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PWI 500 - 2017 EDITION


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Miz has had a hell of a year and a half since the day after Mania 32 when Maryse returned. Dudes been on fire as the Upper man d card IC Champion chicken shit heel. Plus he made that Cena feud going into this years Mania.

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I guess the NXT Title is put over pretty much any other promotion's belt except WWE?  I'm having a hard time convincing myself Joe and Nak had top 10 years otherwise (and I'm a big fan of both guys).

Is the list only men?  I'd put Charlotte on that list over Joe, Nak, Ambrose.  I'd put Owens in the Top 10 but below Charlotte.  Asuka too.  Io Shirai would be a maybe for my list. 

I'd compare Dean being in the top 10 to Koko B. Ware being in the HoF, but I'm willing to make a case for Koko.

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3 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Spoiler Alert....

I had started work on a DVD 500 of all time. I technically have 500 names in a list with half of the list based on the cumulative ballots of me, Dean and Schneider from GWE poll. Oh man would people have been infuriated...

It died on the vine (at least for the moment) due to Dean hating wrestling, me having a bunch of other projects that I don't have time for and I don't trust any of you fucks enough to bring into the project outside of maybe Matt

Simple solution: Do the list and have it be made up of "Ken the Box" 500 times.

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Here is the top 50



1.      Kazuchida Okada

2.      AJ Styles

3.      Kevin Owens

4.      Roman Reigns

5.      Kenny Omega

6.      Nakamura

7.      Dean Ambrose

8.      Samoa Joe

9.      Bobby Roode.

10.  The Miz

11.  Neville

12.  Naito

13.  Randy Orton

14.  Adam Cole

15.  Bray Wyatt

16.  Seth Rollins

17.  Christopher Daniels

18.  Bobby Lashley

19.  John Cena

20.  Kushida

21.  Will Osprey

22.  Chris Jericho

23.  Shibata

24.  Johnny Mundo

25.  Brock Lesnar

26.  Zack Sabre Jr

27.  Eddie Edwards

28.  Finn Balor

29.  Pete Dunne

30.  Jinder Mahal

31.  Marty Scrull

32.  Dolph Ziggler

33.  Cody Rhodes

34.  Braun Strouman

35.  TJ Perkins

36.  EC3

37.  Alberto El Patron

38.  Kyle O Reilly

39.  Hiroshi Tanahashi

40.  Nick Jackson

41.  Sami Zayn

42.  Matt Jackson

43.  Mark Haskins

44.  Rusev

45.  Matt Hardy

46.  Ricochet

47.  Yamato

48.  Hiromu Takahashi

49.  Baron Corbin

50.  Tyler Bate



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5 hours ago, Horton Hears a Wooo!!! said:

I guess the NXT Title is put over pretty much any other promotion's belt except WWE?  

The IWGP Champion is number one, but your point still stands.  But I don't know what promotion's title would rank higher.  ROH isn't what it used to be, and GFW/TNA has been a mess for years.  

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12 minutes ago, Ryan said:

Cut to someone digging up Joe complaining about his PWI placement at some point in the past 15 years.

Or that pissy Livejournal post he wrote in response to HHH snubbing him at some convention or something in the early/mid 2000s.  I forget the details but it was definitely douchechill-inducing.

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