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  1. Honestly, I have no idea. I barely follow college basketball at all, and pretty much only Michigan and maybe some tourney games. I'm not sure I've ever seen any of them play. Edit: I guess the other big question for Detroit as is relates to Cunningham is how much confidence they still have in Killian Hayes.
  2. If Detroit prefers Mobley or Green or Suggs, then yes. Like the Fultz/Tatum deal a few years ago. But if they think Cade is a superstar, then I can't imagine they would.
  3. Jesus, Giannis just grabbed this series by the throat and didn't let go until trophies popped out. This was Jordan in 93, Shaq in 00 level "one guy just would not let the other team win" level shit
  4. Giannis restating his case for best player alive in this series has been amazing. Also, it's amazing to think that, with maybe five plays going differently the last two games, and Devin Booker would've established himself as an A+ superstar who closed out the finals with back to back 40 point games.
  5. It's worth noting the Bucks defense has also been something like 13 points better per 100 at home than on the road in these playoffs.
  6. I'm not sure there's another player in NBA history that has the combination of size, athleticism, and defensive instinct to do that. Especially given that the play was *this close* to being a superstar moment for both Booker and Ayton.
  7. I can see how that works with Philly. Start with Simmons (even with his value at a career low right now) and picks, you still have the pieces to be a contender. But New York would have to give up all those young, interesting players to make it even kinda plausible, and Dame would end up on a team that is probably notably worse than Portland currently.
  8. I was about to be all "Tay on Miller" then I realized that was 17 fucking years ago and now I'm just gonna go crawl into my nursing home bed.
  9. Other than Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man, I can't think of another relatively recent run at the big two longer than Morrison on Batman off the top of my head.
  10. I don't think you can credit that to the refs in any way, shape, or form. Giannis is clearly the best player in this series, and now that Holiday and Middleton both played well (and Booker struggled and Paul was merely "good") we have a series potentially.
  11. I'm more on playing Destroyah before Space Godzilla and Megaguirus before 2000.
  12. Some of the orders and pairings are really odd though.
  13. I guess I'm an outlier here. I love the entire series, but I don't think the show ever fully recovered from the death of Nancy Marchand and was never quite as good after that.
  14. Darko had that nickname during the finals runs in Detroit
  15. I don't buy that whoever wins will deserve an asterisk, but man it's hard not to wonder how these playoffs would've gone if so many guys and especially stars hadn't been hurt.
  16. And he's gonna play
  17. Listed as questionable
  18. Seriously, the injuries this year
  19. I knew about the auto parts company and being absurdly rich, first I heard about this though.
  20. He's like the sixth... And Doc wasn't even that long ago
  21. Here I was thinking it was just a reference to how both Kidd and Luka liked to yell in his face multiple times a game.
  22. Christ the Bucks are terrifying when everything clicks
  23. McMillan is a guy who most years got results that are better than his team has the talent for. The Pacers fired him for getting swept in the first round every year, but he was doing it with a team that shouldn't have been getting close to the playoffs.
  24. And the Pacers look increasingly stupid for letting Nate McMillan go.
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