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  2. 65% is pretty bad by early review standards. It will either sink like a rock by release or stabilize. I suspect that it will either stay fresh in the low sixty percentile or be slightly rotten in the low to mid fifties.
  3. He's paid dues bumping full time for a decade and less is more when it comes to how often most guys should be working.Assuming they're not breaking the bank on him, why not give him a decent schedule? Regardless, him having time off recently doesn't necessarily mean he's part time.
  4. Damien Sandow. Not a fan of UpUpDownDown?
  5. I gave up on Dolph when I realized he was a stand up comic who had been on television for a more than a decade and has never. once. said. anything. funny.
  6. Work has beaten the living shit out of me the past couple weeks, but I should have some writing time open tomorrow to get my review in.
  7. Furious 7 was pretty awesome. About as good as Fast 5.
  8. This is an accurate description. I don't expect a strong season if I'm being honest, but its interesting enough so far.
  9. No, but even if it did - they wanted PAC to win to move onto a program with Omega, so if the match between him and Page did decide the first champion.... PAC would have been it. Don't see why they'd back out if that was the case (but it wasn't, so this is hypothetical).
  10. Well, I don't think many people described that one as fun.
  11. Jericho' deal with NJPW is separate from his AEW deal. It's not a talent exchange.
  12. Roll20 Session 3 We got a new player to replace the guy who fell asleep and then no showed. The new player has never played with strangers on Roll20 before, but he fit in perfectly. Easily the best session so far. We're starting to get some of that banter going as everyone gets comfortable. We also started upping the tactics as we demolished a shit ton of goblins. I personally had a great session. I freed the Kobold's dragon. When we returned it to them, I asked to be referred to as Otto Brutalhammer, Breaker of Chains, Freer of Dragons. In the big battle against he Goblins, I waited to hit my first and only Divine Smite on the hobgoblin warlord. I rolled a 20 and basically wiped the "main bad guy" in one horrific shot. Then I walked up to the last remaining goblin shaman, and told him "Mine is a divine cause, repent and I will grant thee mercy." I ended up converting that goblin to my god. Playing a paladin is dope. I might play one all the time from here on out. Then, after all that awesome shit, I failed a stupid dex save and fell 50 feet. It wiped my HP, and I nearly died waiting for the other characters to save me. I've fallen like 5 times in this campaign so far. I suck at climbing. My first game as a Roll20 DM. I'm going to try and run a game. It's a one shot that I got from a book from Kobold Press. I plan on running the game multiple times to feel things out so if the time doesn't work for you or I don't pick your application, I'll probably get to you next time.. If you're interested in playing here's where you can apply(I think) https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/161629/hell-comes-a-glitterin
  13. PAC wasn't going to lose to Page, so why should Suzuki? Suzuki is also a freelancer who isn't booked on the Super Juniors tour. And NJ is already using AEW contracted talent next month in Jericho.
  14. Yup, the casual homophobia Corey busted out was super cool too.
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  16. As I said earlier I've enjoyed the run even if its been a mixed bag. I'm disappointed they are cutting it short. I'm curious as to why. The sales are still good so I wonder if it was whatever big status quo King had planned. Perhaps WB/DC decided they didn't like it. Hopefully he can come up with a good ending. I'm curious on who will replace him. As a fan of Tomasi, and someone who is also enjoying his current run I have to say this is a ridiculous statement. The current run isn't even a dozen issues in, and Tomasi's first arc was a six-issue story that easily could have been completed in 1-2.
  17. I am fairly positive there are plenty of people who would disagree with you on that. And that isn't factoring in Hobbs & Shaw
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