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WrestleZAYNia XXXIX - 4/1 & 4/2/2023

Dolfan in NYC

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What a fucking amazing show.

Let Roman keep going forever.

EDIT: I'm one who wasn't sold on Cody being 'the guy'. He's already a main eventer but beating Reigns is one of those 'All timer' moments. Use it to establish someone coming from the midcard into being a legit main event star.

SummerSlam is in Detroit this year...

Let the build of Bron Steiner begin!

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Things I remember from Night 2

Brock follows his Saudimania approach by appearing early and getting it over with. It's pretty much what you'd expect.

The Women's tag match was there.

Gunther and Sheamus and Drew is everything you'd want 

Bianca and Asuka was good

Cya in a year, Shano Mac

Edge/Finn Balor had a cage that seemed too small and too tall. Finn had his goofy paint and lost after a long time.

Cody Lugar loses in the main event to Roman Reigns. So who does Roman defend against at Wrestlemania 40?

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The opener was a typical Brock Lesnar match, though I was surprised at how much he sold in the first half.

Of all the matches on Night 2 of Mania, the women's tag match was definitely the second. Did Rhonda do anything aside from get the fall.

With how many recaps and adds there were after the second match, I thought the HIAC match was going on third and they needed all that time to set up the cage.

I would much rather have seen Gunther against either Sheamus or Drew in a singles match, but what we got was just fine. All three guys beat the piss out of eachother and the right person won.

Asuka/Bianca had the misfortune of following the brutal IC title match and the excellent Charlotte/Rhea match from last night. The Oni dancers for Asuka then the childrens' dance troupe for Bianca's entrance were nice touches. The match was fine but I felt like they never really kicked into high gear. With Bianca having a reality show coming out soon I guess they're keeping the belt on her a bit longer.

When I heard Shane's music I almost went off to take a dump out of general principle, but getting to see Snoop Dog do a people's elbow was quality.

The HIAC match was a standard WWE Hardcore match. The lack of the rest of The Brood showing up or any other type of interference from Judgement Day was surprising.

The main event was your formulaic Roman match featuring tons of slow paced stalling before picking up in the finishing stretch where there are multiple finisher kickouts and usually some shenanigans from his entourage. Cap that off with a completely nonsensical finish and I was not sports entertained. Before the Sami storyline picked up and put some life into it, The Bloodline was way past its sell by date. Unless they've got some majorly interesting new angle set to go Monday I'm going to go back to skipping any Bloodline-related stuff on tv.

The IC title match was the only memorable bout on night 2.

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Cody next year in Philadelphia again right? I'm not saying that's what I want, cause I don't; but doesn't Cody's whole gimmick scream "win the title in Philadelphia" with the Homelander stuff.

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I'm losing it on how Wrestling Twitter was falling over themselves to praise it... right until the finish.  

Dusty's kid not winning it on shot 1 makes sense.  Cody having no where to run when adversity hit makes sense.  Yeah, not pulling the trigger at Mania can suck, but with that reaction, Cody's made.  This won't hurt him.

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Can't wait for Roman vs Rock at WM XL. Then Roman vs Austin Theory at WM 41 and Theory wins. Years in the making bubba.

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3 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

We are now back to The Next One having not revealed itself. And that includes to anyone in Stamford. If it wasn’t Sami last month, and it isn’t Cody tonight, then we aren’t even close to it. For all we know it could be Montez Ford or Carmelo Hayes 3-4 years from now. 

They know who it is.

Two of the biggest families in wrestling.

Bron Breakker Reveals Goldberg Inspired Decision He Regrets

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Never thought Drew McIntyre should have beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. It was between Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes. Both lost. Roman Reigns is definitely getting to the 1,000 days mark now and by winning here, he becomes only the 9th man to hold the WWE Championship for a year.

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Not to be a jerk but fuck it....I hope fans at Raw tomorrow attack Roman Reigns. Don't give him a chance to speak and do his boring promos talking about how he won, etc....they should try to hurt him.

Because, eventually what the WWE is doing is going to backfire on them.

Oh and I cancelled my Peacock service after the finish to the main event.

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