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  1. Can't see a scenario where they promise Claudio for the match and then don't deliver. I think Claudio picks up the win, which eats Eddie alive.
  2. As someone who doesn't really give a shit about modern NJPW, I thought this show was awesome, and better than the last two AEW ppvs. My favourite match was definitely Claudio and ZSJ, right up my alley that one, followed by the opener. But I had fun with just about everything. Did the women's title match seem weird to anyone else though? It kinda seemed like Rosa was booked to just eat Toni up, which I didn't really get. Oh, and as someone who's going to Blood and Guts on Wednesday, I'm absolutely over the moon at Claudio coming in. Can't wait.
  3. I really hope it's true. Since I refuse to give WWE my time, my money or my eyeballs, I've really missed watching her wrestle.
  4. To be fair, that was Rotunda's big high spot. It was that or slapping on an abdominal stretch and grabbing the top rope for leverage.
  5. Question for my UK bredrin. I'm going to be back in Blighty when this is on. What is the best way to order AEW shows?
  6. Glenn Jacobs, one of the smartest guys in the biz... Here's my Englishman living in America story. I happened to mention to my dad that I really loved Jaffa cakes, and ever since then I would periodically get sent care packages packed with packets of Jaffa cakes. Only they were off-brand Jaffas, from Aldi I believe (when you know your dad is working class). Not a big deal anyway- not as good as the originals but still not bad. Anyway, my sister somehow found out that he was sending me these cheap Jaffas and scolded him about it, and me and her kind of had a laugh about it. Next care package I got there was one packet of original Jaffas in amongst the knock-offs. Old habits and all that.
  7. Such a cruel way for relegation to finally be confirmed (conceding late on in a game we didn't deserve to lose, with Reading equalising in stoppage time in their game), but massively proud of the Rams this season, more so than for many a-year. With everything we've faced, we should have been down months ago. To a man, this team and everyone involved with it can hold their heads up high.
  8. No, not at all. At my wedding the DJ played our song and my wife and I just got up and danced. Or shuffled awkwardly, depending on how you look at it. Do people generally practice these things? I think it was obvious what I'm really talking about though. I guess 'gimmicky' wedding dances would be a better way to put it.
  9. Choreographed wedding dances are the worst. Just the absolute worst.
  10. I had a dream last night that I went to a dinner party at Cody and Brandi Rhodes' house (boy, I'm spending too much time on this board), and their new side hustle was selling board games. They had a big old stack of games in their living room that they were sorting through to see which ones they could sell. They tried to get me to buy one but I said "no, no, it's only snakes and ladders". Okay, I made that last bit up, but the rest is true.
  11. Queen Sharmell was a huge part of one of the best gimmicks in WWE history though, so it's all good. And don't try to correct me. I know what I said.
  12. It's something I've kind of forgotten about over the intervening 25+ years, but Hall was absolutely one of my first favourite wrestlers, a solid #2 behind Bret in the early-to-mid 90's. Just such a cool guy who, though consensus seems to have long swung the other way on this matter, a hell of a good worker. The first guy for me who made being a Bad Guy good.
  13. The way the question was worded immediately made me think of guys who aren't necessarily my favourite wrestlers (guys like Bret or Danielson or Jumbo or whoever), but those guys who just exude a sense of fun to where they don't even need to be wrestling to make you happy. The kind of guys who always find something to make you smile whether they're working a 2-minute squash (either as squasher or squashee), or standing in the background while someone else cuts a promo. Guys that just have that innate ability to entertain that goes beyond execution or selling or intensity or any of the things I/we tend to look for when thinking about our favourite wrestlers. For me, the first guy that came to mind was Brazo de Plata. I mean, just looking at the guy brings a smile to my face. Buddy Rose would be another. I guess rotund guys performing athletic feats make me smile (as opposed to Rotunda guys doing athletic feats, to tie it in to another recent topic of discussion, although turns out I might be the biggest Mike Rotunda fan on the board somehow). Regal is kind of the Grand Poobah of wrestling in that he can wow you with actual wrestling, and still be the most ridiculous guy in the room, often in the same match.
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