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  1. This is what I get for not closing last week's thread fast enough. In other news.... the Columbia Lions went into Philly, and much like a tourist at Geno's, they DEVOURED~ their opponents. But now.... The real game begins.... The Lions travel to Hanover to take on the disgusting, despicable, and yet somehow undefeated Dartmouth Big Green. Why is it the Big Green? Well... someone decided this was -- not it. So, yeah, fuck Dartmouth. ROAR LION ROAR!
  2. I do like that X is smart enough to not touch the crown. Never touch the trophy you're going for until you actually win it!
  3. I think you have to link the Hulu and ESPN accounts, but I get mine as a part of the Verizon package I have so....
  4. And just so you know how close it actually is... the torch was lit in Ancient Olympia this morning. It will be transported to Athens where the Chinese delegation will take it to Beijing.
  5. Use Hulu, they stream everything there that ESPN+ has. -- So how 'bout them Panthers!
  6. Former US Secretary of State, General Colin Powell died this morning due to complications from Covid-19. He was 84.
  7. Let's just save *this* little gem for later.
  8. That's amazing Pete. And then there's this... It's high school but still...
  9. Yeah, he'll issue an apology that he didn't write and everyone will move on. If he touched someone though and didn't have their consent.... well, that's gonna be different. But nothing like that has come up.
  10. Chicago has placed Damien Williams on the Covid list.
  11. TIL! 1) It's Weegar not Uyghur 2) How to spell Verhaeghe~ 3) This team is going to make a fuckton of stupid mistakes and appears to have the firepower to bail themselves out of a lot of them.
  12. Not to further sidetrack, but if you have the means, my god... do it. Verizon gave me 3 free months of YouTube Premium and it was like I'd been set free. No more "Multiple, unskippable commercials" or "Commercials longer than the thing I want to watch" before my next video. Unless my finances take a huge hit, I'm never watching another fucking commercial again. Straight to "Jinder Mahal wins the WWE Championship" for me, thank you very much!
  13. Man, I like JB Smoove, but the sheer amount of times I've seen him in a commercial for the last month or two is just insufferable. This had better not become a thing.
  14. This is the one time I'll post without the title because... well, you'll see. Premieres tomorrow (10/15) on Apple+
  15. And the games in Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, etc., etc. I think I worked it out and he'd be eligible to play in about 25 games. I honestly feel bad for KD who left a good situation to join up with this flat-earth believing sociopath. But, you lie down with dog, you get fleas.
  16. Shams is apparently taking the role of Kyrie's water holder in an Athletic article that clarifies Irving's position as a selfish moron and Charnia as an obsequious idiot. Irving also went on IG live tonight and said "Everybody is entitled to do what they feel is best for themselves." This holds up to about 0.04 seconds of scrutiny. Oh boy this is going to get worse before it gets better
  17. There's no need for the profanity @LoneWolf&Subs, he's just a bot.
  18. Tua is coming off the IR and practiced with the team today. The expectation is he'll start the Dolphins/Jags game in London this week.
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