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  1. Fandango on the Such Good Shoot Podcast gave his perspective on Kross: "It’s the art of the no sell back there. You know, you can’t put shit over. You can’t go on Twitter and sell [issues]. 37-year-old me knows that now but 26-year-old me didn’t at the time. some of those things you have to learn the hard way. Look at Raw last night, they’re probably just testing Kross because they want him to be a big star and they want to see how he plays ball, you know? So yeah, but a guy like that will be fine, man, as long you just can’t sell it. It’s hard. It’s hard when you care so much. You know, it’s hard not to so it’s almost like that fine line of caring but not caring. Like, how are you supposed to act? Like, are you supposed to care about what you’re doing or whatever? Yeah, it’s a weird juggling act that a lot of people don’t figure out. There are five guys and a few girls that they’re going to use prominently on top all year round and then the rest of everybody else is just kind of pissed off about their situation. That’s just the way it is. So yeah, once you come to terms with that, and you know your role, and you know what you got to do, and as long as you can control your attitude, your gear, and your body. As long as you can take care of those, you know, just don’t sell shit. That’s what I tell guys. Just do your job, man."
  2. If the series doesn't end with Vince swaggering out of the courthouse with "No Chance in Hell" playing, why even bother.
  3. If anything, I think McAfee has made Cole better. He seems a bit more lively and not so robotic. I think Cole has even said McAfee has revitalized him on commentary.
  4. They actually did do the match for the live crowd while they were showing the Rolling Loud festival portion of the show.
  5. Fairly progressive ending of that Gargano/Lumis storyline. I like that they subvert the stips because they're a bit sexist.
  6. Seems that was always the plan when they released him, bring him back on a much reduced contract.
  7. Pretty amazing that in Charlotte's last 5 titles reigns, the longest one was 28 days and this reign isn't even her shortest. She's the perfect combo of Ric and Dusty.
  8. Saya accidentally revealing Iroha as "X" was pretty hilarious. The Blue Block was pretty stacked already. My guess will be Giulia vs Iroha in the finals with Giulia winning.
  9. I can understand the Kross hate, but the MSK hate is what I can't really understand. I think they've been good since joining NXT and breathed a little life into the tag division.
  10. On the other hand, the track record for demoted main roster people to NXT isn't very great. Only Finn, (who should be back on the main roster sooner than later) Ember and Drake have survived.
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