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  1. Sonic Frontiers main boss fights acting like every other game's final boss fights with a damn Kellin Quinn vocaled soundtrack was a choice I agree with. It's really like Sonic Odyssey,, but once you get used to it it's pretty decent. And the DLC stuff is going to be free.
  2. It worked out better in the late 80's into like, 92-93 when matches often ended on random moves and at any time, but that started being jarring in the mid-90's when matches went to only end on finishers, and worse after 2000 when some matches needed up to 5-6 finishers.
  3. Jags beat the Ravens, but Tucker *ALMOST* makes the longest FG of all time. By a fucking YARD.
  4. Hiroshi Tanahashi, EVIL, Satoshi Kojima, and Manabu Nakanishi in NJPW.
  5. This Donovan Edwards kid is good at football
  6. I think Michigan reestablished thier run game.
  7. Wasn't WTTW showing an episode of Doctor Who?
  8. NIce post credits scene showing just what they were building in the prison.
  9. If you ever wanted to play the Kingdom Hearts series but don't want to plunk down the money... the most recent releases of all 3 are on PS+ Premium right now, along with Skyrim.
  10. WBD might be saying nice things about AEW, but they also said "We don't need the NBA" so, take their leadership with a grain of sait.
  11. 21 years got brought up again, Suletta is only 17... Prospera spefically told Miorine to look after her daughters, plural. The Cradle Planet prequel was told from Aerial's POV... This could end up the darkest Gundam yet.
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