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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this so hopefully it works here... Next week I've got three days/two nights in the New Orleans area (job in a suburb a few miles out of town). I've never been there and am looking for any specific suggestions of stuff to check out, with the caveat being that I'll mostly be walking and have ZERO desire to take in the night life where the tourists will be puking... Thanks for anything y'all got!!!
  2. All in all I'm still planning on rocking the mask inside most places because people are gross and it's not like there's a way to tell who's been vaxxed and who hasn't - and you KNOW the anti-mask/vax/science folks are gonna be the first ones breathing and sneezing all over fuckin everything... BUT if it means I can have more work days unmasked, that's rad. (I haul boxes of records in and out of buildings on the regular, when I'm not driving all over creation to the next office/storage space)
  3. What I love about wrestling is if you could go back 5 years ago and tell somebody a match that happened, they would think they're crazy. In this case it was the former Dean Ambrose with Eddie Kingston in his corner fighting Yuji Nagata for a NJPW belt on a show run by The Elite airing on TNT. You get locked up for saying something like that...
  4. Miro and Darby can wrestle another 20 times and I'm sure I'll be fucking captivated every time. Just chaos and violence. WILD THANG~!!
  5. It's kinda like how lots of people are defending bad cops saying they're just a few "bad apples," completely forgetting the rest of that saying...
  6. Fuck, I would hope with the fact that he finished the match seemingly all right and will only out three months that it's nothing horrible.
  7. Has anybody had to WATCH Lazytown? My kids were of that age when it was popular, and it was HORRIFYING.
  8. Can't wait to hear that they adopted a new dog or some shit...
  9. Shit, I wouldn't wanna fall onto a king sized bed from that height and I'm way younger than Jericho...
  10. On the plus side, we've seen that somebody who's a known fuckwad - Ivelisse - was shown the door just the same in AEW.
  11. If she's not gonna piss off the entire group of women who've been working their asses off then totally, by all means bring in more talent!
  12. That's not the argument, though. It's, "is it worth further pushing back the development of growing talent to sign somebody who's got so much baggage." Bringing up that WWE keep trotting out Hogan doesn't help your argument - essentially nobody here thinks that's a smart choice. Plus I'll throw this out there - if Tessa is actually growing as a human and a professional and it's not just a possible angle? Well that's fucking cool, people deserve second chances.
  13. So many of us were 20ish when we joined, when John was 40ish... Now we are 40ish and he's gone. Y'all know what that means, right? We must honor the man by following in his footsteps. I've got three cats, so that's a start! For real, though, I can only hope to be 60+ and still connecting and conversing with people so much younger. If that's not something to aim for, I don't know what is
  14. I mean if they treat Tessa like Sydal - a perpetual "almost was" who can both roam the under-mid card and occasionally challenge higher but come up short - okay, cool. Do you think they'll sign Tessa for such a role?
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