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  1. Damn, my friend, I am truly sorry to hear about your dog. I appreciate you taking the time to answer me here while you are going through something like that. Please take care. Very much agree, by the way, about B&G having a lot to like but also a couple of obvious flaws.
  2. Four matches announced, if I'm not missing any. All four have the potential to be (at the least) very, very good. All four are pretty interesting from a broken-kayfabe perspective. Tony Schiavone Interviews Jade Cargill, and Cody has something to say - (plus any other non-match stuff scheduled that I've forgotten about or missed): In both cases, it should be interesting to hear what they have to say. I'm hoping that both Cody and Cargill will be building toward something very directly related to upcoming professional wrestling matches, and not just repeating their catch-phrase or upd
  3. Speaking of Letterkenny: I think that AEW would be very well served by taking about 20% off 'er, there. In other words, I wish they didn't feel the need to go quite so big quite so often. For me, the Exploding Ring Death Match and Blood and Guts were both great matches that were in a sense sabotaged by disappointing endings... but what I'm talking about isn't so much the risk of a big stunt turning into a wet fart, or a bad camera angle making a big stunt look less impressive than it should have. My thinking is more along the lines of: Even if the big explosion and Jerich
  4. I very much agree with the general sentiment that "we don't need to see every tweet from every wrestler" on these boards, but I really like the one that @Jiji just posted, and I think you can make an argument that we all need to see this tweet from this wrestler before Wednesday night:
  5. I think that "Most people don't realise that One Man Gang is massive" just might be the hottest take we've had in this thread so far
  6. So I managed to finish the "normal" Baal stage (the final final final boss, but not really the very last one) in Disgaea 5 with "only" about 250 hours of playtime and without any massively overpowered level-500 10,000,000-stats gear, which kind of surprised me. There's still Super Overlord Baal to go, which doesn't surprise me at all... but that's another couple of hundred hours of grinding gear in the Item World away so I put 5 on the shelf for a bit and switched over to Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Coming one boss away from truly finishing Disgaea 5 in around 250 hours surprises me
  7. It's not just dumb, it's very poorly written and obviously not been proofread. Sample pull quote: I have about as much interest in seeing as what goes on in Brandi’s and Cody’s personal life as I do combing through my own shit. To support what @EVA said (though he may not agree with where I end up running with it): Quoting from or linking to Deadspin now is like quoting from or linking to the YouTube comments page. They, like the once-venerable Sports Illustrated, were bought out by stupid "vulture capitalists" and stripped down to their bare bones so the "name brand" could be u
  8. Credit where credit is due. You pretty much called it. I thought the finish played as pretty damned Sports Entertainment-y and the commercial breaks drove me nuts, but that was still one hell of a match that had me legit marking out a bunch of times. Next week looks insane. Mox v Blue Justice. Miro v Darby. Bux v SCU. Damn.
  9. Is this a hot take? Les Kellett is the greatest comedic wrestler of all time. Maybe this is a hot take: Kellett and Ebessan/Kikutaro are not merely great comedic wrestlers, both rank pretty highly among the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. In AxB's defense, Kellett's comedy was certainly more subtle and witty than what we generally saw on American wrestling programs in the '80s. Big Daddy on the other hand...
  10. Very interesting! I'm glad to hear that the plan is not to have all ten guys bleeding buckets. Frankly, I'm kind of worried about this match meeting expectations, considering it's going to be competing with our cherished memories of The Match Beyond and Sting's Squadron vs The Dangerous Alliance. My worry was that AEW might decide to really ramp up the violence to try and deal with that... So I was definitely pleased to hear Jericho talk about the story-telling possibilities of this kind of match. I 100% think that is the right way to do this. I'm pretty excited to see what happens
  11. Young Bucks brought back the Handspring Back Rake a couple of weeks ago on Dynamite. Couldn't find the video but there are some great back-rakes about 5:15 into this one:
  12. 75 kg (165 pounds) clean and press. It's almost one third of what Ken Patera used to do.
  13. Dumbbell benching can be easier on the wrists. I have been using TRX-type suspension strap push-ups to good effect recently. In both cases you get the freedom to find an angle for your wrists that is more comfortable.
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