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  1. I checked out The Underground for the same reason I bought a bag of ranch Cheetos -- deep in my heart, I'm sucker for novelty. I don't mind it in concept (I also dig it as a "second location" for things to occur at, like someone else said), but it's not like I am dying to see The Underground Week 2 (or Weeks 3 - 7 or however long before they get bored of it). I don't remember who tweeted it, but I agree, there's something about WWE for the last I-don't-even-know-how-many years, where they're just happy to pop a quick rating and not looking to sustain anything. I think the year Shinsuke an
  2. Riiiiiiight. That's maybe the better reference point then. A Rocky IV situation, but in pro wrestling. That's a great example! It's definitely an undersized heel who wins the crowd over against a face, though if I was being nitpicky, I'd say Lio would have had to win to fully qualify. 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor is really close! I think I had retroactively made Razor a more traditional heel in that match, but he was right at the cusp of being a major face and the crowd was definitely behind him. It's also a huge testament to Scott Hall that he could put Waltman over like that and not h
  3. I just saw Escape From New York for the first time, and here is my question: What is the best example of a Snake Plissken vs. Ox Baker match? Scrappy, undersized guy, despised by the audience, trying to tackle a humongous monster, who is also a completely beloved hometown face(?), where by the end of the match, the guy who started out (ostensibly) as the heel, wins not only the match, but also wins over the live crowd, purely through his heroic dispatching of someone bigger than him. Does this match exist outside of a John Carpenter movie?
  4. What would people say are the BEST Konnan matches? Because I understand his popularity in the abstract, but I'd love to be pointed to either a really great match of his or at least a match that shows how over he was at his peak. I more or less only know him from nWo-era WCW onward and I don't remember being exactly blown away by anything of his that didn't involve Disco Inferno dancing in front of it.
  5. I can see that and I'm 100% willing to be wrong. Maybe I'm just being cynical but it read to me a little more like a Three Percenter or Oath Keeper kind of thing. Like THE SYSTEM has failed us (but not The President, somehow?), so we're going to take things into our own hands. Less like Rambo in First Blood, more like Rambo in Last Blood. Jaxxxzon Rykker is no Zeb Colter.
  6. Never seen the Forgotten Sons before, but Jaxson Ryker is an all-timer WWE name. I don't think I'd ever be accused of underestimating WWE when it comes to lowest common denominator stuff, but it's QUITE A TIME to debut a right wing militia gimmick on the main roster.
  7. After watching this year's Wrestlemania (GRONK PRESENTS PART 1), I just picked another Wrestlemania at random that I had no memory of, and ended up on Wrestlemania 13. Not a whole lot worth relaying, but: 1. I'm sad there was never a New Blackjacks - Furnas/LaFon feud. Furnas/LaFon always felt like a very confusing tag team at the time who had no gimmick, but holy shit. If they had been booked with any sort of energy or urgency or sold as anything beyond "VERY TECHNICALLY SOUND," obviously that would have been a highlight of the time. But just imagine a five match series against the
  8. The opening Women's Tag was great and didn't feel like it was in an empty gym except for the moments that people would clap to keep the faces alive as though anyone else could join in. KO and Rollins was so good. In terms of Actual Matches, that was really fun and intense and used the emptiness of the space well. All of the shit-talking and the intense thuds and smacks of the chair and the bell and the huge jump were great. I haven't been following the storylines for a while, but it was a really fun on its own. I know everyone here hates Rollins, but at least he's being a smarmy heel and
  9. Lex Luger paved the way in terrifyingly sincere big dumb guy energy.
  10. In watching the KOTR Tournament this year, I realized that I have this exact same scepter from a birthday party a few years ago. It costs $5 from Party City, and I don't blame the prop department one bit: It works. Also, Baron Corbin's Wrestling Undershirt looks like an apron.
  11. No order, US-based only, because I don’t wanna speak out of my depth and I’m a real sucker for a good promo: Randy Savage Chris Jericho Rey Mysterio Jr Vader Owen Hart Daniel Bryan Ric Flair Eddie Guerrero Dusty Rhodes Curt Hennig Honorable mentions to Rude and HBK. Hot Take Honorable Mention: Brock Lesnar.
  12. Boy, that Randy Orton/Mick Foley Backlash match is great. Everything Randy Orton is good at is on display there. Just game and giving and selling and obnoxious and instead of being the Deadly Viper Who Hears Voices, he's just a natural, smug shithead willing to die all over the place who wins in the end, not because he cheated but because he could hang in there even if he has the Top 8 Overall Worst Tattoos In Wrestling.
  13. I hadn't really dipped my toe too much into this area of NWA stuff until lately so I don't know if this is a dumb question, but Jimmy Valiant's valet, Big Mama -- is she black? Also, kind-of-but-not-really related -- The Boogie Woogie Man as a gimmick generally -- it seems like just a riff on what Dusty was already doing but slightly more unhinged? Is that way off base?
  14. The main was fun but woof, the rest of it. I liked Ambrose/Rollins - Cesaro/Sheamus a lot, it played to everyone's strengths. Even apart from not loving Jinder going over on principle, that match was short, boring and pointless. You'd be lucky to find a crowd hotter for a Nakamura championship win than tonight, and the whole thing just felt like a waste of goodwill that no one walked out better for.
  15. I know there's a lot else going on right now, but how good was that Awesome Kong WTF episode with Marc Maron? The Chavo stuff was ehhh, but she's such a great interview and shed some great light onto both her complicated feelings about being called "Kong" and her whole foray into WWE. I really couldn't be happier for someone to find some success outside of the ring.
  16. Absolutely. I think it's a fun loophole to exploit in the MITB rules. It's obnoxious, but it hasn't been done before (as far as I can remember). Though, I think there's an argument to be made about it devaluing the larger match and its place in history.
  17. I liked it. Women's MITB was okay. Too short. Ending was...uh...transitional. The Usos and The New Day put on a hell of a match. I haven't been watching regularly in forever but are they always this good when paired up together? Ending stretch was a little wonky, but whatever, that was the sleeper best match on the card. I like the count out finish. Old fashioned, shitty, frustrating, keeps it alive (maybe unnecessarily?), but the stuff in ring was great. Lana isn't bad? Was that suplex into the ropes intentional? It was a little slow. I dunno, just kinda there. I like Naomi's
  18. I know it'll never happen, but while we're speculating about people to possibly be "the face of the WWE," what about Sami Zayn? He could at least buy them some time until they get the Roman situation figured out or find a new Sure Thing to run into the ground. In fact, now that I think about it, a series of title matches pitting underdog face Zayn vs. monster heel Reigns would probably do a lot for both of them.
  19. I don't think anyone is wrong about Jericho, but I do wish he was at least getting the same amount of credit and love the Hardys are benefiting from. I realize it's a low bar, but is there a better feud heading into Mania? That's a lot of heavy lifting for mostly character work.
  20. I think Riccochet gets pretty severely underrated around here. I need to dig more into what he has going on during the voting period to be sure, but as for whose matches I would rather watch, on the whole, it's an easy choice for me. Gallagher is a very good wrestler, so I may be on the wrong side of history, but I am betting in six months when he's stuck as the third Vaudevillain, there's going to be a real severe cooling off on him.
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