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2 minutes ago, (BP) said:

Happy to see tuxedoed Wolverine. 

Hey, that’s Patch to you mister!

Secret Wars #5 (2015) in the final shot when Wolverine is standing over Deadpool 👀👀

Aaron Stanford’s Pyro from X-2 is in there. This is gonna be a great time for anyone who liked any of the Fox Marvel movies.

I love Owen Wilson in Loki, but Matthew Macfadyen is such a level up type casting for the TVA agent that’ll be along for the ride with Wade & Logan. Oh my god, sign me up. 

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2 hours ago, Craig H said:

The one thing I keep trying to figure out at the 1:48 mark of the trailer is if that’s a Doombot.

I had the same thought.  Presumably not, although if they’re in a void world leftover from the Fox movies, it could be a Fox doombot.

ETA: The cover of the Secret Wars comic shown in the trailer has Doom on the cover, so who knows.

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Madame Web currently has an RT score of 16%. 

There's a very believable rumor I've seen saying Dakota Johnson signed on because she thought she was gonna be part of the MCU, not the Sony-verse.  lol

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2 hours ago, Zimbra said:

YOUR Fantastic Four are: Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.


Twitter announcement:

Only know Pedro Pascal of the four so please fill me in. Wonder Woman 1984 was shit. Never been into the Fantastic Four. Always liked Doctor Doom. Growing up Spider-Man was my #1 Marvel comic book hero (always has) then the X-Men. Naturally Batman has always been my #1 comic book hero. Never changed that POV.

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Ebon as The Thing is stellar casting, I love that. I’ve only seen Vanessa Kirby in Hobbs & Shaw and the Mission Impossible movies but she was great in those. Pedro is Pedro, that’s going to divide the internet but fuck ‘em, I’m here for it. I JUST THIS MINUTE found out that Joseph Quinn is Eddie in Stranger Things and okay, I like him too.

Now just don’t fuck up the eventual Doom casting, whether that’s for this movie or something else. Please. Hell, just get Julian McMahon back. Let him and Pedro just chew the scenery. 

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It’s blurry art, but I’m pretty sure that’s Lyndon B. Johnson on the LIFE cover from December ‘63.

A period piece origin movie, ending with them in the current day MCU matches with what leaks have said for around a year now.

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