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Back to Bibi vs Peruano.

Just mean stuff:


But it never did Bibi much good because Peruano could give as well as he could take:


This might be the first time we've seen an Indian Deathlock in this footage, but it's definitely the first time I've seen someone do this seesaw kick out of it, ever:


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18 hours ago, Tromatagon said:

I tried this once but the guy tapped before the face part.

I was really going for a shoot STF tho.

Dude, you had someone in a calf slicer and decided to try to go for an STF?  You are just plain mean.  The calf/bicep compression locks pretty are pretty much the intersection of of most damage and most pain for all submissions.  They can shred muscle like an overcooked pot roast.

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He was one of those martial arts dicks that thought he was Tong Po and was trying to do ground slams in shit in a jiu jitsu class, he had it coming.  Back then I would read the Gene LaBell encyclopedia of grappling moves for fun.

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Way behind this week. The other match we did was Tony Oliver (That great spanish heel) vs Serge Gentilly. 

I like this because it gives you a sense of 1) the cheapness of Oliver attacking the face 2) a great counter and 3) his craven selling:


He was such an opportunist, always on:


We've seen this a few times and it hasn't gotten old yet:


And here's the match:


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