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  1. The fins have a shitty online, the Bill's have 3 sacks already. . .
  2. Bills had 2 sacks on fishes first drive . . Then a long running td.
  3. He signed with the Giants, wtf did he think was going to happen? (no offense Rippa)
  4. FFS. . . (shakes head sadly)
  5. Thursday, September 16 Washington Sunday, September 19 New England Denver Buffalo Cleveland Chicago San Francisco New Orleans LA Rams Las Vegas Arizona Tampa Bay LA Chargers Seattle Kansas City Monday, September 20 Green Bay Tiebreaker #1:256 Tiebreaker #2: 38 Tiebreaker: 65
  6. But Raylan isn't in that book. I suppose they could right Raylan into it. . .Great read anyways
  7. Brian Dabol is a REALLY shitty playcaller. . .
  8. Bills need to develop a running game to keep the Steelers D honest, then maybe they can run the ball.
  9. The Chargers are a franchise jinxed almost to a Jets like level.
  10. IF the Bills D is this good this year, the rest of the AFC is in deep shit.
  11. Lol at all those dumb SOBs who took jax's in suicide pools. . .
  12. Dabol called a run, on back to back plays, no less. I'm shocked.. .
  13. I'm not comfortable with all the Bills hype, not gonna lie. Then again it's been 20 plus years since they've been this good.
  14. Cue ACL tear in 3. . . . 2. . . . 1. . . .
  15. Do the Ravens have a shitty practice field or somethings? God Damn.
  16. This is the first league I've played with individual defensive players so I was confused that Chase Young and Aaron Donald were both available. I snapped them both up right quick over the computer picks.
  17. Translation: It was totally the real list, but since everybody's shitting on it we are going back to the drawing board.
  18. Tampa Bay Sunday, September 12 Carolina Philadelphia Washington San Francisco Buffalo Seattle Minnesota Jacksonville Tennessee Miami NY Giants Green Bay Kansas City t LA Rams Monday, September 13 Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: 256 Tiebreaker #2: 81 Tiebreaker #3: 55
  19. To give us foolish Bills fans hope I guess. But only believe the Bills win in it after the clock goes to zero with them in the lead in the Super Bowl. Before that, I expect them to blow it.
  20. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32133086/simulating-2021-nfl-season-projecting-285-games-biggest-storylines-super-bowl-winner 4 letter predicts Bills win Super Bowl, which I'm sure is the kiss of death.
  21. I was wondering if we were doing it again. My plan was to pick against Houston all year long, but I don't trust Urban as far as I can throw him. So 49ers it is.
  22. I'm breaking out my 360 to play some '11 because I've got the jones for college football.
  23. Guess Crash Davis really wanted a rainout. . . .
  24. So a bunch of shit then. . .
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