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  1. I think we have to run an experiment and see if Sid would get over today walking out and power bombing people. I'm guessing you'd be surprised by the results.
  2. Orange Cassidy (w/Kris Statlander) vs. The Blade (w/The Bunny) Honestly when you are doing top rope Doctor Bombs into the turnbuckles as a break spot in a midcard match, you've lost the plot. I just don't see the point in breaking out these death moves in a match of this level of importance and devalue things in the future. You could have hit all the same beats in a Memphis style match and been just as effective. I'm pretty sure no one else has even mentioned that spot yet so we can already see how AEW has devalued lunatic spots like it. Frankie Kazarian vs. Doc Gallows Well, Kaz's singles push is dead and buried. Gallows is moving around like a weeble wobble and is a low value proposition at this point. I don't see the purpose of having him on the roster as anything other than a minor roadblock for babyfaces. The 5 Labors of Jericho: Chapter 1: Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears – “Spears Can Use A Chair, Jericho Can’t” Jericho being primarily a brawler at this stage of his career makes for bad matchups since he's shit at it. Spears was fine, best moment was when he put his knee over Jericho's arm at one point but it meant nothing in the overall scope of things. I've never seen a Nick Gage match but I have a super low tolerance for death matches so I'm likely to not enjoy the experience. Gage seems like a natural face in AEW to me, so I'm not sure why you'd tie him to MJF to work Jericho. IWGP United States Title Match – Texas Death Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer (w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts) Again, not a death match guy so I'm not likely to enjoy this sort of thing. I was struck that there's a lot of bald to balding white guys in black pants and black shirts on this show. AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) (w/Rebel) vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) I skipped to the finish. Baker tapping out Nyla is the right finish. Rose still needs a character change or time off. Baker needs a veteran to drive the action which would be perfect for Deeb. AEW needed to have a secondary women's feud going on during this feud so they'd have a natural challenger lined up. Darby Allin vs. Wheeler Yuta Yuta doesn't do anything to make himself stand out from the horde of other small guys with beards that are all over Dark and Elevation. When the highlight of your match with one of the most over guys on the roster is the play fight on the outside, you know you have a long way to go. I actually liked some of the roll up counters in the actual matchup but it was nothing ground breaking to justify Yuta's spot on this show.
  3. Roaddogg was the charisma and the selling. Billy was the hot tag and had the bigger spots. The point was really that they needed each other more than they needed to split to pursue singles interests. They needed the complimentary pieces. They were already super over before joining DX just as a reminder.
  4. It seems to me like a real New Age Outlaws situation where neither guy may have the ability to break out huge on their own but the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Bowens is the steak to Caster's sizzle and both are very important to the other.
  5. This week seems like a lot of filler nothing matches with not a lot of stakes involved to me. Last week we had 3 matches with build and pay offs and this week we have what looks like a middle chapter in the Jericho-MJF feud which has totally worn out its welcome and hopefully the ending to the Nyla-Britt feud which has been a miss. Orange Cassidy (w/Kris Statlander) vs. The Blade (w/The Bunny) Blade is pretty underrated but I'm just over the Orange Cassidy gimmick at this point. I really just don't see this leading to anything unless they are taking the Best Friends against the Hardy Family Office as the next Hardy feud and boy is that not exciting. The Best Friends are really missing Trent as the worker of the bunch, Yuta doesn't feel like he belongs in the group to me. Frankie Kazarian vs. Doc Gallows Gallows doesn't do it for me. Kaz has been low key pretty good as the Elite Hunter in a Owen Hart "Blackhart" tribute sort of way. They need to put Frankie over here or he's going to be relegated to ineffective status. The 5 Labors of Jericho: Chapter 1: Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears – “Spears Can Use A Chair, Jericho Can’t” I hate the 'you can pick the gimmick' stipulation since you could easily stack the deck to a ridiculous degree but you won't. Jericho has looked terrible his last few outings (including Blood and Guts before he fell off the cage) and has been nearly immobile. Spears will have to carry the action and my hot take is that he can actually do that as he's good at getting a lot out of simple things like stomps and knees. Jericho should be able to sell at least so structurally it should work. IWGP United States Title Match – Texas Death Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer (w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts) I assume Mox isn't dropping the other promotion's title on AEW tv? They've really relegated Archer to an ineffective level of putting over main event talents while not protecting him. He needs wins right now and it looks to me like they're treating him like he's Kane and can absorb loss after loss. I'm not sure he's really up to that level at this point. AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) (w/Rebel) vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) Dud feud for a champion's victory lap. I hope this ends the feud so they can move Baker onto something else where she is the clear heel where she does her best work. Rose probably needs to be taken off television or removed from the division as they've mined her for all she's worth at this point. She hasn't been protected very well as the monster of the women's division. Darby Allin vs. Wheeler Yuta Yuta's introduction has been poor. Him doing jobs to other small faces is a bad way of getting him over on the big show. Putting him over Darby here would be really odd since they just had Sammy beat him last week. I guess Darby has the booking protection from the beating he took last week but I would cast a heel here to take advantage of it, not a technical babyface.
  6. Is there a discord thing going on tonight? The wife is out of the house for the night and I was thinking about hopping on.
  7. Matt signed up to take 30% of my wrestling earnings as a AEW enhancement talent so really he's got the interest in me rather than the other way around.
  8. I didn't say Hardy wasn't any good, I said I was uninterested in his current direction. I actually don't agree with @Technico Supportwith this being a nothing show in terms of 3 angles that should be getting major narrative traction (Christian-Hardy, Team Taz Explodes and the Coffin match). The undercard feels really random though and I'm not jazzed about more Moxley versus The Elite.
  9. Matt Hardy vs. Christian Cage I'm totally disinterested in Matt Hardy at this point. Having him have yet another faction made up of the midcard tag team roster is just an excuse for yet another faction that AEW doesn't need unless getting 10 people on screen a match is their goal. I think its fine to have Matt being a Tatanka style grumpy old person on the roster, but his value is not in being the leader of a group. Christian is almost always good, but I'm not expecting a lot. Penelope Ford vs. Yuka Sakazaki Not sure what the value is here. Neither of these ladies are anywhere near the top of the pecking order or have any significant angle going on (unless Miro is going to come out again which is unlikely with no males involved). Yuka's match with King on youtube was pretty lackluster. This just seems like such an odd matchmaking choice. Sammy Guevara vs Wheeler Yuta Speaking of which. This is one of the first times anyone is going to see Yuta and he's going up against a smaller babyface? Why would you do that? Again, what an odd match to make for Dynamite. I'm not expecting Yuta to move the needle at all. FTW Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs. Ricky Starks Hopefully they put the belt on Starks and kick Cage out of Team Taz to do the babyface run they are clearly doing. I'm really not big on Cage and would be happy to see him go a different direction. His matches on Youtube this week were just more examples that he doesn't have the confidence to work like anything but a 210 pound nobody. Starks being the figurehead of Team Taz would be such a better fit. Coffin Match: Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page Should be good. I'm enjoying the Men of the Year. Allin and Page have to live up to the hype which should be possible. While I would commonly advocate that Darby slow himself down and not take a world beating bump every week, this is an instance where if he had not been doing it week after week it could have some actual impact. IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Karl Anderson (w/Doc Gallows & Don Callis) The Callis Faction is the worst. I really wish they would stop having these US Title matches on AEW television. I don't think they help when Jon ignores the belt every other week when he's not defending it.
  10. When will we get Page/Cage/Black vs Page/Cage/Black?!???!
  11. How long is a chorus of Judas?
  12. Bucks vs. Eddie/Penta So are the Bucks going to double team a lot and use interference and illegal objects? What a drastic change! I am over the Bucks as the only people who work every week on the show. First show back on the road, fuck you covid! Crowd should be molten, hopefully it won't be a chant fest. Cody vs QT in a Yappapi Strap Match to determine the future of the Codyverse Is Agogo out hurt or something? He's seems to have gone missing for quite a few weeks and he's the money in the Factory angle. QT has never really caught on as a threat or a character. FTR (finally gets a TV match) & Wardlow vs THEBESTTHEBESTTHEBESTTHEBEST and Hagar. Should be GREAT. Yes. KStat & OC vs Blade & Bunny: First AEW TV intergender match. I'm curious how it goes. Blade's pretty underrated and Bunny doesn't get enough credit. I assume they won't have male on female violence on national tv but intergender tags under WWE rules are dumb. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Andrade El Idolo (or "Ill Igloo" if you're JR) vs Matt somebody. Should be GREAT. Sombra should blow his doors off. Somebody is a journeyman on AEW and there's no value in a good match at this time. Make a star. Jericho and MJF please don't call it a promo! Give it a cool name in a FACE TO FACE STANDOFF It's not a promo! It's not! JR, in the role most of us want him relegated to, does a sitdown with Darby and the other Page Darby talking is a bad.
  13. This did not end well for Mr. Champion
  14. Maybe she could do one of those hosting gigs like Piper's Pit or The Brother Love Show.
  15. I remember Charles the butler but they didn’t mine that vein for enough of a payoff.
  16. Oh for the love of Pete. Folks, there’s no AEW membership you need to defend in order to continue to watch the show. It’s okay to say that an angle is not good (since words like ‘suffer’ are now being taken literally) and not give AEW a pass.
  17. I contend that is the absolute wrong message to get from the Miro situation where we had to suffer through six months of nonsense that all got wiped away anyway.
  18. Right? So instead of getting him in and going right into the mix, they put him on television doing the things he is weakest at (talking) and now we're less excited to see him because he's already been on the show a month and done nothing. Even if they did introductory vignettes to establish his character would have been better because they could have shown him doing something rather than sitting around and doing promos.
  19. Alex Reynolds Last Time: Reynolds is pretty much captain average as a performer. He doesn't really flash a lot and can fade into the woodwork a lot if he's allowed to do so. So we need to find a way to feature him if we are going to have him on the roster so he serves a purpose beyond the second tier Dark Order tag team or the Marty Jannetty of the pairing with Silver. Reynolds as is doesn't really engender a lot of attention as he's kind of the other guy in a tag team right now. He needs something to latch onto or he's going to be an afterthought. Since Last Time: Reynolds has been solidified as the other guy in the Silver team even as Silver has been off television with a shoulder injury. Alex has been relegated to losing in Dark main events in some of the more random Dark Order pairings or as a single. If anything, I've grown more appreciative of Reynolds as time has gone on and have favorably compared him to Christian as a guy without a stand out physical feature but still can put together solid outings. What Now?: Reynolds has really not stepped out of the Dark Order shadow and needs to either find a hook or get out of AEW before he has loser stink on him for the rest of his career. He's like the Health Slater or Bo Dallas of AEW who worked there for a lot of years but never got to do a lot except be in a group now and again and do jobs on secondary shows. He's likely to stick around, but he's so far down the pecking order, he's not likely to get a shot anytime soon except as Silver's Robin. I actually think he could do more in the business but needs a repackage and something to hook audiences.
  20. Young Bucks vs Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston The Bucks are simply overexposed at this point. Having already beat Penta and Eddie with their regular partners, this would be a really weird time to start putting the babyfaces over. I guess when you beat all the tag teams, you have to beat all the different combinations as well. I look forward to The Bucks winning Battlebowl this year. I expect Rick Knox will furiously enforce the rules and to catch the dastardly heels who trick him every week. MIro vs Brian Pillman, Jr. for the TNT Championship Title Should be good. Pillman has angry Trent? energy when working enhancement matches so he should be able to stand up to Miro before going down. Miro's been the best part of off schedule Dynamite so I expect him to continue on that roll. Eventually, they are going to have to throw Pillman a bone in terms of getting him a win on Dynamite but it won't be tonight. Britt Baker & Rebel vs Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero This program has been a giant miss thus far as they've pretty much bungled Baker's coronation and quasi face turn. Rose is a terrible top contender and Vickie hasn't done anything to help any of her charges. On a separate issue, Andrade not working yet has been a big old mistake and squandered his momentum from the jump to AEW. He's still not actually interacting with anyone or doing anything. Sammy Guevara vs MJF It will be interesting to see Sammy work babyface as a singles since he really hasn't done that yet on television. I really feel they aren't using the Pinnacle-Inner Circle feud right as they should be using the Dangerous Alliance template to keep this feud going rather than lots of promos and set pieces. I think they should have done more trios and tag combinations to save the payoff matches for PPV or big events. They could have done Sammy/Jericho against MJF/Wardlow and saved this as one of the blow offs. Jungle Boy vs Jack Evans JB should beat Evans in a few minutes to keep his main event steam. Having him work 50/50 with nonfactor Evans to further the Hardy-Christian angle is a misuse of everyone involved.
  21. If anyone wants to keep count of the Hobbs is a Genius thing, I wanted to mention how he got around a botch against Hangman while they were working around the post on the outside. Page was supposed to pull Hobbs into the post, but their grips slipped and Hobbs ended up not doing the spot. So rather than go back to it or pretend it actually happened, they seemed to adlib Hobbs acknowledging the botch and then putting Page on his shoulders to get to the same place where he ended up bumping to the post. I've found Hobbs to be a really effective squash match worker in terms of getting himself over. This would be a different challenge where he likely will have to give Stunt something based on Marko's role in the company but selling a lot for Stunt would be terrible for Will's prospects.
  22. Christian seems a lot more active than other veteran hires and is a really good in ring talent who gets around his lack of physical superlatives well. He works as a veteran who can still go and if they manage his losses well, he can get over younger talents while also providing in ring mentorship. His being Jungle Boy's "Sting" is a great use of him.
  23. I wouldn’t since Miro is running so hot right now and it would come off as JB settling for the consolation prize of the secondary title. I would be more amenable to him and Christian going over the Bucks since they don’t really have a good feud going or obvious challengers on the wings with FTR and Santana/Ortiz being tied up with each other. Really the last, last thing they need is to keep running him against the title wall and failing over and over.
  24. I guess my only ‘out’ with playing back and forth with the title was if it created some sort of lasting change to the characters. Like if Omega went completely off his rocker and made significant alterations to his outlook or style or something along those lines, it could be worth it. But wrestling is pretty Marvel comics right now where everyone goes back to status quo a lot of the time so it would be a wild change to modern booking philosophy.
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