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More Ben Chemoul. Just look at this. The hand up to distract, the leg kicked back so he can hook the leg, the spin out for momentum. Just awesome.


We've seen some torpedo spots in the corner, but I've never seen someone quite do what he does here with the angle of impact.





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Jean Debuf vs Jack Rouxel: We've seen it a few times in this footage. An amateur athlete of high regard, later in his career after his initial success has faded, got into wrestling. Debuf was a bronze medal weightlifter in 56. Here he debuts as a strongman in his late 30s against a much younger and very spry Rouxel.

So it was on Rouxel to put over his strength big. This is how you do that:


I love the struggle here:



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What the heck is Seth Rollins' gimmick anyway? It keeps changing but I never really know what he is supposed to be/want/represent/stand for/aspire to. Even his catch phrases/T shirt slogans don't really mean anything. Maybe he is the human cipher, a tabula rasa, a projection screen for out own identities. Or not.


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