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Happy birthday thread.

The Natural

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Happy Birthday to @The Natural!
You are the first one to wish others a Happy Birthday, so i wanted to do something special and take a look at some of your favorite things. Thank you for sharing this stuff over the years, and thank you for being a great person and poster. You make the board a better place to visit.  I hope 2021 treats you better than 2020 did.aaq

SHIELD  vs  Wyatt Family
WWE Elimination Chamber, February 23, 2014
i was not watching WWE at the time, but i have seen this match because it was hyped up and talked about so much. No real memories of it, other than that it was good.
loved the opening recap video that brings us up to speed on how this feud came about. The entrances were both great and showed what these teams were all about. The atmosphere in this arena is off the charts.  We get a "This Is Awesome" chant before there's a single piece of action.
Enjoyed this match quite a bit, it definitely deserves its place as one of the greatest 6-man tag matches that WWE has had. Never a dull moment, the characters shown through and some excellent action. 
End comes as the Wyatt Family, having left Ambrose lying in the crowd (presumably since it's never shown), and putting Rollins through the announce table, uses their numbers advantage to wear down Reigns. He fights back valiantly but ultimately succumbs to Sister Abigail. At the time, i remember thinking that the Shield should have won, but i think they made the right call.
My biggest complaint, and this is absolutely not isolated to this match, is the WWE camera work. I haven't watched WWE in a few years and it is just so jarring. Camera cuts every second or three. Constant zooming in and out. "bouncing" the camera along with any impact that happens. It 100% takes me out of the match. I'm surprised people don't literally get motion sickness from watching. I really don't understand how the talent is OK with this, as almost everything they do loses impact. But i digress.

Zhang Weili (c)  vs  Joanna Jędrzejczyk for the Strawweight Championship
UFC 248, March 7, 2020
i definitely watched this live as it happened, but i have zero recollection of the match itself. i only remember Joanna's giant Frankenstein forehead.
Round 1: Joanna with the early advantage, but Weili gradually pressees more as the round goes on. All kickboxing. Could go either way, but i'd score it 10-9 for Weili
Round 2: VERY close round. Joanna presses the action more, but Weili mixes up the offense and her power shows a bit more. Due to a final flurry, i'll say 10-9 for Joanna
Round 3: lots of action. Joanna comes out strong and lands some good shots. Weili lands a straight right to Joanna's dome and JJ's forehead starts to swell. Even so, 10-9 Joanna pretty clearly.
Round 4: a war of a round. Joanna is the clear aggressor throughout, but Weili more than holds her own. Another 10-9 Joanna.
Round 5: another war and another damn close round. Weili lands a solid shot that hurts Joanna and halts her forward momentum, so i'd give this one a 10-9 for Weili.
twiztor's final score: 48-47 Joanna, and new champion!
the judges disagree with me (2 of them anyway), and Weili lands a split decision victory to retain her belt. I can't argue with that, as every round was razor close and most of them could have gone either way. Excellent fight and well worth going out of your way to see.

"Heart of Ice"
Batman: the Animated Series, s01e14, originally aired September 7, 1992
I haven't seen it in a few years, but this is also among my favorite B:TAS episodes. It adds a tragic backstory to what had been a one-note villain character for decades.
Upon today's rewatch, i had to marvel at a few things. The voice/effect on Freeze's voice is fantastic. Just robotic enough, but you can still sense the human behind it. The sound effects with Freeze's gun is awesome. The way they show that Freeze is losing his connection with humanity (or, being cold hearted) and counterbalance against Batman's compassion is pronounced. The visuals are top notch, as they always are with this show. Alfred has just the right level of snarkiness, and the payoff of using the chicken noodle soup to stop freeze is genius.
Even justice being brought against the company owner is a beautiful touch. why DC Comics felt the need to throw this story away will forever be beyond me.

Amazing Fantasy #15, cover dated August 1962
i've been reading the Spider-Man comics from the beginning. I just finished Amazing Spider-Man #150, so this seemed like as good a time as any to return to where it all started. It's the historic first appearance of Peter Parker! oh, and his wall crawling, web swinging alter ego!
honestly, it's a little tough going back to this one right now. everything's drawn clearly but basically. the writing is also very bare bones. the pace cruises along but nothing really seems to have much weight to it.  As one of the earliest "modern" superhero comics, it's fine. and maybe it's just because i'm still watching as Pete progresses through life, but reading this again, it just feels a bit flat. Definitely wasn't my takeaway when i first read this about 6 months ago. I imagine that a year or two from now i could appreciate this again, but it's just not working for me right now.

Happy Birthday, buddy. 
Thanks again for sharing some of your favorite things and i had a blast living/reliving them. I hope this brings as much enjoyment to you as it did to me.
I would love to listen to your favorite band/album/song, but i don't recall you mentioning it and i couldn't find anything in the music folder. Let me know and i'll add it here!

oh, and while i'm at it, let me add a quick F.U.C.K. H.U.L.K. H.O.G.A.N!

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the stuffing instead of potatoes
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Posted (edited)

Massive thank you to @El Gran Gordi, @twiztor, @Shartnado, @Yo-Yo's Roomie, @gatling, @Execproducer and @Zimbra for wishing me a Happy Birthday. Really appreciate it. I've had a great Birthday even with the unusual circumstances, a lockdown one (I narrowly avoided it last year by two weeks). I spent it with my Mum/Dad/Sister (in mid 2020 me and my best friend who is like my Brother planned on him coming up for my Birthday thinking we wouldn't be where we are now, alas), my dear friend in Alyson with the presents and cards received. Yes, Batman was well represented 🙂. People know I'm a massive Batman devotee. Thanks again everyone. Will try and get some sleep before UFC 259. In closing, F.U.C.K Hulk Hogan!

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