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  1. Now I'm imagining Dreamer getting his going like someone starting the propeller on an old-timey plane. So, thanks for that.
  2. The thing with McGillicutty was, they did still acknowledge he was Curt Hennig's son, so he did still have the burden of that, without the benefit of not being called Michael McGillicutty. It was like a reverse 'having their cake and eating it.' Throwing up a cake that belonged to someone else?
  3. Tessa is so good. I hope she does whatever it would take for AEW to give her a chance.
  4. I thought they did announce Bryan making his Dynamite debut tonight. Or did I imagine that?
  5. First time I've ever dropped money on an AEW ppv. Couldn't resist it and definitely don't regret it. One of the best shows I've ever seen. None of the matches disappointed, and the debut of Danielson was worth the price of admission alone.
  6. As much as I enjoyed this show, and the promotion in general, every time they wheel out the Good Brothers I think of that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry finds out the girl he's dating used to date Newman. It's like, how can I be with someone that sees something in that?
  7. Nice to see they went back in time and signed young Baron Corbin.
  8. Becky as a heel makes no sense, no matter how you try to justify it. She's arguably the most beloved wrestler in the company who's just been gone for over a year to have a baby. How hard is it to just bring her back and let the fans cheer her for a couple of months before thinking about your next bone-headed move?
  9. They're also calling the Chicago Rampage the 'must-see TV event of the year' or something similar. They're having their cake and eating it too- promoting the appearance to hopefully get a good rating, but still keeping it a surprise. I hope they have someone else debut before Punk just to get the crowd riled up a little. Someone who's kind of a big deal but not really, a heel who can take some heat and get some mileage out of Punk stealing the thunder from his big debut. Not sure who that could be, but it would be fun.
  10. I've liked Bray since the tank with a Ferrari engine (or whatever it was) days on NXT. Back then my wife used to half watch the shows with me, and one time Husky Harris came on and she was like "oh, what was that guy called? Beefy Watson?" So my vote for Bray's new name is Beefy Watson. The HIAC with Rollins is legit the match that made me quit watching WWE for good. Full 'cancel the network' quitting. But I think the man himself has a lot of talent and I'd love to see him show up in AEW to see what he can do in a different environment.
  11. Germany played well for the most part. Just came up against the best team in the tournament. Play like that and they should win their other two games and go through.
  12. The wrestling business is about creating buzz for yourself. You're probably more likely to get hired someone else if you unload on WWE.
  13. And if in doing so you happen to come across 'big girl wrestling section loaded with exciting photos', well, I guess it would be okay if you shared that too. I mean, for educational purposes.
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