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  1. I added the highlighted letters to the quote to make it easier to relate what I'm saying to what was written. I hope it will make it easier to follow! A) The problem is that only a 1/3 of AEW's audience watches Dark and/or Elevation so the majority of them have never seen The Varsity Blondes win a match. The idea that they are the top contender1s means no one other than The Young Bucks have won a meaningful tag match on Dynamite in months and in hindsight, I think this might actually be true. A glance puts the last "Tag Team Division" team to win a match was The Jurassic Express more than
  2. Cody is the AEW Being John Cena Champion.
  3. I didn't watch the Cody stuff because you all told me it was bad and I believe you. IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Championship Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Yuji Nagata I know Moxley is not supposed to be Steve Austin but the idea of our somewhat crazy, everyman baby face throwing forearm exchanges is pretty limp. If you're going to be raking eyes anyway, there is no reason for him to be throwing hands. I cannot see how this did anything but appeal to the most hardcore fanbase which AEW already has. It was libel to push away any casual audience who turned in to see fallout from last week.
  4. As I recall that was all making friends with Page rather than the Bucks which culminated with Page helping The Best Friends beat the Bucks in the gauntlet so FTR could beat Best Friends and then beat Page and Omega for the tag belts.
  5. Wasn't that the lawyer for MJF who Moxley beat up in a match? I thought that Bucks-FTR was a really short 3 week program leading to the title change and no follow up? Honestly if you're going to do a 6 month long feud with lots of twists and turns, that is the one to do. Unless we count the whole 'Young Bucks are turning heel but now they aren't!" as build which... I don't think we should?
  6. KILL KILL HATE HATE MURDER MURDER MUTILATE Tony Schiavone Interviews Jade Cargill, Who will interrupt and will Tony get a question out first? The managerial battle royal continues! and Cody has something to say I think I've successfully driven the "Television Show about the Web Site" "joke" into the dirt and run it over with a riding mower. To be Fair This is likely to be nothing groundbreaking since Cody is the company spokesperson and this could literally be about anything. I think they've successfully dimmed the company announcement down to the point where anythin
  7. To be fair, to be fair, to be fayyyyyhhhhhhr. I really didn't want to make a point just make the reference. I'll fake it. The issue AEW has with being "20% more" is that it doesn't leave them anywhere to go when they need to progress something. This is why Omega's dastardly using of the microphone to win the World Title was such a laugher since they will do far worse than that in lower midcard feuds. It's why Tony being obsessively pissed at MJF makes no sense for biting someone after he got stabbed with a fork a dozen times. They save nothing. Take Tay Conti for example
  8. Decidedly false because wrestling is a continuous narrative not a series of action movies. Here are some situations where the face should not win the blow off... The heel is getting ready for the main event babyface and so he needs to be fed lower faces in preparation to gain heat. The babyface is on the way out of the company or doesn't work for the company. Your heel champion is on a roll and is drawing money.
  9. Think the Cody announcement this week is to sell the new live shows?
  10. Eaton and Chuck Taylor certainly aren't that far apart.
  11. Cornette is full of contradictions. Bobby Eaton is an amazing wrestler, but he never looked like an amazing wrestler if he was just standing there. Cornette hates little guys but loves Adam Cole. Cornette hates silly shit but loves MJF who has done some outright nonsense throughout his entire AEW run.
  12. I like making the Booker of the Year joke more as a rag on Metzler's dopey spot loving perspective which has poisoned his audience. Cornette (much to my consternation) is correct that Tony is a okay match maker but his ability to tell a story is suspect to say the least. AEW's agents are really more to blame as they can't seem to give the talent any direction beyond "do a bunch of stuff" and are really bad at protecting movesets and wrestlers. Cornette is a awful person who gives pretty good analysis if you understand a few action items. Once you do anything Cornette thinks make
  13. Allow me to clarify. I'm sure people conceptualize that OMG is big, obviously. But I don't think people really internalized the idea that he's 6'9". I used to think of Mr. Perfect as an average sized dude. Hennig was 6'3" and jaaaaaaaaacked.
  14. I get that but I think Bigelow also suffered from being in WWF in his first run especially being the land of the giants. I mean look at this... Like he seems tiny compared to OMG but Gang's MASSIVE which most people didn't realize. Bigelow always had to stand next to Gang, Hogan or Andre and he's "dwarfed" at 6'4". It's just not fair which is why they tried to highlight he was so agile. As the wrestling size norm dropped, Bam Bam got more effective until he was one the bigger guys on any roster. WWF in 1987 was terrible for him. Gear wise, you'd think he'd change from the black an
  15. Don't forget the sledgehammer throne bit that also fizzled.
  16. I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! Everything that wasn't Blood and Guts wasn't really good (with one notable exception). Mox and King getting beat down every week is stale. Cody and QT just kind of had a match in order to get Ogogo over and they've dropped the ball on the whole Factory angle. QT has JAG all over him and the booking didn't help him at all. He's not portrayed as strong, tough or even smart enough to put Cody in jeopardy. Ogogo's bolo punch is sold as death but it doesn't have the oomph behind it to work. The tag match was flat and bad. Miro's broken English promo was
  17. I would argue the art of wrestling is the balancing of things being safe and looking dangerous. If you shoot the fall correctly than you accomplish both goals of if being safe while not looking safe. I would assume most of the people who didn't like the fall thought it seemed too safe looking to be effective not that they wanted Jericho to die. I think @Logreally nailed what people are having a problem with and why they have an issue.
  18. I hate him so much guys, you have no idea.
  19. You're engaging in a false dichotomy. You seem to be saying the choice is between either a) falling off a high thing onto crash pads or b) falling through a high thing onto concrete. You could just not fall off the high thing at all. That way you don't have to do something that either looks bad or scrambles Matt Hardy's brains across the pavement. Or you could learn to shoot things effectively but AEW production seems really bad at that.
  20. EDIT: Aimed at J.T. Wait, wait, wait. My impression of your argument was that they had to threaten to throw Jericho off the top because if MJF did something like threaten to stab him in the eye, that would take too long and The Inner Circle could just grab a different hostage. My only derivation from the situation we got is what MJF is threatening Jericho with so we don't have to throw Jericho off a cage. This could all happen exactly the same otherwise including being on top of the cage so The Inner Circle can't just run over and stop MJF. Am I misunderstanding your position?
  21. But at that point, you aren't negotiating with Dax or the others because MJF is the one holding the hostage. Let's say they grab Dax and make him quit, how does that stop MJF from "killing" Jericho which is what The Inner Circle is trying to avoid? At that particular moment, their goal is no longer to win the match (obviously since they gave that up) but to save Chris.
  22. Like you could do the same exact elements of MJF bailing out of the ring, fighting Jericho on the top and threatening him with something while holding The Inner Circle at bay with threats. Then once Sammy surrenders, do the thing he threatened and run away while the Circle was on their way up to check on Chris. You didn't need the giant bump that ended up looking bad. EDIT: The holding a member of the Pinnacle as a retaliatory hostage doesn't work because no one would believe that MJF would care more about them then he would about himself. Honestly, mirroring this in the future would be
  23. I watched Blood and Guts this morning while getting ready for work and it... has some problems guys. The production team fucked the talent over pretty badly by missing things, taking bad angles and focusing on things (like guys getting out blades) that they shouldn't. The timing of the commercial breaks was awful (you cut out Wardlow's shine? MJF escaping the cage?) and they should have jockeyed to cut out things of less significance (like Spears' entrance). Coming back from commercial with no replays was a bad idea. Hated that Dax went for a cover before anyone else got into the cag
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