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Batista and ESPECIALLY BROCK ruled all. Orton and Steph's terrible acting was a killer though, and are the Authority faces now or what? Why is Kane in a feud with CM Punk? It's never been good - ever, and Kane's a half-decade older from when it peaked at "terrible". Nearly everything in the third hour was really boring though. Cena's neon green colors are certainly different. The crowd-ending brawl was hilarious hype for. THE MOST ANTICIPATED REMATCH IN RECENT MEMORY! Really now? AFTER THAT BULLSHIT!?




Screens -







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Brock Lesnar is definitely in contention for the 2014 bumper of the year.  It is like he is trying to break something on him.  The image of him getting thrown around by Big Show was just amazing


Kofi Kington would make the worst lineman ever.   He grabs his legs like a girl and then when they are running around the ring it looks like Orton and Kingston are having a slap fest waiting for Cena to get there. 


Oh by the way cena wasn't wearing either red or yellow colored boxers so according to Meltzer and Alvarez logic Hogan is now NOT going to be at Wrestlemania this year :D

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Brock is the best. Every single time, something special. Seeing Mae was touching. Usos and Wyatts got together backstage and told each other "we are going 3/4 legit tonight", despite the usual leg-slapping necessary with the former team. That was just a violence-fest that needs to go down in high regard. Then they end it with a goofy brawl involving the #1 seed vs. the #10, keeping either out of any other matches. I didn't even mind the match replays tonight, as I just tuned out and posted here when it got too familiar. Give CM Punk to Kane, it's not like I have to watch it, and again see Orton/Kofi reasoning above

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Like, I really don't understand what Hunter and Steph are supposed to be. I don't get why the fans should be rooting for them to be overthrown at 'Mania when they're bringing back awesome guys, and bitching out Randy Orton for not being a fighting champion.


The six-man was rad, big shock. I'm assuming the Shield end up among the last 5 or so in the Rumble.


Liked Bryan's line about being the face of WWE, and JBL quickly chiming in with a line that was obviously fed to him.


I'm as big an Orton fan as anyone on the board, but this run has been awful and his work hasn't been stellar. He was ripping it up as a babyface last year with those random brawls and long-ass matches. I know he likes being a heel, but man...I dunno anymore.

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Guys, we cannot let MGfanjay's thread win!! Can't do it.


But I posted my Batista joke there!


The star of the night by far was the ice machine in that loading dock.  Well formed cubes and no leaks.  Solid work!

The wheelie office chair and the red Igloo cooler were okay.  But not really "Ice machine" good.

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I'm sure Batista's look was because of that movie he's in Guardians of the Galaxy. At least the head.


Since they're in matches that means Bryan, Big Show, Lesnar are not in the Rumble. I thought Lesnar was gonna get some heat back instead of getting run off again.


Did you see Rowan try to flip the Oso over the top rope with the claw hold, I guess the Von Erich's didn't teach him how to do that.

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