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  2. I think for Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Warner Bros, the tax write off is a viable option. If you're EuropaCorp, you've had bomb after bomb,and then put out Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (they didn't even spend much on it and funded mostly via pre sales fwiw), you're on the brink of closing your doors. No amount of tax write offs is going to save you. Going back to the original point, I doubt these major film studios are sitting on films that wrapped principal photography years ago. It's going to be one of these smaller distributors or production companies who really need the money, hence, waiting for an opportune time when you can cash out on a budding star.
  3. Marty's stories do rule. Sucks that the CWE touring show treats the locals like that.
  4. Releasing a film costs money. Lots of films are made without a distribution deal on the assumption that once you screen it at a festival, there'll be a bidding war for distribution rights (nb: Most movie projects that go into production do so because everyone involved in making them are convinced it's a genius idea and will make billions). If nobody buys distribution, they get shelved until one of the stars gets famous or if westerns make a comeback or something. Like Cabin in the Woods not coming out until after Thor and the Avengers.
  5. Watch him namedrop Miss Atlanta Lively and make the internet explode.
  6. At this point I'll gladly just share them. I'm not too worried about the repercussions of speaking my mind after doing my time for 17 years.
  7. They are cut differently. Men's tights would run too long for me. Women's tights tend to stop around a 28 inch inseam, men's tights can go as high as 33 inches in my size. My inseam is 31 inches, so I'm basically in the sweet spot of weird body types that don't work for anything. Also, from an aesthetics standpoint, I'd prefer more fun colors and patterns rather than just black. Most men's compression gear I've seen in stores is black, or black with a red stripe. Compare these tights meant for women to these tights meant for men. I know this is a pretty minor thing, but I like making going to the gym fun, and that includes how I dress. Color is very important to me.
  8. Go back to the place you were struggling to get away from while you were hurt, pushing yourself back to work for us even though we had nothing for you and never will
  9. The NHL has officially announced via apology that they blew the call in the Vegas/SJ game. The on-ice refs "felt" Eakin had hit Pavelski in the head. That makes them look even worse - they called a game-changing major based on feeling not eyesight.
  10. It seems even more insidious, now that you say that: "Sit at home, and accumulate ring rust; you won't be in front of fans or wrestling competitively for a long time. Then you'll go somewhere else missing that step or two you showed here, and then you'll see that HERE is the only place you were able to shine!"
  11. Their downside number is spread over the life of the contract and counted seperately from the incentive bonuses, so they still get paid. The other bonuses show up when met. There's a zero chance WWE could get away with locking them in with no pay because they hit the magic number over the course and make them sit.
  12. Also, apparently Montez Sweat was misdiagnosed with a heart enlargement condition during the combine which had scared a lot of people off. The NFL having bad doctors? Colour me SHOCKED!
  13. I'm really hoping one of these teams goes nuts and offers the Jets a real haul for the #3 pick.
  14. Do they if they already hit their downside numbers?
  15. Lots of Timothy Olyphant in that trailer. Makes it look like it’s squarely a Bullock movie. Now I want a Justified movie, or special with a decent budget, and actually shot in Kentucky.
  16. UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 8: Jacare vs. Hermansson April 27, 2019 Sunrise, FL (BB&T Center) Ronaldo Souza vs. Jack Hermansson Greg Hardy vs. Dmitry Smolyakov Alex Oliveira vs. Mike Perry Glover Teixeira vs. Ion Cuțelaba John Lineker vs. Cory Sandhagen Roosevelt Roberts vs. Thomas Gifford ESPN Preliminary Card: Ben Saunders vs. Takashi Sato Andrei Arlovski vs. Augusto Sakai Carla Esparza vs. Virna Jandiroba Gilbert Burns vs. Mike Davis ESPN2 Preliminary Card: Jim Miller vs. Jason Gonzalez Angela Hill vs. Jodie Esquibel Court McGee vs. Dhiego Lima Event Bonuses ($50,000) Performance of the Night: Performance of the Night: Fight of the Night: Attendance: Gate: Cancelled Fights: Yoel Romero vs. Paulo Henrique Costa - Bout Nixed Alex Oliveira vs. Jingliang Li - Injury to Li Yoel Romero vs. Ronaldo Souza - Romero Illness (Pneumonia) Carla Esparza vs. Lívia Renata Souza - Injury to Souza (Ankle) Jessica Penne vs. Jodie Esquibel - Injury to Penne Gilbert Burns vs. Eric Wisely - Injury to Wisely
  17. Considering how little they probably have to pay them to do nothing I'm not really surprised.
  18. Rapaport is reporting that Miami is receiving calls about moving down. Paired with other stuff being reported... Pittsburgh maybe the other team.
  19. Hip-Hop heads been usin this term since right around the time the song came out tho, so it aint exactly new. Jay and Nas fans were callin each other Stans back in 2001 when "Takeover" and "Ether" dropped...
  20. I ended up going to Kohl's instead, where store brand workout shorts, likely made in the same sweatshops as Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor, cost 1/3 the price.
  21. The word you're looking for is erection. Time to ditch that blue chew sponsorship.
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