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  1. A lot of issues that should have been talked about for years are finally getting an audience. Good.
  2. Anyone who has the Patreon know who he means?
  3. So, now depending on what ND does (joining the ACC or whatever else crosses their idiot minds).... Miami (FL) may be asking around about joining the B1G.
  4. Victor Oladipo stays in Miami for a year. This gives the Heat his Bird rights next summer.
  5. GBBO "Collection 9" (actually Series 11) is coming to Netflix in the fall.
  6. Kemba Walker has agreed to a buyout with OKC and will sign with the Knicks.
  7. Kenya, 400m. Dominance.
  8. I'll say, at least he doesn't look as miserable as Kane did: It seriously looked like he was told to come in his gear by Vince as a rib.
  9. #snydercut fans are apparently review bombing TSS. James Gunn's response is
  10. FTR, Judge gets one of those. The next time he makes guys do 100 yard wind sprints and yells at them like they're 14... Well, I'm sure the union is going to have a thing or two to say about it.
  11. LeBron screaming at Carmelo to play defense is going to be worth the NBA package price on its own.
  12. Andre Drummond to Philly for a year at the vet minimum.
  13. Patty Mills to Brooklyn, 2/12 with a player option.
  14. Butter (or preferably olive oil) keeps the pasta from sticking together. Though butter on pasta by itself is fine when you're completely out of gravy. Source - I dated an Italian dude for a few months. He was batshit, but man could he cook.
  15. The play in question is under the spoiler. It appears to be, pardon the pun, a bang-bang play. But the defender wraps and Ibe went for the Lott-esque hit, on his own teammate, so yeah, fuck 'em.
  16. Max Caster cut a promo during his Dark match taping insulting Simone Biles' mental health, insinuating he's going to rape a woman, and calling Covid fake. I admit I don't watch much, but I thought he was a face?
  17. COCAINE COWBOYS: THE KINGS OF MIAMI This series debuts tomorrow on Netflix. Done by Billy Corben.
  18. Got to see how the kid holds up. My understanding is he's fully healthy for the first time since he was a sophomore in college. The few highlights I've seen from practice are him shooting 40 yard lasers to Waddle and Parker, which... well, I can't finish that sentence because *settle down Dolfan* Jacoby is a fantastic little insurance policy to have. Though he may end up being trade bait to someone who gets desperate for a QB. I love Fitzmagic as much as anyone, but Cinderella's running out of the castle as the bell has already tolled 11 times. And frankly, it was time for Tua to take over.
  19. Super heel Rokki A.S.H. leading a bunch of goofs against Stone Cold Becky Lynch and cHHHarlotte is the feud I never knew I wanted, but now, must have. You even have Shayna Shamrock in there too.
  20. Did you know there's a guy named "C.M. Punk" and that he's from Chicago? I sure didn't! Phew.
  21. PJ Tucker to Miami. 2/15 (2nd year is a player option) Duncan Robinson stays in Miami. 5/90. Dwight Howard stays with the Lakers. Alex Len goes to Sacto.
  22. hee Also, Toronto may buy out Goran's contract. If they do, Dallas and the Lakers would be very interested in his services.
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