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  1. BTW, in that absurd Wake Forest/Army game, Wake Forest had 638 offensive yards, and the offense scored 9 touchdowns (the tenth was an int return) all with just over 17 minutes time of possession. That's insane.
  2. So... I can lay out a scenario where I'm eventually okay with someone kicking out if an avalanche brain buster. But in general? No, obviously not.
  3. This Lions team is entirely too good at giving me just a little bit of hope before being the Lions
  4. Backing up a bit (and side eyeing all the Cody discourse) last week on the Bryan and Vinnie show recap, Vinnie said something about how "I'm convinced Bryan Danielson's gimmick is that he's an actually a heel but he's so fucking great everybody cheers for him" and I'm definitely starting to come to that viewpoint as well. Heel hooks and the kicking heads the fuck in and sometimes doing the "I have until 5 referee" bit... But he's so fucking great.
  5. Danielson and Dustin were amazing. I really like how AEW goes "hey, we have two all time great wrestlers sitting around the locker room. Let's give them 15+ minutes with no bullshit" on a fairly regular basis. Bucks/Kenny/Cole are such an unbelievably great group of douchebag heels. They get more hateable every week, and I can't wait to see Jungle Boy make one of them tap and Hangman take Kenny's head off. Cody/Black was a really fun match. I think it was too early for the match to happen, and way too early for Cody to beat Black, but the match itself was great. The FTR promo was good. MJF was a perfect dick per usual. I hope Archer recovers quickly. This show rules.
  6. Cincy joins the top five "skin of their their teeth" club. Michigan and Michigan State set for a battle of the unbeatens next week that should be a great showcase for running attacks. Fans of the new fangled forward pass concept might be turned off.
  7. I'd be fine with it if it wasn't something I've seen him do so many times. I don't hate a counter to a counter. I hate a signature spot that only works if someone counters a previous move. Just bugs me.
  8. I'm legitimately surprised so many of you thought Hobbs would/should win after they obviously set up OC/Mox. Also, I like Hobbs, but right now Cassidy is way more important and valuable to the company. Women's match was dope. Andrade/Pac was good. The best I've seen Andrade look without Gargano. He still has some really contrived stupid spots that I hate (Jesus Christ I hate signature spots that are based around people countering or ducking a previous move, and his back elbow is my most hated version of that) but PAC is awesome.
  9. Yeah but this one was weirdly placed. Like I knew if I read the AEW section the spoiler would be there, so I didn't. But I didn't expect it near the top of the issue.
  10. Divinely improbable event in sonically renowned town?
  11. A guy who writes for Yahoo sports came up with his "Bill Russell Scale" system for trying to come up with his list. Kinda silly but it basically works Based on that scale, here's the biggest snubs and where that scale ranks them all-time And here's his list of people who made the real list but wouldn't on this scale
  12. Dave spoiled one of tonight's matches with no warning in the Observer that came out this morning. Which is a little obnoxious.
  13. Yeah And also that's maybe the only time the Watts episodic booking legend was evident in WCW, already setting the stage for the split immediately after they won the belts. Just damn great wrestling and storytelling. I will now once again cry that we never got the proper Dustin/Barry feud
  14. Story that probably is only interesting to me: In about 2015 we got a Popeyes here. And it didn't last, went out of business by 2017 or 2018. Then that chicken sandwich insanity happened, and in late 2019 we got a Popeyes in the exact same building that had sat empty for a year or two. So far it's still there. Shrug
  15. Doc/Gordy vs Steiners might be the most "wow, that sounded a lot better on paper" feud ever.
  16. Next 25 are out. The way they are putting each group of 25 in alphabetical order, but seemingly just a random grouping for each third is very strange.
  17. I know, hence the "if it was ranked" and yes, it was specifically a response to Dolfan
  18. Kobe definitely doesn't belong nearly that high if it was ranked. He was great, but more like 15-20th best ever.
  19. I mean, they literally have planned from day one that they wanted to build Adam Page into being the guy. That's always been a major goal for the EVPs and presumably Tony. I'll be shocked if he doesn't A.) Kick out of the OWA and B.) Pin Omega in the middle of the ring.
  20. I feel like the whole point of a nice absolutely nobody ever kicks out of it is to give the guy you are pushing as your next top babyface the moment of being the guy who finally does it. But that's just me.
  21. I feel like he's really taking that half hour/no commercials/etc thing personally
  22. So that becomes a free chance for them to get the kicking team on the field. Okay, that makes less than zero sense.
  23. And basically the Inner Circle was "Jericho recruited a bad ass MMA fighter and three young hungry up and comers to watch his back."
  24. On one hand, I think the ten second run off rule for replays is stupid as hell. On the other, I don't understand why it didn't apply here? Lots of overtime today at any rate
  25. Hell, not just winning it all, but being quite possibly the best single season team of all-time.
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