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  1. Thinking more about it, alot of the characters there outside of the squaddies are potential romantic interests for Shep, so perhaps it was for the "who wakes up in bed with Shep" finish.
  2. Odyssey was the worst of the 3 easy, Origins was ok. Valhalla is more flexible with the weapons and combat once you get used to it and can start figuring out combos. The problem is you can't get to the end of the game proper because it comes CRASHING to a halt before the final area, where you pretty much have to do everything else possible to get your level up for the last stretch of game.
  3. Cortez is there too. I'm not sure why it doesn't do all the crew, since pretty much everyone is optional.
  4. I mean, yeah. One of these days I'll have to try to not succeed at the best ending for Rannoch.
  5. You can fail Tali, Samara, Thane, and Zaeed. You can lose Legion's depending on choices, and you can lose either Miranda OR Jack, depending on choices.
  6. Oh, you outed Tali's Dad's stuff in court instead of letting Xen find it on his own. Have fun with Rannoch in 3.
  7. Caster has always been shit, his "rap" game, a relic off the cheap heat Attitude Era better off left buried. If it were a WWE ring he did this in, most of you would be marching on Stamford for his head.
  8. Considering Valhalla was the *good* one of the RPG era AC's, even if it's WAAAAAAAY too long and grindy toward the end, I'm not taking this as a bad thing.
  9. I mean, also I'm guessing her powers are going to be similar to Carol's because, you know, Terrigen Mist isn't a thing in the MCU and they're staying away from Inhumans (with good reason considering how horrible the old TV-wing's attempt to make them X-Men replacements was).
  10. Japan just doesn't play the correct way via spreadsheet and care only for launch angles and HR numbers...
  11. I'm starting to think this pickup of Rizzo was a good deal.
  12. Can't upgrade past V on first playthrough (and that's fucking annoying)
  13. Corrupt Arrow a Stalker or two, the Shellbacks will focus on them, and Tearblast Arrow the crates during the chaos.
  14. Whittaker was really done a disservice by the writing and Chinball's lack of story, and his wanting to avoid any classic rogues in the first season. I'm also someone who things Tenant's run was overrated and thought Capaldi was the best nuWho Doctor.
  15. I rarely push against you guys. But just ban the racist fucker.
  16. I really can't express enough how much I want AEW to run "Stop the Matsunaga" with Gage. I'm serious, I really want to see that.
  17. I mean, I get the injury issues, and the Yanks had no outfield to speak of when Judge can't play and have had ZERO production at 1B, but their pitching has been melting down and they did NOTHING to remedy that, and even with Chicago footing Rizzo's bill the rest of the year, they still have no room under the Tax cap (that LA has ZERO issue ignoring) to get help. Getting Gallo and Rizzo to reinforce the position stuff is great, but, given that the fucking RAYS put up 15 today, you have to address the pitching unless this season is a wash.
  18. US Women won the 3x3 gold, so we're good there. But in the Men's, it's much like what's happening in the full court stuff. We're not the only country with NBA caliber players anymore, and our players don't want to play team ball, because that's not how the NBA rolls.
  19. I'm on vacation so this is the most breath and thought I'll spare you. You are a fucking idiot.
  20. I'm more bitter if NBC went and redid the commentary, because there's zero fucking chance they knew what was going on before Biles pulled out yet they were setting it up from the start.
  21. Can we have asshole emojis?
  22. Yeah, this was my only gripe was that the classic theme wasn't there for the transformation. I'm hoping that gets rectified for the back half of the season (that Smith says is only needing the score assembled into the cut), but I'm not counting on it (since Voltron never got the classic score put it).
  23. It's like we're back in the 80's.
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