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  1. While the end of the elimination tag was where the show peaked in ratings, the main event saw a big increase. People certainly weren't tuning out. Fuck Domino's.
  2. If nothing else, this is the most fun I've had following a promotion since WCW with Sting vs. the nWo. Absolutely wild stuff.
  3. I do feel like it was too inevitable. But I also feel like Kenny needs an actual threat to his title for all out, punk wrestling on the show or not. Nobody has felt like they had a legit shot because we were waiting for Hangman. I didn't think it would be quite this fast but come on now at the idea of them needing to book him in a match. If we know one thing in wrestling it's Chicago's love for Punk.
  4. They organically turned the crowd BEFORE Vince's shenanigans. Yeah, if that's not a testament to those two masters I don't know what is.
  5. Friends and I just watched X-Seven last week and god damn the main event is such a classic. Rock's selling may low key be the best main event babyface selling. Certainly up there. There's a steely determination but also he sells the shit outta Cold Stone's ass whipping. Felt like 90% of the match was called in the ring and they did a masterful job of keeping it simple and controlling the audience. They had to improvise because of the cheap piece of shit announce table collapsing on them early on. Great show. Still probably the best American PPV to date, though the first half of the show is mostly forgettable. My Way video and that interview are S tier too of course. With all due respect.
  6. Dusty, David, Don (West) the holy trinity of excitable colour commentators and the real Team 3D.
  7. Moxley has taken time off in the recent past, but nothing extended. I would reckon that Omega is going to heal up after dropping the belt, so getting in the Danielson match before, not after he loses to Page makes sense.
  8. Strange that Rampage is just a couple weeks away and while WOR says they're working on a deal with TSN, nothing is confirmed.
  9. The Fightin' Taylor Boys were a unit from 2010-2012 in PWG. Their match on Steen Wolf was so great.
  10. Yeah, I don't agree at all with the idea of belting Punk right away. Absolutely later on, both he and Bryan should be champions and I think this definitely means guys like MJF that they probably had penciled in after Hangman may have to wait and those plans have changed. But moving away from Hangman dethroning Omega after such a long, calculated, and excellent build is WCW or WWE levels of stupid this company has not shown it is capable of.
  11. You know Jericho is "going home" before retiring. I just don't think he'll do it yet, but should he leave at the end of the year that would be totally fine with me. He has absolutely served his purpose at this stage and anything else is gravy.
  12. My guess is they see how tickets do based on hints and if they're not selling well they instead pivot and make the announcement. I think y'all are out of it if you think he's wrestling on that show and not just making his first appearance for a major wrestling company in 7 and a half years. That is a massive deal especially for Chicago fans. The concern about them over saturating that market would be fine if they didn't just sign the city's favourite son and Bryan, as well as it's a long weekend and they'll get traveling fans. And yeah there's a very real possibility none of this matters and it's back to Jacksonville because we suck at life.
  13. How much did last night suck for FTR and Santana & Ortiz? They have been waiting months for their big tag match, really solid build, but it doesn't get the hot opening slot or main event status, and in fact is run shortly after a crowd killing (but not necessarily bad) finish to the elimination tag. The crowd couldn't get into it and Cash got fucked up at the end. That was so unfortunate because you know those teams have a fantastic match in them but that wasn't it.
  14. I mostly agree with this but did you hear how over the match with Spears was? Deadlock dude who won the game tournament and booked Luther in the match was in the front row and said Jericho getting the walls on Spears was the biggest pop he's heard at a wrestling show. I'm sure the MJF match will have some sort of stip. It should be the classic "only I can win" stipulation.
  15. The past few weeks have definitely revitalized Jericho after he looked very done and ready for a break.
  16. There is no way they're running Christian vs. Omega at All Out in place of Hangmin Adam's big win. Not a single soul in the world believes Christian has a chance, and I think he's great. Ain't no fucking way.
  17. Danielson the only guy that makes sense imo. Unless you're doing that in NYC but Kenny could really use a huge ppv title match.
  18. There was a lot of cool stuff on this show. The entrances for the elimination match killed me. Best Cody promo since the tattoo dropped. This was certainly one way to get to Omega vs. Bryan for the title without Hangman losing at All Out. dude was so fucking white hot... I have faith in them being able to keep his journey going but this was unexpected.
  19. Hangmin... Lost? Killed the crowd for a while and I wasn't able to get back into the show. Sounds like we are getting Punk on the 20th.
  20. David Crockett is a beauty. Love the Crockett & Dusty style of passionate colour commentator.
  21. CJ McCollum. I will bang this trade until Dame is outta Portland. Even if he's staying, he's made it clear the team isn't good enough so shitbum Olshey has to do something. God, he sucks tho. As much as I want the closest team to me to do well and want Dame to succeed, he's probably going to have to leave.
  22. Prazak was in a difficult position because he had to play along to an extent but the others just wouldn't shut the fuck up and it detracted. Prazak literally said "meanwhile, back in the ring," and even then...
  23. Yoooooo. Also Ice Ribbon's show at Yokohama Budokan on August 9 has two big matches: Tsukasa vs. Hiroyo and Yamashita vs. Suzu in Suzuki's next deathmatch trial (I think it's a trials match). Fujimoto and Matsumoto are tagging on the same card prior to their match and face Sera and Yukihi. Looks a great show on paper.
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