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  1. Finally got a chance to see it today. I had a great time. I thought the action was top notch. Cant say Katy was too bad, I thought she might be really annoying but that passed after a few minutes. She wasn't nearly as annoying as Ned. Happy to see Trevor back, really liked his parts especially the apes. Trailers for Spidey and Eternals. I'm looking forward to both of those. Also saw the trailer for Venum 2 which didn't really do anything for me though I've still to see the first one so maybe I'm being too fair.
  2. The JJ Dillon and Gary Hart books both have (brief) sections about Detroit in the 60s/70s.
  3. That really was a nothing of a finale. I was a fan of the Clone Wars and Rebels but after what, 200 episodes (?) of those, I was hoping for something more, something fresh, I guess. I liked Obi Wan and his relationship with the Clones and I liked seeing some of the other Jedis getting fleshed out, not to mention better characterisation of the villians. And that continued in Rebels. Bad Batch had none of that. But hey, at least we know where Jabba got his pet from.
  4. I thought this week was the finale so I'm a little bummed out as I've not really been enjoying this show much. I just find it a bit dull. I'll see this season out but I'm not committed to seaon two.
  5. I really liked it. Best DC movie in a long, long time. I thought Cena and Elba were both great but unlike the first film I liked the whole team not just one or two standouts. This was my first time in a cinema since Rise of Skywalker and it was a pleasant experience. Everyone wore a mask until settled in their seats and all the seats were socially distanced by the cinema automatically.
  6. Just got done watching it on D+ and I really enjoyed it. Parts of it felt a little like a Marvel Jason Bourne. Liked Hopper as Red Guardian and Pugh was really good and could be a lot of fun going forward.
  7. Well, that's the end of the season. I guess I liked it more often than not but the show just doesn't excite me like it used to.
  8. I loved this movie. I enjoyed TLJ, didn’t love it, but I loved this movie. I liked the story, I liked the action and I loved the cameos. It had just the right balance between big set pieces and emotional touches and it was a lot of fun and that’s what I want from Star Wars.
  9. I don't think I can add anything that you guys haven't already said, I just wanted to say I loved it. Having grown up in the eighties, this is exactly the kind of movie I dreamed about seeing. Incredible experience.
  10. I finally got a chance to see Captain Marvel and I loved it. I thought her aerial combat sequences at the end were probably the best I've seen of that sort of thing. Our cinema is down to a few showings per day but judging by the number of people there today its still got some legs. For an eleven AM Sunday show there were about thirty people in, mostly adults.
  11. I really enjoyed the first episode. I thought Jodie did really well and the companions too. Though it helps that I've been a Bradley Walsh fan for about twenty years.
  12. I was watching the second Portland disc last night and I think the second of the Rose/Borne matches is a duplicate of the first.
  13. This is great. I'm in for both. The only PNW stuff I've seen are the matches from the Rose comp (which are all superb). And I'm completely new to PR.
  14. I went to a 2pm showing and it was packed. I thought it was fantastic. I really enjoyed the story and the action sequences were top notch.
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