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  1. Oh word, definitely looks like young Dusty... but also looks like 65% of brunette white kids from that time
  2. Pretty sure "CM Punk makes his in-ring return after 7 years away against one of AEW's most popular wrestlers" is special but you do you.
  3. Sure, and that's all fine, but they're already leaning heavy into Punk being signed, so that's not quite "out of nowhere." Meanwhile, they're not dropping any hints about Danielson, so realistically you could have Punk show up earlier and STILL have a big surprise debut, ya know? Plus, why wait til the second Rampage to have a huge ratings spike when you could do that sooner and ride that shit til the eventual in-ring match? Plus we've seen that Fridays at 10 can be rough for ratings. More hype means more people will tune in to the otherwise crappy timeslot.
  4. If I'm booking I'd have Darby close Dynamite this week and Punk interrupts him. Cash in on the hype. The pop in Chicago will be nuclear even if it isn't a surprise. Said it in another thread but Adam Cole is a better promo than anybody else in The Elite. Absolutely zero reason he couldn't be immediately slotted in with them. Finally, wanna make the TNT Championship the AEW US Championship? Have MIRO declare that, since he and his hot American wife reside in Tennessee
  5. Cole is a better promo than anybody else in the Elite so just bring him in to mostly talk shit and stooge.
  6. Personally I find Flair's ancient Crypt Keeper looking ass an absolute channel changer...
  7. Just finished The Pathless on PS5, really enjoyed it! I'd tried playing it once and it didn't grab me, but then coming back to it I got fully in and yeah, I'll absolutely clean up trophies for the Platinum AND likely go for the Plat on the PS4 as well! Highly recommended for folks who want to take their time and explore and want a beautiful world to spend some hours in.
  8. Given his closeness with the Huber family, I'd bet that Tony would absolutely leave the door open for Bray whenever he wanted to return to the ring.
  9. It's really fucked up to see people in this industry - one that we all enjoy in some form - lose their job and some folks online have the nerve to say shit like, "I hope (insert promotion) doesn't sign them." Maybe take a second and reflect before posting that kind of shit.
  10. As somebody who travels the country for work, I cannot stress more how accurate this assessment is...
  11. They did, I drove by them both today on my way down through DC, and I was very confused...
  12. I recently heard Drake Weurtz's name mentioned on a political podcast (with zero talk of WHO he is) so he's absolutely the zenith of wrestling anti-vax idiocy - but he's also full Q which other wrestlers don't seem to be.
  13. Before every pop country song was singing about butts in blue jeans, Mel McDaniel was doing it right, with a catchy guitar hook and a pretty body-positive outlook...
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