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Guest Edwin
1 hour ago, D.Z said:


Hideki Sekine was in this match? How long ago did he transition to pro-wrestling? Is he any good?

He's a tank and a legit Japanese ADCC level grappler.

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The full length match after the JIP is Michel Chaisne (who we saw beat the crap out of Dr. Adolf Kaiser in his first appearance) vs last week's star heel in Pierre Bernaert. And I have to tell you, Bernaert had me fooled with his early sportsmanlike behavior. I should have known better but sometimes the flip guys around week to week in 50s France.

He's on top here. Anyway, we've seen this escape a couple of times but this is the clearest the camera catches it. If you like tiny movements in wrestling, little bits of leverage to accomplish a goal, this is the stuff. Look at how Chaisne uses one hand to get the other, the way he extends the arm back in a bar, how he brings the leg up and gets full leverage and then how he whacks his own leg for the momentum:


At some point these up and over escapes will become commonplace, but they're still probably the single most consistently novel spot out of all of this footage. 


And here's where everything turned on a dime:



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I'm really partial to knees to the face:


Bernaert is a master of avoiding comeuppance with a legdive out of nowhere, btw. There's a counter to these that's not quite visual enough to capture. (Just like there's a counter later on to Bernaert's little jump on the head thing from the previous gif). A lot of the back half of the match is him also avoiding comeuppance with a long short arm scissors. Take a look at how Chaisne is trying to get feeling back into his hand here:


They sure liked goofy little kicks in French wrestling:


More haymakers next post.

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Bernaert's last bit of comeuppance avoidance is a short King of the Mountain where he keeps Chaisne out. This is how Chaisne gets back in. 1957 Slingshots never get old:


Comeuppance follows soon after:


I won't spoil the finish but here's some post-match mauling because Bernaert is a slime:


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