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NFL Week 6: The Largest Spread in NFL history


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Steelers win, Cincy, Browns and Baltimore all losing...Anybody wanna doubt 9-7 wins the AFC North this year?


Good - I don't need the Steelers mucking up the Giants draft pick chances

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Denver and Jacksonville starting:



EDIT: Its fucking sad I can't find *JUST* the real Bane quote by itself. 

EDIT EDIT: This Giovianni Bernard dude can play the foo's ball quite well.

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I also wish that the Jaguars game would be national. Hell, make it the Sunday night contest instead of the Cowboys and Redskins. Cripes, Jacksonville already went for a fake punt deep in their own end zone early in the game. It went about as well as you'd expect, and Denver already scored a TD, only... well, the clock in the stadium isn't working, but they scored rather quickly and the game's only a few minutes old.

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