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Usually everyone who does turnbuckle powerbombs is either in place to hit it before they lift (like Kobashi), or if they're doing the walking version, they peek around their opponent to see where the corner is. Nyla does neither, not only that she turns so the corner she does the move into isn't even the one she was facing when she did the hoist.

And it's not exactly the safest move to do even if the person hitting it is trying to be careful. Considering WWE loves to put greener wrestlers out their and have them do advanced stuff they aren't ready for, the buckle bomb should be either on the banned moves list, or a trademarked signature spot of one person who can do it safely.

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The longer match for the week is a tag between Roger Delaporte and Guy Robin and the Fighting Fisher Brothers (Arthur/Charlie) from the UK. I don't think we have a ton of footage of the latter so this is cool to have. A lot of their memorabilia is over at https://www.wrestlingheritage.com/collections. Delaporte is one of the promoters and we'll see a lot of him in this footage. He's a consummate villain. Robin we saw against Al Hayes and is a very spry and technical goon. I like him.

After a few minutes of leglocks and double-teaming chicanery, this is the first big babyface comeback in the match and the crowd loves it:


A couple of things to look at here. 1.) More of that rapid-fire kicking/stomping to get out of a hold. 2.) more of the heel doubleteaming/cheating, which plays into the comebacks:


Robin wasn't the biggest guy. Delaporte was relatively big for the time however. That allowed for big comeback spots like this:


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8 minutes ago, The Natural said:



size is a virtue in wrestling.  Yoko had like 6 moves and 5 of them could've been a top-tier finisher if he'd wanted them to be. (legrdop, corner reverse splash, belly to belly, uranage, and the banzai drop that actually was).  like how even Andre's hiptoss looked devastating.

Love the disrespect of the face palm pin cover too.

But I could go on all day [and have] about Yoko as an all time Squash Match great.

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I want people to get more of a sense of Delaporte and what he brought to the table. Yes, he was always reaching into the ring from the outside, and yes he could hit hard and work a limb, but he was an A class stooge. After a few minutes of his side being in control, the fans went nuts for this:


And this bit of heel interference sums up Robin pretty well:


And here is our first look at guys using the tag rope to choke someone. Great heeling. Note the little sledge at the end.


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