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  1. Germany played well for the most part. Just came up against the best team in the tournament. Play like that and they should win their other two games and go through.
  2. The wrestling business is about creating buzz for yourself. You're probably more likely to get hired someone else if you unload on WWE.
  3. And if in doing so you happen to come across 'big girl wrestling section loaded with exciting photos', well, I guess it would be okay if you shared that too. I mean, for educational purposes.
  4. I always remember Hogan at 303. But I remember Bret at 234 and Taker at 327. Savage was what? 243?
  5. The problem is, so many of these people either don't have the right instincts because they weren't trained that way, or else they had the instincts trained out of them. Surely Dana should be doing the move the way she always does and trusting on Charlotte to time her spot right. And then, if she doesn't time it right, which she obviously didn't, they wouldn't look like fucking idiots.
  6. Every couple of months or so I go down a Postmodern Jukebox rabbit hole on YouTube. Well, tonight I found out for the first time that Xavier Woods appeared in one of these things. Totally unexpected and awesome.
  7. Watching Khali made me feel sad the same way that I feel sad when I see a stray dog on the street. I don't want to feel sad watching wrestling.
  8. Americans can get all the 'questionable content' they want by turning on the news instead.
  9. How did we get to page 6 without anyone mentioning the one and a half Superfly? For shame, DVDVRMB. The all-time worst has to be the Miz-ard of Oz. What the the fuck is that even supposed to mean?
  10. Happy birthday, Natural. Genuinely, and I think everyone here would agree (unless Hulk Hogan lurks here), the nicest guy on the board.
  11. Raw has really changed a lot since I last watched.
  12. I agree with this. I imagine I'm probably at least as big a Bret fan as anybody on this board, and I'd go as far as to say that Neidhart was more important to getting the Hart Foundation established as an act than Bret was.
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