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  1. Oh, and part of me wants Lamb to be connected to Black Phillip from the VVitch in some way, shape, or form.
  2. I was excited for the 2016 movie until I saw it and hated it for how unfunny it was. This gets me excited in a different way. The best way I could put it is that there's not much left of my childhood that revisits me now, someone who is 40, that brings me joy and is something I could share with my kid (soon to be kids). Afterlife scratches that itch. I'm totally fine with fan service if the movie itself is enjoyable. I'm a sap, but I got teary eyed watching the trailer because it felt like Ghostbusters. I'm having something of a hard time wrapping my brain around kids fighting Ivo Shandor or whatever doombringer he's summoned, and I'm especially worried that CGI Ghost Egon will wind up saving the day for the kids (this is just something I'm worried could happen because I could see it happening), but other than that I think this looks pretty good. I've been burned before though. As for Lamb, I think I can only say that I love the weirdness of A24 movies and this looks like the weirdest one yet. I'm in.
  3. EVIL outside of tags and outside of LIJ fucking sucks. He's like Great O' Khan levels of lame to me now. This is like WWE booking Kane against a new-ish champion. The other sad thing is that after EVIL turn, I have so little memory of his good matches before it. I know they were there. I watched him have really good matches, but now all I remember is what he's done post-turn.
  4. Let's assume for a moment that is true. Is it to send a message to NXT that guys who look like Kross are unacceptable and they need more model looking dudes? Kross didn't shake someone's hand backstage? I can't believe it would be because Kross sucks because there have been plenty of guys on the Raw or SD roster who have sucked more and received bigger pushes. It's also funny that Kross took on Lee and it's like they have these two guys they don't want to do shit with, but one has to win. And someone mentioned that maybe Lee will turn heel. Admittedly, my knowledge of Lee on the indies doesn't go back that far, but has he worked as a heel?
  5. Fightful is saying that Kross was supposed to lose to Jeff Hardy again, but plans changed when Hardy got covid. Like, there's probably better than a coin flip's chance that is bullshit, but if that's true, that's just hilarious.
  6. Speaking of WWDITS, my wife and I have been watching Wellington Paranormal and we love it. I worry that the format will get a little old after awhile, but the first handful of episodes have kept us laughing pretty hard.
  7. I laughed so hard a few times during Elevation. Show, King, and Tony are funnier than Taz and Excalibur. If there's anyone you want busting your balls then it should be Tony Schiavone. Now I wonder if he has a Cameo page.
  8. I learned that the hard way against the YMIR. I charged it, point blank shot it in the head with my shotgun, and then died. So that was neat.
  9. Holy balls. Well, I'll definitely be doing that. I thinks that's one of the coolest guns to be in a game.
  10. Oh, question for you guys. When I look at the systems, not planets, in ME2, there's a percentage for them. What is that percentage for? I thought it was for clearing out all the missions in that system, but that can't be it. There's one system sitting at 40% or something and there's nothing else to do there. I identified all of the planets there too. Does the percentage instead mean how close I am to depleting every planet's resources in that system?
  11. Starting to plow through all of the recruitment and loyalty missions now in ME2. I really loved the one with Grunt and Mordin. Prior to those missions I got the nuke heavy weapon that basically just explodes a star or whatever it does (I can't remember the exact functionality from the codex). But there's that part during Mordin's loyalty mission where you run into some Krogan dudes on a catwalk and the one guy just keeps monologuing until you go with the Renegade option to tell him he talks to much, which sends out a bunch of Krogan at you. One shot from that nuke gun ended that mission and it was the first time I used that gun. Holy shit. The effect it gives with the rumbling and shaking was pretty epic. I used that gun one other time and that was against the Thresher Maw, which nearly killed it in one shot.
  12. He's back as of this morning.
  13. It sucks too. She was set to bust out something huge, but I get it. She kept messing up during practice when before this she kept hitting it over and over again. Flying through the air like that and twisting and turning that much through the air isn't something you want to mess with if your head isn't in it.
  14. Well, Bradley Cooper was supposed to play Vince in his biopic, but I don't think Cooper wants to do TV again.
  15. I just noticed his arm too...Man, I hope he's not injured or doesn't have some kind of weird staph infection. Last person I remember seeing with that kind of baseball knot on their arm was Cena, but that was on his elbow.
  16. Dudes, Wardlow might be the king of the big hoss matches. He's so fucking good.
  17. I'm not even going to bother commenting on it in the Raw thread because I only saw the Lee result and, well, whatever, but I think Lee's vague tweets are making me dislike him. Either that, or they're just code for "they're going to keep jobbing me lol"
  18. Again, what split? You can't go from "Cody doesn't appear with the Bucks or Kenny" to making definitive statements. Also, why would that of all things lead to any sort of split in the first place considering that at that time they couldn't do Blood and Guts and had to pivot multiple times. Their whole fucking production in Florida got shut down and they wound up running the shows from QT's school in Georgia and had to book and produce 6 or some odd weeks of TV in a short amount of time before that got shut down too.
  19. Weird that you're revisiting something from two months ago that the Young Bucks, Cody, and Kenny all made fun of back then. Cody not being on BTE =/= THE ELITE ARE NOT FINE~!
  20. I liked it a lot, but felt the rushed ending too. That's a common problem with Judd's movies where they're incredibly heartfelt and so much of the movie is spent exploring these characters and then all of a sudden it's like, shit, we're at 2 hours, we need an ending. Watched This is 40 again recently and that's the same thing. I liked the movie a lot because as someone who turned 40 with a kid on the way, I was able to identify with a lot of it, but then the ending just gets tossed together and happens. It makes me want to see Judd go back and do a series for HBO and not just something he Exec. Produces, I mean being the Producer/Showrunner, writing, and directing episodes. Freaks and Geeks never has any of these issues because with a TV series, you have so much more time to explore the characters without discovering you need to wrap things up.
  21. I made the same comparison to my wife and I discovered while watching 100 Foot Wave that I might be more afraid of water and the ocean more than flying or heights or anything else. I sat there for the hour or however long that first episode was nearly having a panic attack the entire time watching these surfers skipping across waves and water like stones. And then their talk about how when he wiped out that the waves were so constant and vicious that he would just keep getting sucked back out into the ocean. So you're gasping for air, get hit with a wave, try to swim forward, get another gasp of air, get hit with another wave, rinse and repeat. It's insane. Fuck all of that. But I'll gladly watch it on TV though. EDIT: And I will just add that it's amazing to see just how much of this guy's life was recorded and him shooting out from the barrel of that huge wave was fucking crazy. I popped huge for that.
  22. I thought that after last season being something of a trial run for Notre Dame joining the ACC that we would have been even closer to that being a reality, but it sounds like Swarbrick and others at ND are right back to sticking their heels in with being an independent. I don't think they give a shit about the CFP changes either. They just don't care. All of the special relationships with other schools like USC or Navy or whatever used to mean a lot to me as a fan. Then I got older and I don't give a shit anymore. I'd rather ND be part of the ACC because I couldn't give a shit about playing USC or Navy anymore.
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