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October 2022 Wrestling Pics and GIFs

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That match is fucking incredible. Chigusa still a teenager, Devil getting so pissed that she can’t handle Chigusa’s fiery run at her that she thinks about actually bringing the sword sheath in. 

And it might not even be the best match on that card because Jaguar Yokota put on an absolute clinic with Lioness Asuka right after that. 

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Allie Katch and Sawyer Wreck, recreating a meme whilst also wrestling:



Spoiled for size, and for Settle Downness.

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1 hour ago, Wee Bey said:


Today's wrestlers are too soft! All they do is play video games! They never get perms and strut to the ring in diapers that say "MEN" on the back and then do a death drop before their loser leaves town match.

Shazam has (correctly!) told me that the song here is "Electricity" by Midnight Star if anyone else was wondering. 

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Behold the NJPW World TV Belt. It's for younger wrestlers to fight over and be defended on shows that don't usually get title bouts. Not sure what the NEVER belt is for anymore, but sure why not.


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