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31 minutes ago, Zimbra said:

How the hell is Mutoh still wrestling? That man's knees have been shot for like 25 years now.

Double Knee replacement surgery and stem cells, he can now do exercises he couldn't do for years for his legs.

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3 minutes ago, The Green Meanie said:

The video is titled The Great Kabuki / Prince Tonga vs. Bill Robinson / Bobby Heenan, June 1984.

Weren't both Haku and Heenan in the WWF at this time? Heenan started managing The Islanders around....1986?

Haku didn't join the WWF til 86.  Pretty sure this would have been the tail end of Heenan's time in the AWA.

Interesting match! I'm always curious to see Heenan wrestle.

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