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  1. Man, what a work of art! The painting ain't bad either ah cha cha cha
  2. Mox all the way. As folks have said, dude comes off as a killer while simultaneously making his opponents shine. Dude's always been good but since going sober he's on a whole other level. You essentially HAVE to create something like BCC because otherwise Moxley would just have to go and win every belt and that's just not fair
  3. "THANK YOU FOR BEAN A FRIEND" How does a company NOT make a billion dollars with this guy?!
  4. Better than his own name. Imagine walking up to a dude like Taz, grabbing his shoulder and saying, "Good to see you, Pete!"
  5. Great show but one thing popped into my head: when Wardlow was aiming to wreck Smart Mark, I thought it would be phenomenal to have a huge, intimidating guy like that scare his opponent into setting up the very table they would then be driven through. Just pure ownage.
  6. I strongly suggest avoiding this video if you are wearing earbuds.
  7. OH GOOD ANOTHER JERICHO TOWN HALL/UNION ADDRESS/VICTORY SPEECH/TED X SEGMENT. Okay, I won't do that anymore, just one last time because I would hate for the gimmick to get repetitive...
  8. Have AEW champs defend titles outside the company from time to time, like when WWE would occasionally have an NXT championship defended in EVOLVE or PROGRESS. Shit like that is fun and helps the indies.
  9. That was a f'n STELLAR hour of wrestling. Shit, I kinda wish (and I emphasize 'wish') Dynamite was taped, too. Do it "late night talk show" style, taping in the early evening and editing it for later broadcast.
  10. Grace, with Masha being second place because the men's division is STACKED.
  11. Would it be completely insane of them to give PS3 owners the option to download? That would actually get me much more interested in signing up for a higher tier...
  12. It seemed like you could hear a pin drop during Martinez's entrance, which is a fucking shame. Morrissey look great and Wardlow looked phenomenal. Especially liked W addressing the Enzo chants. Blondes/HOB segment was a bummer. Maybe the goth crew can bring in a different woman since apparently Julie is not corruptible? Dark Athena plz. Fenix and Dante rocked, those guys absolutely clicked and I love the way they move around each other and their respective moves/reversals. The Blade's punches are top notch.
  13. I'm a big fan of Nandos but there's also so few locations in the US that it's only an option once in a while for me when traveling through certain states. If it was always available down the street? Yeah, I wouldn't be as impressed, but as a rare treat it absolutely scratches a specific itch.
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