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  1. 2 really bit picks, but Not only is Jericho barely selling the horrendous fall from last week, but Blood and Guts *WASN'T* THE BLOWOFF??? and 2, as good as the Miro/Darby was, that finish was total ass. Just put the damn hold on right, that pull back looked like it barely tickled. That might be the worst submission finish ever.
  2. Hey, he's using the Troggs version and not the superior X's version. So at least there's that.
  3. That was 2 very good bookends to an AEW is RAW show.
  4. I'm more amused that Owners believe they can still pull the "give us money" shit on Cities after what the Marlins did to Miami.
  5. Going by Wiki, just for the games that got pages: 2020: 306, 2019: 399, 2018: 425... So yeah, there are a LOT of games that get released in a year.
  6. They're both billed at 265. Builds are different, but I would've guessed Drew was more in the 280 range.
  7. If the PS4's was the updated, then I hate to see what the PS2's was like.
  8. I tried Shadow of the Colossus, gorgeous game and I dug the concept... But man those controls are very not good. It's too unresponsive and overly intricate for my tastes. I might circle back to it when I tire of RE8 and ME.
  9. It's only 2 inches, which isn't a lot when they're both significantly taller that half the roster.
  10. You got to have a subscription to a valid service that includes TNT to watch anything via the TNT app.
  11. My review of RE8 after 3 hours.. This game is fucking good.
  12. Who the hell would want to do that? I say before I even know what the new controls are...
  13. What do we all think is the best fight scene ever, and why is it the Kitchen Fight from The Raid 2? I'm in.
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