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  2. Holy shit that was the ugliest game I’ve ever seen. Harden missed his first 15 shots! Royce O’Neale tackles him out of bounds on a fast break. Felt like both teams shot just horrible for most of the game. and yet, Harden goes for 14 in the fourth and the Rockets win. Amazing.
  3. If you can't beat Houston when James Harden is having quite possibly the ugliest 20 point game in the history of basketball... I don't think Utah ever can.
  4. I think I've seen the accidental low blow -> TKO thing multiple times in boxing at this point.
  5. I really hope my gut feeling that they are going to use Owens teaming with Woods and Kofi as a storyline catalyst to turn E heel when he comes back is wrong. Those three are gold together and after all we have seen leading up to Kofimania, does anyone really want to see them fight?
  6. I think it'll all work out ala Voyager's "Year of Hell" two parter.
  7. "People chant 'you still got it". Well, I never lost it." Damn right you didn't, Dustin. This video sold me more on AEW then anything else at this point. I know there's not a lot they can do without an actual TV show, but this gave the match actual emotion and a reason to get invested. If this is the kind of thing they will be bringing to their show when it happens, sign me the fuck up
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  9. Whatever faults Impact has, it has blessedly never been as sterile as WWE’s become.
  10. He wasn't very good, but he was really a good guy when I met him. Joking around about the funeral for Team 3D and such. Seemed genuinely touched people enjoyed it.
  11. My money is on them causing Briscoes to lose a match in Crockett Cup.
  12. This is definitely true. I keep hearing good will about impact and that’s cool, good for them. I just can’t bring myself to watch that show anymore. I’m scarred for life.. I didn’t follow it for too long, just a few months around 2012 it think. Thank fuck. Not even WWE is so terrible that I can just quit the dam thing forever, dead and done. But RIP TNA. That’s what Claire Lynch and *shivers* Aces and Eights can do to a man.
  13. Mostly no. According to Cagematch, he last worked Explosion tapings in January and February of last year. He worked five matches last year. There was a gap where he didn't work from 2008-2015. A1 could be replaced with a bottle of A1 and there would be no difference.
  14. Okay, here is the angle that I think nobody is really noticing/mentioning. At WK8 Naito was supposed to main event with Okada, but that didn't happen. So at WK12 Naito "fixed" that mistake. But during WK8 season Naito was NEVER champion as well. Had he won his WK8 match he would have became first double champion. So, is he now going to "fix" that mistake as well?
  15. If it's just a "t-shirt company" well fuck it's the greatest t-shirt company I've ever seen. Their videos are straight shitting on WWE.
  16. Thankfully, Joe hasn't had a dick drawn on his face in WWE...yet. I would say Joe and AJ are about a wash. Everyone else was used better in TNA/Impact.
  17. Dustin is a great pick up. Not to fantasy book, but... Pair him up with Darby. Run Dustin taking Darby under his wing and Darby seeing Dustin as the father he never had and Dustin seeing in Darby his past -- young underdog babyface who can take massive beatings. Dustin is always in Darby's corner. Darby begins to improve, but he never gets to get that big win and always falls short similar to his EVOLVE run. He begins to get upset and begins turning slowly until he just completely turns on Dustin and if they ever sign Priscilla Kelly -- have her take part in this also. When Darby turns, have Darby begin wearing the white half face paint he used to wear in big EVOLVE matches and have him continuously attack Dustin's embarrassing past as a wannabe edgy movie actor and have Priscilla take the Marlena role. Have Darby continue to push Dustin until Dustin finally breaks and attacks Darby and tells him he will give Darby the beating his father was never there to give him and have them have several bloody brawls culminating in a big blow off dog collar match or steel cage match. Maybe not all those personal details, but I feel a program along that line between the two would be massive. Seriously, I don't care for the Young Bucks, Kenny or Cody, but I am huge fan of Darby and Dustin and seeing those two get to work regularly will turn me into a fan.
  18. Jesus, Heroes in Crisis will finish before Doomsday Clock
  19. I pretty much agree. Joe might be a wash as well. He got better treatment at times, but WWE has never hit the same depths as TNA did with him either.
  20. Celtics always play "The Game" theme and I hear a lot of places play Stone Cold. Also, randomly heard AJ Styles theme at a basketball game.
  21. The funny thing about this picture is that for as much SHIT as we used to throw at TNA for being horrible and they were... I'd say that pretty much every dude in this picture was better booked in TNA than they are in WWE. AJ Styles is about a wash.. multiple time champion in both companies. Had a couple ridiculous patches in both but nothing too bad. Samoa Joe, Eric Young, ECIII, Bobby Roode, Lashley... TNA actually made all these guys look like legit stars.
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