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UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson II (12/29/2018) - Inglewood, CA (The Forum)


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15 minutes ago, Hail Sabin said:

UFC 46: His next fight was on January 31, 2004, a rematch with Randy Couture for the UFC Light heavyweight Championship. Despite agonizing over his sister Priscila Belfort, who disappeared on January 9, Vitor won the fight in 49 seconds after a seam from his glove cut Couture's eye, leaving Couture with a corneal abrasion that prompted a referee stoppage thus Belfort won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. I remembered this cause I bought this DVD paired with the famous Trigg vs. Hughes PPV UFC 52 and was like WTF when that happened. 

I remember seeing people get gloved by the thumb of the glove in boxing and the laces covered up with tape  (in Jersey, they often used duct tape). 

That Belfort vs. Couture thing was like a once in a lifetime (or fighting career) type occurrence. I've seen many (usually female) fighters in like lower level MMA, boxing, and kickboxing turn their back when they caught either a knuckle, a toe, or the side of the foot to the face. It's a very bad stereotype of female fighting that should have been gone a long time ago. Leave it to Cat Zingano to bring it to the highest level.

I know it's a scary feeling, but you can't turn away in a fight like that on a legal blow. If it's that bad you got to indicate to the ref that they need to wave it off. If this was two guys and Megan Anderson was like Rumble Johnson or Thiago Santos, that would not have ended with the defenseless, injured fighter standing up. If you're gonna quit, you need to make it readily apparent to the ref so you won't get badly concussed because every opponent ain't that nice. That could be Razor Ruddock vs. Michael Dokes level of nasty.


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Should have booked Nunes vs Cyborg as the main to have the fans leave happy with the win.  Sorry wrestling guy talking again.   ?   Although I am sure Dana White is fucking ecstatic that Jones won with all the coddling he has done for him

So who is the starting the pool on how many days before Jones is stripped of the title for drugs again.  I will take 15 days 

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