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  1. I hope you're right. Bucks could afford to drop a fall and the Dark Order have been feeling extra jabroni lately.
  2. By losing this match, the Dark Order will definitely keep the Superkliq from interfering in the Omega/Hangman match a month away. What was that nonsense?
  3. That was a bit weird how Ruby was talking about having no friends and how she's happy to be a loner mere weeks after tagging and hugging with Statlander and Riho.
  4. Scott Steiner is da god of this shit.
  5. Yeah and that episode wasn't very good iirc. Like the last of the really disappointing dynamites.
  6. Maybe just maybe the sixers should lower their price and move on. How is this going to work?
  7. We don't know who half of the competitors are and the AAA titles in AEW only pop up as meaningful once a year or so when they're defended. So not really, especially if they're trying to draw eyes on an off night but I have a feeling they're largely conceding these two weeks, as they've done before.
  8. I remember when his biggest proponent on here was all about keeping characters simple like Jon Moxley.
  9. I think we all win with that one. Shit. Pompous TK photo makes me laugh and always will.
  10. Heart sank after he got up from the second knock down in round 4. It was over after that. Shame we have to see a bunch of stuff before we possibly get Usyk vs Fury. Usyk handled Joshua's size well but there's big athletic boxer and then there's Tyson Fury. Dude used every pound two fights in a row to exhaust Wilder. Usyk's footwork and technique will help him avoid getting leaned on, but it's gonna happen.
  11. Of the three younger Punk opponents, Garcia got the most shine by far. Just as I was starting to think that Punk's pace is a little too slow, they probably slowed it down even more and leaned heavy into the selling. Smart and it worked out really well. Garcia is fantastic. That spot where he calmed himself down after cutting off a comeback was brilliant shit.
  12. I hope Wilder puts him in a casket.
  13. I would hope that would get them out of the one women's match per show bullshit.
  14. Yes, The Rock has a verse on the new Tech N9ne. obv nsfw swears. Yes, it's a glorified commercial.
  15. Kenny really tried with intergender but I don't think it'll fly. Janela and Kayla Rossi is another combination. Women's trios being "difficult" is purely down to their booking though. That would be the last of the titles to introduce if you're going for equality because they'd have to build up tags first. Not the end of the world if they end up without trios titles though, I just think it would be fun and help with giving direction to depth talent or another goal for top stars not in a singles title picture.
  16. AEW seems to have weekly good-to-great multiperson tag matches. Why not give them more purpose? I don't see how they'd fumble it. This isn't NJPW.
  17. I feel like now would've been the time for women's tag titles. The benefits of the TBS belt are it's direction needed for all but the two women involved in the world title picture and it's more attainable for younger wrestlers or those with a flaw or two. Same can be said of the tag division though. It would get more women on screen and in the ring in meaningful matches AND tags help hide weaknesses better too, allowing greener wrestlers to develop at a better pace without being overexposed. So this does feel like the wrong move as its unlikely they introduce another women's title until spring or summer of next year. In an ideal world in two or three years each gender has world, tv, tag, and trios titles. It may seem like a lot but they've done such a great job in putting a lot of value in their tag titles and they've established a large number of three person units. It will also help with TV main events too and when a champion doesn't defend their belt for 3-4 weeks it feels like there's something of consequence going on with another title.
  18. I agree with you for the most part and do hope this is it for "shine" up a younger talent of the week deal with Punk for the considerable future. The live crowds will take years to turn on his happy to be there stuff, and I really enjoy seeing him genuinely happy, but for the TV audience it is starting to run thin and it isn't really further establishing the young talent. Time for him to move onto somebody closer to his level and in a more sustained go of it. Thankfully, they've got a PPV to sell in about 5 weeks, so we should see that kick in soon. This is one of those balance issues that they generally do well with, particularly now that they're back on the road, but still needs some refinement. I'd rather them be more cautious with big matches than not though. Also agree with John's take on ladder matches. One a year tops please.
  19. This Cody thing is another death of superman isn't it? This feels like, as previously mentioned, Rocky III or something like Batman vs Bane from the third Nolan movie. I laughed at the slap and Arn having a trash can fire outside Cody's place. Hos Mad title. That's unfortunate. I'd start off with somebody like Deeb as champ and then have Tay dethrone her. Not a big fan of Fish when he isn't paired with O'Reilly. One of the first signings I'm not so sure about. Falcon arrow off the top was cool but the match was forgettable. Still need to watch the rest of the show. Opener was a bit more generic than I'd like but the Christian spot was well done and helped differentiate it a bit.
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