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  1. There's totally a joke about Pillmancito being in a movie called Charisma Killers...
  2. Kinda. The ABC shows (SHIELD, Agent Carter, and Inhumans) weren't done by Fiege and the MCU side of the house, so once Fiege got total control of all things Marvel after Inhumans bombed, the ABC stuff was moved into alternate timeline stuff (Laura being Mockingbird in Hawkeye and Kamala being cosmic and not Inhuman was kinda final nail in that coffin).
  3. It looks... not as amusing as the previous 2 times it's been made.
  4. Discovery S2 is kinda needed for a bit of the backstory to start SNW, so yeah, even if S1 is, um, uneven and Burhman is probably the most questionable Star Trek main character in pretty much every series. S2 of Picard is much better, even if it does slide off the rails a bit in the back third, it sticks the landing.
  5. Yeah, but he was the ranking Enlisted man on a base in Alaska during the height of the Cold War. That doesn't exactly jive with the guy we watch do painting for 20 years.
  6. Yes. Black still owns it and started it back up a year ago. Brian Cage is the champ. Somehow he bought it back a few years ago after having to sell it before his year in Federal Prison. The launch was basically capitalizing on the Dark Side of the Ring episode.
  7. It's all a set up for the MitB winner to get a shot at WWE Wrestlemania SummerSlam (shit, if AAA is having 3 TripleMania's this year, I'm sure Vince isn't above having 3 WrestleManias)
  8. There are sites like PC Game Store that sell them, but I don't know if you can activate and DL it since it's delisted.
  9. God DAMN that main was some damn fine Trios Professional Wrestling.
  10. When did Mexico stop being in North America?
  11. Missing Europe will be the icing on this shitty cake that's been this season.
  12. That one isn't overly hard to belive given Rogers' age, and that also on PBS you had former USAF First Sergeant Bob Ross.
  13. No, timeline wise, it's still Prime, it's just standard "inconsistancies" from the original, like super geeky tech stuff, the Warp Core design is about 15 years in universe too early, some of the transporter stuff they did is even beyond what the transporters is Picard could do, and some character/species changes. It's Pike's Enterprise and takes place between Discovery S2 and TOS. There is one massive change to the Prime timeline though, but it's Picard S2 Finale spoilers: I'm wondering if they're not just going to up and roll this into a soft TOS reboot somehow.
  14. Trek related, Strange New Worlds seems ok, even if it does the current Trek of smashing continuity.
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