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  1. I want an OC upset over Mox in the tournament to give us Cassidy vs Dragon for a final.
  2. Danielson is the greatest alive. Fucking GREAT Hangman promo. Schiavone was gold during the MJF segment.
  3. This is exactly why law enforcement/anybody using any sort of "facial recognition" software is intensely flawed and dangerous.
  4. I'm assuming the sloppy typing is to fully get into character, right?
  5. Good wrestling show!!! Also, really loving the different venue choices. It's nice when shit isn't overproduced and cartoonish.
  6. Conti vs Garrett also on the Buy In, apparently?
  7. I mean aside from a few that were Asian, nearly every example posted in this thread is European white looking folk, so I think you're on to something...
  8. Excalibur is the guest on this week's Doughboys podcast, the third AEW talent to appear on the podcast about chain restaurants. If you've never listened, it's one of my favorites.
  9. Bryan Fucking Danielson was one of WWE's biggest stars for years and we are worried about the casual viewer knowing who such and such opponents are?!?!
  10. Simply put, if you don't want to bear any responsibility or face repercussions for private opinions, then keep them fucking private. There's no reason Gina Carano couldn't have kept her hateful bullshit to herself or maybe her tiny little circle of like-minded friends. Same goes for anybody with opinions that might offend or even harm another person or group of people. Keep it to yourself, it costs absolutely nothing.
  11. See this is how I feel about M'Baku! I'd rather him remain a bit of an outsider with his own agenda and not so beholden to the throne. They are both great characters who hopefully get fleshed out more and more.
  12. I don't think that was the point of bringing up death moves and kick outs... Think about it this way: we used to think the DDT was a death move, and realistically? Dropping somebody in real life with that could absolutely cause massive harm. Same with a piledriver. Somehow, as the years passed and people kicked out of THOSE moves, other even more dangerous-looking moves were adopted and eventually treated the same way. It's not that anybody is calling, say, a Canadian Destroyer realistic - it's that you seemingly can't actually have realistic ends to matches even with somebody being dropped in a way that would actually leave them hooked up on life support. If that doesn't clarify it, or I'm misunderstanding the original point, I apologize.
  13. Great post, @supremebveand I can only add one little thing: you mention how head drops for 2-counts are meant to bring realism to wrestling (unlike, say, a Stunner) but in real life that shit should kill or at least permanently injure a human. It's infuriating that they've gone far past realism into what is frankly superhero bullshit.
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