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Sasha Banks paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero with the Frog Splash and tights at WrestleMania XXXII like the ones Eddie wore when he beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004. The GIF shows both.

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For people that liked the crazy athletic gifs over the weekend, here's the actual match:

which we covered along with a JIP match and a great mauling (And the other ones I posted gifs from) here:


I won't usually post them here because people know where to find them, but the Petit vs Saulnier match adds so much substance to the style of the gifs and I really want to make sure people don't miss them. 

Here's a teaser of one of the matches we're going to unveil Friday:



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Next week we've got a short match JIP before the one I'm really interested in (Cheri Bibi vs Inca Peruano). 

It's Jo Bernado vs Eric Wasberg, who is apparently "the Northern Gorilla," and they're a little clunkier than usual on the athleticism front but get an A for effort. 

We only get about three minutes of it though so I'll probably go and spoil the finish. 

This isn't super interesting or anything but the hanging-on-to-a-hold is something we've seen a lot lately and I like how big Wasberg, working from underneath here, kicks his legs over. 


This isn't pretty but I'm sure you've never seen it before:


So, the finish is..


Wasberg hitting about five of these twisting 'ranas only to get jammed hard with an accordion power bomb.

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There's highlights of the match on YouTube. Full event coming to IWTV soon. Also, a documentary about Matthew Justice's trip to the Mexican Junkyard coming to IWTV soon as well. Although the live Q and A they were doing with him yesterday crashed out in seconds.

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