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Yeah, I thought Sammy destroyed his shoulder on that for sure. I liked the match and especially the callback to Sammy's cutter to Cody a few months back, but could've done without Sammy popping up after eating it on the barbed wire ladder. Also wondering whether the PVZ/Tay involvement at the end was setting up a mixed tag, or being done in lieu of it (given that Sammy dropped the title. Of course it's possible that's where he gets the win back but who knows).

Opener was a god damn clinic which I cannot say enough about, and likely what this one will be remembered for, but Wardlow/Archer was 1a for me. Those dudes killed it.

I was a little bit disappointed with Serena/Shida, I think they could've had a way better match without the plunder, but the right lady went over. I AM looking forward to her rekindling the feud with Rosa, but I doubt they're ready to take it off Rosa yet so I'm not necessarily looking forward to it as much as I could be. I'd almost rather they just have her keep racking up wins for another month or two and have her take the TBS off Jade.

Count me among those who thought the fireball needed more time to breathe. Right into the Rampage ad was dumb as hell. It felt shoehorned in

Edit: I also forgot to mention, can Nick Commoroto get a TV win just once? I mean, it didn't need to be tonight, BCC is the greatest thing on Earth right now, but they continue doing him dirty

Overall I thought it was an awesome show I have very few complaints other than those

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Hell yeah Scorpio.

I hope they go real Memphis with the TNT belt and have it change hands every couple weeks. Is King Cobra still alive for a quick shot?

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The opener was the clinic everyone hoped it would be. Including the psychology of "I don't want to hurt my best friend/hurting my tag partner would screw me over as well" in the finish was a nice step. Punk mentioning on commentary that these guys know eachother so well the only way to win is with a quick pin as they have everything else scouted was a nice way to take it home. Was that reversal of the superplex a nod to a Michaels/Razor match? I swear I remember that same reversal from some high profile classic.

Regal's commentary is probably my favorite part of BCC's squashes.

I eagerly anticipate a HOB/Death Triangle six man, or more matches between the members in general. Pac and Murphy haven't wrestled one on one before have they?

Shida/Deeb would have been better as the submission match they were supposedly going to have. I'm glad Deeb won and hope she gets a sustained push.

I wasn't that hot on the main event as I don't have much interest in this feud, plus ladder/gimmick matches are way overdone. Sammy's daredevil spots are fun, but they looked especially iffy here as he looked like he killed himself with that 630 or whatever the fuck it was. Him taking a bump into a barbed wire ladder then pretty much immediately popping up and hitting a springboard move was a bit of a head shaker too.

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Ladder match went from kinda dull to horrifying to disbelief it was continuing to actually pretty entertaining. Probably one of the best finishes in recent ladder match history, just in terms of getting the crowd to legitimately bite on near falls.

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First hour was so great! Second hour was so there (by AEW standards).

FTR match was as good as we all hoped. Punk’s promo walking around the ring was fucking fantastic.

BCC vs Factory should have been as squashy as last week IMO, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Also kind of smart that they’re wrestling trios both to get Yuta over more and to keep the Danielson-Mox tag team on the back burner while other tag title stuff gets worked out.

Wardlow-Archer was surprisingly good as it turned into two big athletic dudes who also beat the hell out of each other. Strap a fucking rocket to Wardlow’s back, he’s a freak.

Storm-Soho (who from googling have an NXT faction connection) vs Hayter-Britt will do nicely.

JAS-Kingston et al. was very good to start and then went a couple minutes too long. Hager looks like a 12-year old who had growth spurt but hasn't gotten new clothes. Big Money Matt Menard is so punchable. Daniel Garcia continues to be the sore thumb.

I just can’t stand Adam Cole at this point. I’m done with him. I’m close to turning the channel when he’s on. At least Dante didn’t have to eat the pin this week. Maybe he and Shotty can form a tag team while they run some kind of Brock as BCC try-hard angle.

I imagine opinions will be split again(or maybe I’ll be the asshole) but that women’s match was a serious letdown and a joke as a street fight for 90% of the match.

Oh boy, even more House of Black vs Death Triangle. FFWD.

Flash paper fire ball!! Now THAT’S sports entertainment baby!

Main event was interesting in that it definitively built Sky, put him over as a face mostly, and laid seeds at the end for ATT to turn on him. As a match, it had problems because they’ve run so many ladder matches recently (and had that great Sammy-Cody match just 3 months ago) that they have no choice but to up the ante, which led to Sammy almost breaking his neck, and a comical “barbed wire” ladder. 

I complain too much, because I did enjoy the show and I enjoy AEW. I’m just inappropriate a situation where several of the big angles/characters turn me off.

Rampage looks really good though!

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1 minute ago, Stefanie the Human said:

Hikaru Shida showed good genre awareness by wearing some form of denim into a street fight. It's almost like there needs to be a dress code or something.

Denim needs to be mandatory in street fights. Jeans with kneepads over them.

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4 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

Anyone else expecting Eddie Kingston to bring in Homicide again and Hernandez to even the odds against JAS?

Actually brought this up in group chat while we were watching this! Blood and Guts II mayhap?

Man what a show. During the 6 man I felt like Danieslon could have totally just dick slapped all 3 of those guys but.... it's about Yuta these days. And Danielson being the fucking best anyway.

FTR really do have a quietly awesome gear game. The pink and black with the skulls ruled, right up there with the RoH logo tights from Supercard. 

Julia Hart basically rocking my dream job, show up, look cute, look sad, get paid. 

Deeb and Shida was great, really thought it was Shida's night but building up Deeb for Rosa is probably the right move for now.

The false finishes on that ladder match were masterful, like others mentioned don't know if Sammy popping right up after that last fall was.... logical, but if you're in Philly why not go for ECW style falseys like that, and it made it Scorp's win feel all the more worthwhile. Hoping this is Scorp drifting away from Lambert since ATT really feel like they should be full heels and the crowd is really embracing him these days. Remember that banger he had with Jericho? Feels a shame he's been slumming it on dark for so long.

Okay.... I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself for Punk and Hangman. I have never been this torn on a wrestling match

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Just now, Nice Guy Eddie said:

That thought crossed my mind as well. 

My guess is that he is driving Deonna Purrazzo over from the IMPACT! Zone.

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