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WANDAVISION (Massive Spoiler Thread)

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I think WandaVision did a good job appealing to the hardcores, the casual fans, and those people who just checked it out because it was getting hype/the sitcom homages.  

For example, the showrunner said in a recent interview that she didn’t know they were going to reveal that Monica had been cast and had expected that to be revealed on the show.  That reveal still works for the casuals and such, but the hardcores get an extra layer of “why is Monica pretending to be Geraldine?” Same for Fietro. The let you know he’s not her brother, but it has extra layers for the hardcores, re: the X-Men.

I think I lean more towards Rippa’s view that there are a whole lot more casual fans out there that watch this stuff because it’s the big pop culture thing. My wife has seen almost of all the marvel movies and couldn’t tell you much detail about any of them.  Even among the hardcores, there are presumably people who are into all the movie stuff who haven’t actually read most of the comics stuff they’re based on.

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You can't trust anything Feige says at face value anyway. He's always baiting and switching with his statements. He's always working an angle.

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@Craig H knowing you're a fan of Kathryn Hahn.

The music was such a key part to WandaVision's appeal. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez did a great job. I didn't know till today both have won the Academy Award for Best Original Song twice: Let it Go (Frozen, 2013) and Remember Me (Coco, 2017).

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1 hour ago, odessasteps said:

I’d forgotten during the initial chat that Emma Canfield was in this. 

I just finished this a few nights ago (after watching it weekly until about ep. 7 then getting busy and abandoning it) and I had no idea who she played.  Had to google her to figure out she played Dottie.

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