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  2. You joke, but with as big as there roster is, they could prolly fill the stands with staff and crew who know the "script" and force a perception change on guys if they really wanted to go all in on the work.
  3. I spaced writing why I picked Against the Drunken Cat’s Paws. Because it’s awesome. First saw it as a kid when Video Watch by GL Perry had a VHS of it. Came back to it often. Glad odessa liked it.
  4. I will say American Pie got at least one thing right about Michigan: everybody had at least one friend in high school whose parents had a lake house.
  5. In fairness I was there for New Japan and I think many others were as well.
  6. Today
  7. Breaking Away It’s changed quite a bit, but I could walk a mile down the road and be at the limestone place scenes were shot and any number of places around campus. As for South Bend I think Prancer was shot around there in addition to Rudy. Public Enemies had the bank robbery from South Bend in it, but I don’t think it was shot there. Could be wrong, though.
  8. He's extrapolating based on previous performances. It's a shot in the dark, but he's fired so many shots into so many dark target areas, he can sort of vaguely guess where the bullseye might be.
  9. I think that's every offseason they say there's turmoil with the Rockets, and every year it's not true. Funniest rumor I heard today is that Blake Griffin is coming to the Rockets to reunite with Chris Paul.
  10. OH, NOW CASERIO WANTS OUT OF NEW ENGLAND AND WANTS TO COME TO THE TEXANS AND BE THEIR GM. Will this never end? I don't even care anymore. Texans are idiots, Bill O'Brien is an idiot, and if this dipshit wants to come to this trainwreck then he's an idiot too. DeShaun and DeAndre and JJ are still the GOATs though. Also will some Texans GM who may or may not exist please pay Jadaveon.
  11. Security needed to do their fucking jobs. I mean the only good security I’ve seen at a Lucha show was fucking LA Park knocking out that drunk fucker from a few years ago.
  12. I think that my cred as not being racist, misogynistic, or a homophobe is pretty well-established, that said, I find disco to be a pretty vile assault on the eardrums; sort of like one of Victator's posts set to music eeeef you weeeel...
  13. Merida's always had a bit of an issue with fans going overboard. But I'm gonna blame Bully Ray for being an idiot and putting "getting pulled into the back" on the table for the asshole fans to crank it up because if they get dragged back they can drop a lawsuit. Because this would be Incident #4 that's known of since that incident of Fans "crossing the rail" ramping up.
  14. Like yeah you shouldn’t try to molest them obviously like this dude. But ‘never’ touch the wrestlers? Like they dive into the crowd on occasion, is it wrong to go for the old attaboy back pat?
  15. I assume him along with everyone else not booked for the show will be used as seat fillers so the place doesn't look so empty.
  16. I did it on my Titan and I am the worst.
  17. I'll try it, but i have my doubts it will work well for me.
  18. And now it's publishing and media operations are being farmed out to a company where the CEO proudly boasts of running his business line a frat boy, and intentionally being an arrogant rich elite. https://deadspin.com/sports-illustrateds-media-operations-pawned-off-to-unpr-1835588571
  19. Or in other words, stop treating everything Dave says as gospel. He's good at reviewing wrestling. He's not a logistics person, he's not an analyst, hell, he's not even that good at thinking up wrestling angles considering his weird defenses of WWE angles and thinking a WWE angle is something it isn't. He's good at making estimates of buyrates based on a number of factors, but that's not even anything special because anyone could do the same. Hell, I'm not even sure if he's that good at that because he bases that stuff off of Google searches and feedback on his website, so it's not like he even understands that the data he's using is flawed.
  20. Reminds me of that Barca kit from a couple years ago.
  21. I was not expecting to hear Chip Kidd on Gilbert's podcast today.
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