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42 minutes ago, Edwin said:


Not trying to clown Mongo or anything, but he's all over the place.

If Mr. Perfect bumps in a weird way, he’s praised as a genius. If Mongo bumps in a weird way, he’s called a disgrace. Typical DVDVR attitude to a talent like McMichael.

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1 hour ago, D.Z said:

... *tiger masks*


Do we know who plays the comedy Tiger Mask V in DDT and has Sayama's mannerisms down so well? I just about died when I saw him in a comedy battle royal at a bigger show a few years back alongside LINGERIE MUTOH (that I know is Sawa and I think they were in the same match). 

Found the gifs on my hdd from the 2018 Peter Pan show:



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Guest Edwin
2 hours ago, D.Z said:

Tiger Mask 5 is from one of those small indys. (Uses mats).


If he wrestles on mats, he's a backyarder or a "student pro-wrestler" as they call them in Japan which is no surprise as that's where DDT usually scouts talent.

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