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  1. There isn't really a whole lot that makes Eva *not* terrible...
  2. Given the hardware requirements to run Dolphin with any kind of playability/accuracy on a PC, I can totally see the Switch not having the hardware specs to run itself and a Gamecube/Wii emulator.
  3. I mean, it's REALLY fucking good, but the disturbing isn't really for the violence. But yeah, about half way through the show just starts throwing gut punches at you and doesn't stop.
  4. At hem.... Squid Game fucking broke me. The back half is just fucking soul crushing.
  5. One day, someone's going to need to clarify who's allowed to rush to be first and spam multiple pictures and tweets across multiple threads, and who's "just a bot".
  6. Shouldn't they wait until they actually.try playing in Tampa Bay first?
  7. So everything I've seen of Metroid Dread has pretty much sold me a Switch when I get a spare $500, which is amazing considering how bleh Nintendo's been lately. Looks like a legit GOTY contender.
  8. So I was ready to do a while whine about feeling like Far Cry 6 was a step back with bullet sponges and lack of upgrade materials... Then I took down the blockade and made it to Libertad HQ and the game cracked wide open and I reliazed that the opening area was just rough and now we're rocking and rolling. So yeah, never mind.
  9. Not saying it was terrible. But it is a reworked TV pilot that could've used a little more editing and some better plotting. But I'm also someone who defends 3 and treats 2/3/4 as a planned trilogy even ifn4 didn't have the Horner soundtrack and they changed Kilngon sets.
  10. There's more than one bot of that's the criteria.
  11. Dude, you've been asked to let it go, the other party doesn't want to engage, has asked NOT to, and you persist and ask like the superior party. You're coming off like the huge dick here.
  12. You're better off with the edited down version. TMP was a bloated out pilot for a reboot show anyway. It works better paired down.
  13. But this board doesn't participate in tribalism in the weekly threads.
  14. I'm not digging the rolling back to the level gating bullet-spongieness of 4 after how smooth 5 was. I shouldn't have to head shot someone 5 fucking times to kill them because I didn't put the right 3 star muzzle break on my rifle with the correct ammo type.
  15. I think I said it in the Discord once, but it's a real good thing Tony K can book a wrestling promotion and his old man can sell car bumpers, because they can't run sports franchises for shit.
  16. Meyer's heart issues are back it seems.
  17. The movie was bad. The music was fucking fantastic.
  18. Unreleated to that news, Average IQ's suddenly went up 10 points...
  19. SoFi is 100% funded by Kroenke (although he's got loans from the NFL to finance it).
  20. Let's not kid, CR7 is literally the only person holding the team together at the moment. The team barely exists outside of Fernandes and Ronaldo.
  21. Cody's a bitch cause the Enforcer says so. Arn ain't scared of sending fuckers to the upper room.
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