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  1. Jesus. (Also, in addition to apparently being a shit human being, what a dumbass. Getting this literally right before he's eligible to get paid.
  2. Andre Drummond to Chicago on a 2/6.6 deal. He quietly played pretty well backing up Embiid, and then really well for Brooklyn after the trade. He's a guy I've always felt a bit bad for. He seemed to be breaking out as a star in Detroit, and right as he was hitting his stride, Steph and the Warriors completely changed the game and made him borderline obsolete. (Of course, he got a max deal with the Pistons basically the last year a guy like him could've gotten a max, do I don't feel that bad.)
  3. Adding to the "the victims are the ones who should decide if he's forgiven" point... This is also not a person who has done anything to warrant public forgiveness. He's doubled down, done his best to stifle people talking about what a prick he is, and been a sanctimonious jackass about it all. Fuck Joey Ryan.
  4. Also, if anything breaks the ACC grant of rights stranglehold, the B1G should push hard to get at least one of the two Florida schools and not let the SEC just have the whole state. Maybe take a stab at a Texas school, too, even if both the prize catches have already been gobbled.
  5. Unless they make a three team deal somewhere and dump Simmons.
  6. I can't imagine they make the trade without Barnes. And I don't think Toronto gives up Barnes.
  7. Money is the big driver, clearly, but if I'm the PAC-12 teams that have a shot at getting to the B1G, playoff access is probably a factor as well. The PAC champ gets left out a lot, a Super Sized Big Ten is sending it's champion every year.
  8. You basically ask for the best young player on the team plus every pick and swap they can send for KD, right? And that best young player better be a really damn good young player
  9. As recently as Lamar Jackson, people were talking about him needing to convert to wide out.
  10. Thinks he can prove he's still a star by taking over as the team's lead scorer?
  11. I find it mildly amusing that Duke is the only North Carolina school that will play all three other in state teams every year.
  12. God damn what a year to be a decent wide receiver though.
  13. Based on the estimates, Top Gun edged Elvis by just $176.
  14. I'm already on record with my "throw him the fuck out of the league" stance... But how does the league already know what they are going to suggest three days before the disciplinary hearing?
  15. (I'm also unsure if the Warriors front office would be willing to part with the pieces that would be necessary to make the trade. They seem very committed to building the future at the same time as competing for titles, and it would definitely cost them some of the young guys they've been developing.)
  16. I think the hard cap would say no.
  17. With Bey providing a whole lot of spacing.
  18. Well, there goes the easiest spot the Lakers could've dumped Russ. Love what Detroit did tonight.
  19. And KD is now reportedly "considering options with his future" As funny as trading Westbrook to Brooklyn would be, I think they only realistic path to getting Irving to L.A. is giving Detroit a pick or two and trading Westbrook into their cap space (I believe they are the only team with cap space to acquire Westbrook without sending back significant salary.) If that happened, I would expect a buyout and then who knows?
  20. I saw Top Gun Maverick a second time. It's still really damn good, though the middle part does sag a bit. But the first ten minutes and last hour are the best thing I've seen in a theater this year.
  21. Jerami Grant to Portland for the Bucks top-4 protected 2025 first round pick (done other second round picks moving around as well.) Huh. That's not a lot for an under 25 two way player.
  22. They really need to figure out something to fix the super max. It keeps hurting instead of helping. I like the proposal I saw somewhere that, while the player gets the super max money, it only counts as a regular max contract against the cap and tax lines.
  23. That might be the easiest option decision of all time. I doubt he would get much more than league minimum on the open market. Maybe the MLE from a desperate team.
  24. Hell, in that case, go big NFL. Suspend him for life and see where it goes.
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