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Which NFL Team(s) are you a fan of on any level and for any reason good or evil? You can vote more for more than one.


Which NFL Team(s) are you a fan of on any level and for any reason good or evil?  

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  1. 1. Which NFL Team(s) are you a fan of on any level and for any reason good or evil?

    • Arizona Cardinals
    • Atlanta Falcons
    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Buffalo Bills
    • Carolina Panthers
    • Chicago Bears
    • Cincinatti Bengals
    • Cleveland Browns
    • Dallas Cowboys
    • Denver Broncos
    • Detroit Lions
    • Green Bay Packers
    • Houston Texans
    • Indianapolis Colts
    • Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Minnesota Vikings
    • New England Patriots
    • New Orleans Saints
    • New York Giants
    • New York Jets
    • Oakland Raiders
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Saint Louis Rams
    • San Diego Chargers
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • Seattle Seahawks
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Tennessee Titans
    • Washington [Redacted]

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1) I hate San Diego a lot.
2) I started watching football in 2011 because my relationship with my older brother was really strained for a few years. Sports would give us something to talk about and memories that weren't just going to be hostile bickering. When I started watching, the teams I liked watching were Houston and Seattle. Houston because I enjoyed watching defense, Seattle because I have family and friends in Seattle. The 2012 Seattle season was so much fun that I decided Seattle was my team. Like yeah Houston had the better record, but Seattle's behavior was just so opposite to my perception of football culture that I identified more with them.

3) I am aware this makes me look like a bandwagon jumper, and that's why I never say a goddamn thing on this board unless it's really really egregious.

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Been a Seahawk fan since I was a little kid watching Dave Kreig throw TD passes to Steve Largent with my dad, and I have never wavered. Not when they went 2-14. Not when Dennis Erickson ran them to what felt like an eternity of 7-9 or 8-8 seasons. Not when the wheels fell off for Holmgren after the Super Bowl. I'll root for them until the day I die.


Other than that, my interest/fandom tends to revolve around a player or group of players. For instance I would currently say I'm a bit of a fan of the Texans just because JJ Watt is incredibly fun to watch play. Ditto for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. 


Back when the Jags had Mark Brunell I rooted for them (he's an ex UW Husky). Once he retired, I kind of lost interest. I'd really like to see them succeed again because Gus Bradley is an ex Seahawks DC, but I think the deck is stacked against him and he's probably gonna be someone's DC next season after the Jags fire him for finishing 3-13. Got a similar sinking feeling for Dan Quinn in Atlanta.


I was a huge Buffalo Bills fan in the 90s. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, James Lofton, Don Beebe, Cornelius Bennett and my personal favorite Steve Tasker. kind of lost interest when all those guys retired, but I like the direction they're taking now. Even if their offense is gonna be questionable that defense should be a lot of fun to watch. 

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There's no deep logic here. Edmonton's CFL team and Green Bay's NFL team by coincidence have very similar colour schemes/uniforms, except Green bay uses white numbers and nameplates. As a kid there was no reason for me to care about any other NFL team (and to be honest I never gave the NFL even a second thought before the Madden era of video games). Luckily for me, I chose correctly.


My second favourite NFL team is the Cleveland Browns. I just can't hold ill will towards them and after 9 years out of the playoffs for my NHL team, I empathize with the concept of a factory of sadness. Besides, fuck the Steelers, and fuck the Ravens too.

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The D.C. Factory of Sadness would be a good new name for the Slurs. That or a great 80's hardcore group. They were on that one bill with Minor Threat that time. The Goodell Goonies opened, but were booed off stage.

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I call them Washington Football Club.


This works on a couple levels because beyond being an accurate and perfectly functional name, it would also serve the double function of pissing off the people that bought into the "pride" thing over the current name because "Washington FC" sounds too European and thus un-American.

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I grew up in the Carolinas so I grew up as the Panthers came into existence. I've stuck with it despite being in NYC for eight years because... I'll get back to you on why. Seems pretty fun to be a Giants fan.

I also voted for Baltimore. Ravens are an awesome franchise. Always good, always built around busting heads defensively. Been a fan since they put the Giants and especially Kerry Collins in the dirt in their Super Bowl. The Panthers would kill to be the Ravens. Also, my favorite player of all time Steve Smith plays there.

I was tempted to also say SF as they were my team growing up - my stepfather is from California, plus we didn't have a team nearby - but the Yorks have ruined that for me.

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The D.C. Factory of Sadness would be a good new name for the Slurs. That or a great 80's hardcore group. They were on that one bill with Minor Threat that time. The Goodell Goonies opened, but were booed off stage.


Along those lines, what better moniker for their front office and/or owner is there than The Bad Brains ?

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Growing up in British Columbia, our team was the Seahawks. Thanks to a long-standing subscription to Sports Illustrated, I became enamored with characters like Boomer Esiason, Ickey Woods, Phill Simms and Lawrence Taylor...hence my love of the Bengals and Giants. And then I lived in New Orleans for 3+ years, so loving the Saints was inevitable.

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I preferred the Matt Flynn era. Pre-season forever.


Edit: Hasselbeck went to the post-season 6 times, so they weren't totally awful at least. Too bad about his wife being a walking, talking Fox Talking Points Robot. As for the Rick Mirer era. I actually saw a guy at an indy show who was wearing a Rick Mirer jersey, in 2007.


Most games as starting quarterback

Name  Period  GP  GS  W  L  T   %
Hasselbeck, Matt  2001–10  138  131  69  62  -  .527
Krieg, Dave  1980–91  129  119  70  49  -  .588
Zorn, Jim  1976–84  126  100  40  60  -  .400
Mirer, Rick  1993–96  55  51  20  31  -  .392
Wilson, Russell  2012–present  48  48  36  12  -  .750
Kitna, Jon  1997–2000  39  33  18  15  -  .545
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Skins, mostly because I grew up and live in the DC area and am a fan of every DC sports team.


I have sympathy for people like you who are, like, normal human beings and just want to watch football in peace.



Yeah, I wish there was a ton less shit going on around the football team.  But I've gotten so used to it.  And I've been around for Limo-Gate.  I've been around for Gun-Gate.  And, really, at this point Matt Williams might be up there on the hatred scale along with RG3.  So I'll just sit back, watch the Skins play another horrible season and then move on to watch the other DC teams choke in the playoffs.

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I voted Panthers and Cowboys.


Born and raised in Charlotte. My dad raised me to be a Cowboy fan, but I was only eleven when the Panthers came into existence, so I had to support the home team, too.


I was non-committal about who I favored until the playoff game in '96, but I cheered for the Panthers 100% that day and it's been like that ever since.


I guess I still consider myself a Dallas fan when they're aren't playing Carolina. I definitely still have a soft spot for them. But I give my dad hell whenever they play. Thanksgiving is going to be interesting this year. 

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I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, smack dab between Pittsburgh and Philly.  Half of my region are Steeler fans...the other half are Eagles fans. Seriously, if you walk into a bar in my area, you'll see about an even mix of black/yellow and green/white...with one asshole inexplicably wearing a Dallas jersey.


 I ride with the Eagles forever.


My second favorite team is whoever plays the Cowboys.

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Grew up a diehard Bengals fan. They will always be my favorite sports team. Boomer, Ickey, David Fulcher. Man, I loved the Bengals in the late 80s. 


I have a soft spot for the Lions. Fell in love with them in the earl 90s and Barry Sanders. I owned at one time a Sanders jersey. He is still the greatest player I have watched play(that is counting Montana- FUCK him and the 9ers.)  


Boomer will always be my favorite player ever. Did a United Way commercial with him. He came to my school after I developed arthritis an the school every year would do a walk-a-thon. He showed up the first couple years of it. Also did the arthritis telethon a few years and Boomer was involved with that as well. Just a all around awesome guy. 

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Depending on various things, Boomer's turned into kind of a sanctimonious ass depending who you ask these days. I'm sure that take varies. I personally don't care. I'm sure it's because he's all over the radio and what not.

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Grew up a Cowboys fan. Learned about America's Team from my uncles and stepdad.  Every Christmas we all get the same Cowboys themed gifts whether they're slippers, shirts, hats, gloves, etc.  It's pretty awesome.  Luckily I've been able to experience the dynasty years in the 90s as a young fan and the dropoff to mediocrity which makes me appreciate any success they have now.  I've always refused to go see them in Washington but luckily I have a friend in Green Bay with access to season tickets and I've seen them play up there a few times including the playoffs last year.  That was a tough one...Hoping to get to Jerry World in Texas at some point.  

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