans kinda supporting them and I’m curious how universal it is.
  10. Maybe I’m just a biased Blues fan who remembers our run so well, but man, I’m getting… a feel for this Canadiens team. Like somehow it’s just meant to be. The rookies stepping forward in big ways, the way the world has basically decided to make one of the most unlikable players in Hockey sympathetic at multiple times this playoffs… I dunno man. Just got a feel. which means they total lose to Vegas in 7.
  11. That team against Ciampa & Thatcher forever please. Put Oney with Ciamp and Thatcher for six mans.
  12. Detroit’s been overdue for a good break, and Cunningham should fit in well with the core they’ve been developing. Being a Bulls fan this was… less then ideal. Gonna have to get inventive to improve on the Lavine/Vuk/Williams core.
  13. To this day, I wish Kirrahe could have been a squad member. God he rules.
  14. I don't view that game as Gobert being exposed as much as the Jazz bet on the Clippers missing 3's and they bet wrong. Gobert is amazing at what he does, but the problem with him is he's just flat out not good enough offensively to be a threat down low, and never forces help. On the defensive front, the biggest problem was simply the Jazz Perimeter Defense wasn't good enough, which led to easy drives, and put Gobert in a terrible position: Either let them get an easy layup, move over to help, and have the driver have an easy pass out to an open shooter for 3. I still kind of think I'd prefer to have an Ayton playoff time due to sheer versatility on both sides of the ball. Add in the Suns are packed with good perimeter defenders, and they are just a significantly harder matchup.
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