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  1. So what will this all be known as in wrestling lore? The Press Scrum From Hell?
  2. I'm assuming he hinting at Colt being bad with money so he needs his mom support. Very weird flex none the less.
  3. Their first singles match ever apparently.
  4. Stardom is also teasing an announcement of a "famous" non Japanese wrestler at this weekend's Korakuen Hall show that will be part of the tournament.
  5. Stark/Lyons out of the Women's Tag Team Tourney with Toxic Attraction taking their place. Apparently Stark was injured in her match with Mandy.
  6. KAIRI caught the Covid and is out for this weekend's tile match:
  7. Seems like a pretty dumb thing to work. Making your wrestlers looking like petty 12 year olds doesn't really help anyone.
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