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  2. *crosses fingers for a Wild Cards based game*
  3. Broke So So much wrong with this - mainly starting with Pauley Perrette not being on NCIS
  4. I am still catching up on trailers for new Fall shows. And this ties in with the cop discussion. Can't imagine why FOX picked this up. Deputy
  5. Thanks to the upcoming holiday, it will probably be a short gaming week for me. My wifey has a *sigh* loaded social agenda of activities for our Memorial Day Weekend and we will also have to attend to her adult daughter while she is on the mend from her cosmetic surgery. We'll also have a four year old grandkid running all over hell and breakfast. At least there are plans to go see John Wick 3 in there, I'm going to do as much Gambit Prime / Reckoning as I can since I have dragged my feet on the collection of Notorious Sentry armor, suffer through three Comp matches to knock out the Invitation bounty, and then find a YouTube guide to help me locate the Ascendant Treasure chests for the weak Curse timeframe. Discomfort first, so will be heading to Competitive Crucible when I log on after grass mowing and dinner.
  6. I am not sure if this is new information but Meltzer made a comment in passing on yesterday's (????) radio show - that Double or Nothing will be a 5 hour show (Or at least it is blocked for 5 hours)
  7. I started killing worms in the Dreaming City the other day - why I don't know. OH! Because I needed to kill Hive there for my invitation. About halfway through I realized I better check to see if there is a Triumph or anything associated with it and there isn't so I stopped
  8. I’m new here. I’m not sure who you think I am but because of this paranoia inaccurate post of yours I got a good glimpse of you being an idiot.
  9. Here is the full Watch Along Show if anyone hates themselves @Casey - I think Liv is on the entire time
  10. I am doing a quick reread of Gary Hart's book right now (it resonates a hell of a lot more now that I've seen all that Houston, you know? Even if he's so anti-Boesch and anti-Lothario). But I am weirdly tempted to read Blood and Fire. I think if I last another few days that urge will be out of my system thankfully. I think I might read The Doomfarers of Coramonde this year though. That's on the list.
  11. This video will do nothing to change your opinion
  12. 24/7 title mission goals met. I'm 100% on board for drake as crash holly 2019 trying to hunt down truth for the belt.
  13. Foley was on Twitter carrying the company water saying that the reason fans booed was because he cut a terrible promo. (Though he did finally admit that the fans probably expected the Hardcore title and were disappointed when they didn't get it)
  14. SUCKAZ NEVA PLAY ME~! I also did not realize I needed MC Suplex in my life. God, that 24/7 belt looks like someone gorilla glued one of Prince's gold albums to pieces of green rubber.. Soooooo fucking ugly.
  15. If Turducken can be a thing, Porchiken can be a thing too, dammit.
  16. We've got the Risk Management Framework inspection today so I will be lucky to breathe, much less eat lunch. I will have some downtime tomorrow and Wednesday to finish up the special thing.
  17. Some people do, but others have a very “Brock sucks” mentality. But then those same people end up always praising something Brock says, or does. More so than any other wrestler. I wonder if some guys in the back get jealous of that. Like they put in so much hard work, and Brock doesn’t. But Brock still somehow does something in half a minute, and it’s the highlight of the show. It’s something Brock most likely didn’t even practice, it just came to him. I remember always fantasy casting Brock as Eddie Brock, but honestly if Hollywood paid Brock good money he’d probably shock them by showing up to the set, and showing them how natural he’d be as the bully version of Eddie Brock was in some versions of the character.
  18. Twenty years ago, they could have still gotten away with the idea that whoever had the belt at the end of the night, got a financial bonus because of it. No one would have believed it, but people would have been willing to go along with it.
  19. I'm all about the Tier 3, but I can slum it and drag you through Tier 2 once you are ready to commit to the madness of Gambit Prime. I dipped my toe in the toxic waters of Rumble yesterday all for the sake of this last fucking Invitation bounty. I was expecting to get my ass beat in my first Rumble match ever in D2 and I fucking killed EVERYONE~! I mean literally I got medal for smoking every other player in the match at least once. I finished with 20 kills, a 13 streak, 4.0 ER, and a fucking Assassin medal for getting three kills in a row without taking damage from anyone. Beginner's luck, right. Absolutely because my second and third matches were quite the reality checks. I managed second place finishes in both and never had a negative ER, but it was pretty clear who the alpha killer was in those games. Oh, well. RIP to my Rumble career. A star that burns twice as bright only burns half as long. I will see how I do in Comp this afternoon after the hard reset.. I will probably hate it but at least there is a three match requirement for the bounty, so that will put me two games out of finishing the PvP Weekly Challenge. Too easy. The moral to this story is that if you want to finish this new invitation bounty without a boatload of grief, get that shit done as soon as you can while there are extremely shitty people suffering through Rumble and Comp. Even if you are the slightest bit sweaty, you will probably mop up these fucking raid-hards. The downside of Rumble is that it is like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Like the Gambit matchmaking dealie, you cannot preview your opponents' load-outs so you are never sure who you will be fighting or what they will be packing until you are loading into the match. I was fortunate to have queues full of PvE rubes so even with my low to medium sweat, I was able to knock quite a few of those assholes out of the box. Comp will probably be a different story. I imagine that Matchmaking will put me on teams made up of PvEers and Lore Nerds taking time out of their busy Strike schedule to complete the IX triumph and the enemy team will be comprised of a coordinated six stack of blooddrinking mercs grinding for the Recluse. So if you are also short on Glory, the three Comp matches you need to clear for the Death bounty are a good opportunity to earn it. Anywho, I also found a LFG team to crack the code on the Siege Engine triumph. You do NOT get the triumph by melting Brakion before he goes to Shield Mode. You actually have to get him through the Shielding phases quickly, so position yourselves so that you are already on or close to the pressure plates in between damage phases. Make sure you have enough heavy or grenade power to keep enemies at bay while you activate the plates and you should be good to go. I have no more Nightfall triumphs left to clear. My OCD is very happy. I managed to knock out one more IB bounty before you bailed and then I futzed around the Tangled Shore collecting ghost fragments for the upcoming EC bounties that the Spider will have in his inventory this afternoon. I was too tired to attempt a Shattered Throne run solo just for the Ahamkara Bones and there weren't too many people running the dungeon here at the 11th hour. Oh, well. I guess I will try to solo it early in three weeks when the hardcore phase of the Curse rolls around again. I'm looking forward to that almost as much as I am to poking myself in the eye with s sharp stick, but a triumph is a triumph,. I also should get schooled up on Last Wish since I will need to destroy the clutch of Corrupted Eggs in the raid zone to finish the Marasenna lorebook... I know I will probably never complete the Chronicler triumph seal, but I will try to grind it out as best I can. I've got yardwork to do at my mom's so I won't be on until after dinnertime.
  20. Golden State mowing down everyone just shows how weak sauce KD is. Unforgettable run by the Blazers. One of my favorite teams in recent years.
  21. Today
  22. I think most fans can recognize how goddamn good Brock Lesnar is and also be frustrated that he's only a part-timer who is always pushed past hard-working full-timers and held one of the major championships for what seemed like forever while barely ever defending it.
  23. You can almost see that response in his face when the guy says it too. lol
  24. It’s a fantastic franchise that was plagued by production problems following the 2nd one(Which is a very difficult watch, and is probably the only blemish in the series). You won’t regret watching the craftsmanship that goes into the almost magician like structure these movies come up with. The last one, Fallout, is the best example of this.
  25. The only thing that would have made that better if Drake said something like "Yeah I got that a lot lately"
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