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Dauthuille is a sad story. After he lost his career never recovered and he fell into wrestling and eventually performing at circuses, reliving his defeat. He died at 47. This is what his 70s Obit tells me.

Here's Bernaert earning his licks.


And getting them:



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Seriously, not trying to be that guy or anything, but can we stop the posting of gifs of random females we find sexually attractive just walking around and not really doing anything wrestling related that seem like content straight from that WWEPorn Twitter account that JR is always liking tweets from or from /r/wrestelwiththeplot?

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Other match this week is Jack Laskin vs Andre Drapp. Laskin was a Canadian who ended up in California eventually. Interesting guy.

Here's an obit: http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Wrestling/2010/11/30/16371571.html

Here he was a pretty engaging heel, maybe a bit more rough around the edges than some of the other guys we've seen.

Usually I post bigger stuff, but there's a lot to see here. Look at the knuckle on the ankle, how Drapp tries to get a leg onto the arm to get out, and then the cutoff which is a shot to the under side of the knee.


Nothing too exciting here, but a nice piece of business by Drapp:


Nice bit of dirty heel chicanery here:



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This is the good old timey clubbering:


And later on some lightning comeuppance when there's more of the same:


People would go nuts on this bulldog bump in 2020:


It led right into the finish too, but I'll post those after we post the matches on Tuesday since all three falls had great finishes.

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