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22 hours ago, olythegreat89 said:

I guess based off who's shoulders Luger's on, Crush is the actual American Hero. I could see Luger as the corrupt, capitalist all-American heel who utilizes foreign agents to maintain his status at the top. Crush is a disgruntled/ass-kicking Hawaiian-American who's fighting against the corrupt system to get his shot at the top.

And then Bob Backlund exposes Crush as being groomed for his spot by Nikolai Volkoff.

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Don't ask me, I was just looking for pics of the Mod Squad and got a bunny's butt out of it.

Why I was looking for pictures of the Mod Squad is my own business.


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The Father of Chucky costume is inspired! Kudos. 

I didn't know they made lifesize Chucky costumes. I'm sure there's a creepy mask to go with those, and even creepier examples of face paint or actual latex makeup attempts to look like the doll. 

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