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  1. I haven't rewatched Empire or ROTJ in a while, but is the most work James Earl Jones has done as Vader? I don't remember him having this much dialogue before.
  2. Whichever is the one married to Naomi. She made a post on her Instagram a couple weeks ago when she dyed his hair
  3. I'm one of the very few that actually liked Ben Affleck's DareDevil (2003), particularly the superior R-Rated Director's Cut version which had the subplot with Coolio's character and fixed a lot of the wonky CGI. I was wondering if Jon Favreau asked to be in the scene with Matt, since he was Foggy in the 2003 movie.
  4. It's either the main event of night 1 or representation in the referee pic. Can't have both.
  5. I don't know why I listened to Meltzer's review of Banks/Belair. I couldn't listen anymore when they were talking about her gorilla press up the steps. Dave goes "I've seen guys hold a vertical suplex up the steps and that's way more impressive than a gorilla press" Like really? What was the point?
  6. Peacock sucks cause I still can't go back and rewatch certain parts. I would have already went back and seen what I wanted on the network
  7. Is Ron Killings really the only Black person to hold the NWA World Title? Sheesh.
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