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  1. Needless to say, I haven't been having the best time the past few days...
  2. To be fair, they were heels long before the Punk thing.
  3. Also, I'm slightly amused that Double J has taken over the "Old Man Yells At Cloud" spot left by Dan Lambert. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/044/247/297.png
  4. I'm gonna need more of Daddy Magic and Scumbag Ian talking about Italians. (Ian) "I don't dress like that!" Sing Along With Tazz (TM) has returned!
  5. People on Reddit seem to think this means Regal is going back to WWE. I think they're being hasty; this was the perfect way to get a Regal-Mox split. I'm interested to see how they'll explain Regal doing what he did and how the BCC will be going forward from now on. Good riddance to Rosa. Glad they finally did the right thing, she's dead weight. (Mother and I watching the Top Flight/FTR promo) (Mom) "Darius, don't get hurt before Friday"
  6. "Where's Julia's hat? It it okay? There it is!"
  7. (wife and I watching tonight, Acclaimed music video comes on) (Me) "See, they're making fun of Keith Lee because he's frequently eloquent" (Her) "Why is that a reason to be made fun of?" (Me) "......cause he hangs out with that jerk Swerve?" Thank goodness that Britt/Saraya bit was short. Britt again proved that she's the face in all of this and that Saraya is just selfish. I am all for the hoss battle that's going to be Hobbs/Joe/Wardlow, but interesting how it's only going to be for the TNT Championship. When this thing started it was looking like it might have been Wardlow vs. Cage and/or Joe vs. Hobbs, not sure how they decided it would come to this. Not happy The Elite are coming back. We had a good run for a while, but it's time has come to an end.
  8. The (big) problem was that her speech wasn't motivational, if you think about it. Pretty much every sentence in the first part about how she mentioned she's been in the business for so long and wrestled despite other issues stopping her could have been post-faced by "...because your family ran the company" or some variation thereof. It didn't make her sound sympathetic at all.
  9. I saw that Joe turn coming a mile away, whenever you see someone standing behind someone like he did a heel turn is coming! And woof, that Britt/Saraya segment....why exactly is Britt the heel if she's speaking the truth? Saraya's speech didn't help her case at all, she pretty much proved everything Britt said and in no way did it sway my opinion on her.
  10. Other then Nakazawa, he's the only one I like. Poor Tazz suffered a stroke on commentary this week apparently!
  11. I can remember something slightly akin to this in the WWF when Freddie Blassie retired and Slick took most of his men with Bobby Heenan and Mr. Fuji getting others.
  12. And per Gorilla Monsoon you need a license to be either a manager or a wrestler, and you can't hold both at the same time.
  13. Hayter's stock went way up after that match. I still hate Riho though. I absolutely LOVE that Jericho is going to go after all ROH champs now, give em' all hell Jericho! That Elite promo was...something? I'm interested in seeing where that's going, but I'm fairly bummed it's going to lead to an Elite return. The conspiracy theories on Reddit have been pretty entertaining.
  14. ^This also reminds me of the bit where referees show ignorance by gesturing at their eyes showing they didn't see something nefarious occur.
  15. Does Miro really have anything to do now that there's no more Pagans for him to fight with?
  16. Bringing this one back to mention there's a new one I absolutely adore - Jericho thinking he's won and celebrating after a rope break and the referee having to tell him. Alot of wrestlers have done it before, but I've enjoyed his the most.
  17. If it's just Jericho beating up fools from ROH's past I'd be all over that.
  18. That was one of the higher-tier episodes in recent history (especially considering that the show has been on a bit of a run for a bit.) Absolutely loved the Dalton/Jericho match, and still love Jericho's Anti-ROH Crusade. Give them all hell, Jericho! I'm still definitely rooting for him to take it all down. "Who's going to save Toni Storm? Oh....it's Riho, apparently she had to leave her job as elementary school student to make the save." Re: MJF Hear me out on this one....(eventually) MJF to BCC? I could see some seeds being planted there possibly, especially considering they're teasing some problems with them and Danielson.
  19. And now Arlington for an ROH PPV. How they can ignore the largest and best city in the state, I'll never know.
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