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  1. She hasn't dropped any hints, just a gut feeling she ends up in Sead with Hiroyo Matsumoto there a lot. I think there and Marvelous and the two most likely spots that fit her style.
  2. 6-10 is: Sasha Banks Syuri Io Shirai Tam Nakano Raquel Gonzalez
  3. If I were guess, I think Kyona would show up to wrestle in Seadlinnng.
  4. Big Show has to be quickest from starting their career to getting a main title.
  5. This would seem to indicate that Syuri & Maika are probably making it to the finals.
  6. Not really too surprising, but Schefter is getting outed a stooge to the owners.
  7. Things are about to get worse for Gruden:
  8. They usually don't draft people that are out due to injury so that explains Bayley (out till at least next Mania) and Asuka (who currently has a broken elbow). Brock is a "free agent" so he can show up wherever they put him.
  9. The Smackdown women's roster is pretty heel heavy, so I can see them splitting Nox/Shotzi up if they plan to push Shotzi as their main face. Really, the only options are her, Naomi or Storm.
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