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  1. Yeah, I think Miro is going to squash him. I know they've done this with Brodie and Cody last year already, so I would be okay if Darby doesn't take two weeks off, comes back with a terrible looking jet black dye job ("but superman! Nobody understands me!" ), and beats Miro right away. Darby can transition to something else after taking time off to heal his arm/shoulder. I hope Miro holds the title to the point he wants to move up to the world belt. I think they've got something really, really special with Miro right now and he should be pretty much untouchable with only Page being able to be
  2. While they were in NXT, it seemed to me (and while I may be wrong it felt like the consensus) that Dax was the better/more refined of the two. Cash now is at minimum Dax's equal. Whatever holes or rough patches were in his game are long gone. He's awesome.
  3. I'm with you on match lengths but this didn't feel too long to me. Maybe because I had to pause it halfway through but it flowed really well.
  4. Why are we thinking it's impossible for heels to transition back to power in a match that had some strange layouts of heels fighting back and getting control of the match? They'd get momentum on their side just before the extra man advantage kicked in at least once but I think twice. All it takes would be Wardlow hulking up or a couple low blows or Tully giving one of them a new weapon. Come on, guys.
  5. A big part of how stupid it looked is the shit ass "steel" panels. Bush league. I don't get people reducing this to "would you rather see jericho die like Matt Hardy!?" false dilemma. Either set it up and film it so it's not so transparent or better yet keep Wargames in the fucking cage.
  6. Great call. Can't wait. Would love a Santana/Ortiz series of matches before that. No way can that be a one and done. Santana and Ortiz need a bone here.
  7. I think it'd be more fun if we get the double turn but certainly won't complain if Britt wins. If they don't turn them though she should win via shenanigans.
  8. Tully still an incredible promo. Dax loves that man. Just look at how he stares at Tully, lol.
  9. For real. No more lame finishes to otherwise dope matches. More specifically: no more crash pads. Ever. Stop it. That was fantastic right up to the finish. Hats off to all of 'em but AEW really needs to hit the landing on these big gimmick matches. Terrible trend. Some of the visuals with MJF post-match were fantastic though. Particularly the wide shot of him with Blood & Guts on the tron. It felt like a 1987 NWA match turned into a 2001 WWF match.
  10. Hey, it's Hook's 22nd birthday so let's all wish our guiding light a happy fuckin' birt'day. Happy birthday, on this most sacred of days, to the one and only Hook Katahajime.
  11. Pinnacle winning and establishing themselves as the big heel faction in AEW is the right move here. I could see one of Jericho or Sammy surrendering to save the other, as that's the only good move for a babyface to lose in these matches. Jericho should be vulnerable at this stage of his career, so I'd go with him. Santana & Ortiz need to move on from the Inner Circle ASAP. Santana is really showing some serious star power or it factor, whatever you want to call it. Dude's got the Jheri curl and glasses like he's Eazy E.
  12. Yeah, the story I want to see is 10 guys bleeding buckets and beating the shit out of each other.
  13. Okay, QT Marshall going full on Tony Soprano is money. And the pronunciation like he's a stripper. What a beast. Cody better do the right thing and put over the diamond cutter for 3 in the middle of the ring.
  14. Wouldn't still being in denial mode even after so many people have backed up the accusations be a shitty look? I'm a little confused here. I will completely understand if they choose not to bring Tessa in either way.
  15. The people she aggrieved certainly don't sound like she has reached out to privately apologize or make any amends from my understanding. I may be misremembering but I remember a while back people who were around for her shitty behaviour were having to remind others why Tessa is the shits. Again, I may be wrong here but that is what I'm basing it on. Edit: and I think her silence is actually the best method. The last thing I want to hear is bullshit public apologies without having actually apologized to the offended parties.
  16. I think this is also important. Speaking with the talent, getting a sense of where Tessa is at, things we will not be privy to should also factor into whether this is a good idea or not.
  17. Yes. Yes, it is worth stalling Abadon's development to bring in Tessa in my opinion. I think most of the women aside from Jade, Britt, Shida, and maybe a couple of others is pretty limited. Fine roster members but I don't think Abadon will be a draw. Unless the NHL deal (grrrr) screws up their second TV show, there will be more time to feature wrestlers and I think even in an ideal world Khan will be cycling wrestlers in and out of prominence with few exceptions. I mean, yeah. Now signs point to that probably not being the case and I don't know how much you can commit to her until she
  18. Don't sign Tessa Blanchard because AEW have Abadon and Red Velvet. In terms of mechanics and aura, she's better than the large majority of men on the roster and does laps around all of the women AEW have right now. Hulk Hogan just hosted Wrestlemania. AEW has questionable people all over their payroll. "We" are changing nothing. Like, if you really want to weed out all of the shitty people in wrestling that have a spotless record, that's one thing, but this isn't what is happening. You'd also be left with a handful of people wrestling after the purge too.
  19. The women's division can be growing and improving at a quick pace but I still wouldn't turn away a generational talent like Blanchard without thinking about it. I'm not in any way condoning her behaviour but I also know that most of our favourites from the past were likely abhorrent racists, misogynists, or whatever and we turn a blind eye. I don't think we're going to solve racism by freezing out one wrestler when our culture is based on white supremacy. You can argue that this is a part of combating that, but I think that's naïve. If she fucks up, she's out. But even that is easy for me to s
  20. How are we listing off the few women in the company with star potential and Jade Cargill isn't the first one out of our collective mouths?
  21. They really gonna have Michael Owen talking for 2 hours to fill time?
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