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One of the big angles in the first few months of 87 for JCP was Cornette throwing fire at Ron Garvin (Garvin/Windham were the US champs; Barry had come into the main territory in November or so and it was a way to establish him immediately). It led to Garvin vs Cornette cage matches. That also led to Jimmy turning to side with Ronnie and they'd be a team moving forward. They had to get the belt off of Barry/Ron and also since they were using Murdoch (just turned since he was resentful of Nikita being Dusty's friend) and Ivan on top vs the Superpowers, put some more shine on them.

So that sets this up. Why does this work? Because even though Cornette comes charging out, he doesn't get to actually do the swing. Garvin grabs him and Eaton does it. So Cornette costs him the belts but still seems completely ineffectual so that you really, really think Garvin's going to kill him later. Total commitment to character.


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On 5/4/2021 at 12:54 PM, Curt McGirt said:

It wouldn't surprise me if Charlotte has a certain amount of leeway that bypasses micromanagement for her matches.

You mean like Tamina and Nia. The biggest difference between Nia and Charlotte is most of Charlotte's botched a close calls seem to be involving a risk of injuring herself rather than her Opponent like Nia and Tamina, I guess in reality one is no better than the other as it relates to injuring yourself or your opponent. Nia is terrible in the ring but see seems so good with like backstage segments and talking segments in general. It sucks that she so terrible in the ring. Same with Tamina

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1 hour ago, Matt D said:

Man Buddy was so great


Aww, I thought no kneepads = no bumps from Buddy. My code-talking is clearly off.

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