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  1. By somehow you mean half of UGA comes down with COVID?
  2. I don't know if you guys have looked at Brian Kelly or not, but that guy can eat. I don't think he'd have a problem putting away a bucket of crawfish or eating a whole seafood boil. I'm still surprised over this. I figured if anything BK would go pro instead of coaching another college team. Aside from the money, this is likely his last best chance at winning a NC and that was never going to happen at ND. Sure, he could get ND to the dance every few years or so and have a winning record every year, but I don't think they're ever winning a NC. Same shit that happened with him at Cincinnati.
  3. This is the first time in my lifetime that a coach has left ND when the team was really good. Lou Holtz's last couple years weren't good and the team was definitely trending down. Every other coach has left ND from various states of meh to total dumpster fire.
  4. Let's see if Kelly can hold onto a coordinator for more than a year I guess, or who comes with him. Not football related, but I wonder what happens with the Paqui Kelly Breast Cancer Center here. And I would take Fickle in a heartbeat over Urb. It would be petty funny to have this pipeline of coaches from Cincinnati to ND.
  5. I mean... who the fuck coaches in the bowl game? Fucking Tommy Rees?!
  6. Oh man... They're going to hire Urb...
  7. Welp, there goes ND's one shot at the CFP.
  8. Weird question...Did Bryan Danielson ever wrestle against Necro Butcher? I would think the answer is yes, but I can't find a match between them online.
  9. Traffic cones fucking hurt. They're heavy as hell. Throwing one is just as awkward. The shit that happens when people are fucking around backstage at a play.
  10. Because Chicago is better than anywhere they would run in California. I'm just kidding, kinda... But I don't think there's anywhere viable for them to run in California at the moment because they're not going to do something like the, ugh, Crypto.com Arena. Plus, I would imagine that their issues with when Dynamite airs on the west coast have something to do with it too.
  11. Oh, uh, it's my name. Nothing fun about it. Just a boring ass name except for when all of my friends quote the movie Friday. And there was an episode of Veep that accurately captured how annoying this name is. I have thought about changing my name to how hostesses at restaurants spell my name, which is anything from Kriegh, Kreg, Crayg, and...Frank? Other names on PSN, Xbox, Magic Arena, Valorant, and some other shit are just variations of something to do with the Chicago Cubs or Okada.
  12. You're not kidding. Holy shit. It's going to take forever just to get from level 1 to level 2. For as nearly perfect as Halo Infinite is, the battle pass feels like it was designed by Nintendo for how fucking dumb it is.
  13. "My hunch is, you're going to get fucked...And I've never seen Logan get fucked."
  14. Only played the Series X for a little bit last night and that was to play Halo Infinite. Wow, the Series X, Game Pass, and Halo are really fucking cool... Except the Xbox UI is fucking garbage. Man is it bad.
  15. Yeah, Inner Circle as bootleg LIJ works. Best Friends seems like the obvious Chaos faction, but Jurassic Express and friends can fill that spot too. Elite are BC. Does that make Pinnacle a better or shittier United Empire?
  16. Hrmm... Eddie Guerrero, Steve Austin, Vader, Kobashi, Steamboat, Macho Man, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Dean Malenko, Okada. I'm sure there's a ton I'm forgetting and maybe half of these are pretty interchangeable.
  17. Wound up watching a stream of Rider's Republic and thought it looked really cool. I went to buy it on Amazon as a Christmas gift for my daughter and it was $60. Checked again yesterday and it was only $30. That's a hell of a price drop for a good game that just got released.
  18. I don't think VC is going to have much of a choice in whatever the roster is. They're probably more focused on making sure the game isn't a shit show and is with buying. They're probably also focused on making the thing as much of a microtransaction cash grab like the NBA series. Watch them charge you to remove wrestlers from the game to have the most accurate roster. That seems like the most 2K sports thing they could do.
  19. I'm really enjoying Cowboy Bebop. 5 episodes in so far. I was starting to get bored until Faye Valentine showed back up. She's awesome.
  20. As long as Kathryn Hahn plays her and I don't give a shit if she's already Agatha. Give me Kathryn Hahn in everything!
  21. I still don't see why so many of you get twisted up over JR. JR is the commentator that's going to bitch and moan about rules, breaking of said rules, and when things are ridiculous. I don't know, maybe it's because I watch just about every major sport and MMA, but every team has commentators like that. The only sport where that isn't as prevalent is baseball and even then the commentators bitch about balls, strikes, fair vs foul, the shift, etc. JR is no different than any of that. It's especially prevalent in MMA where do many shows you get every commentator complaining about the rules, reffing, and judging. My advice to you all is to maybe let this one go. He's not as bad as you all think, but he's certainly not as good as his prime. If you want to call him out when he says creepy shit then be my guest. I think that's more than fair game.
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