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Autumn is a Season of Change.... (Board Posting Updates)


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Y'all have had your fun and I am starting to have time to think. So things I am going to be cracking down on around here (some of this is new, some of this is everyone just getting lax.)

General point to remember - a lot of these are being asked due issues with load time and with error displays on the mobile version due to changes to the way media posts.

1) Stop with the Seinfeld posts.

- Clearly this is directed at @Nice Guy Eddie and @PetrolCB the most but it is also short hand for just replying to topics with Youtube videos. (So not specific to just Seinfeld but I think everyone knows what I mean. Think of this like the Allen Houston Rule or maybe the Hiss Act). Once in a blue moon is fine but when I see it done 4 times on a single page, enough. 

Video that is relevant with a line or two of explanation is ideal.

2) If you feel the need to post more than one photo or GIF in a thread - please use spoiler tags. This will help with loading time.

2a) Tangential to this - whenever there is a picture gallery on another site (usually wwe.com) - a picture or two at max is fine. A link to the gallery can go with it! Not every single damn picture.

@The Natural - Love ya but you are the biggest offender here. (A few people are running a close 2nd)

3) TRIM YOUR GOD DAMN QUOTE BOXES!!!! Especially when quoting multiple photos/GIFs)

See this terrible example from @Pete

Heck visit the GIF thread in general for a lot of bad practices.

4) I am going to do another couple of rounds of signature sweeps so don't be surprised if some or all of your signature vanishes. (Also if I discover broke images - I will delete those too.)

5) When using spoilers - putting a little note outside the box is super helpful so someone can figure out what it is about and then decide whether they should click on it or not

5a) Also - if you use the "View Unread Content" feature. YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS TO AVOID SPOILERS!!! Default setting is expanded posts so all the posts are just out their naked as a jaybird. Use Condensed view and also just view topics not posts.

6) Reminder for folks who use the tiniest resolution on your monitors. Just because something looks tiny on your screen doesn't mean it will be tiny for everyone else.

I am sure there is more since I am old and cranky but yeah...

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5 minutes ago, J.T. said:

At first glance the title of the thread looked like it read Autism Is A Season Of Change.

I was about to set up my Pay Pal account to make a donation.

The board has always accepted donations. It just won't be for autism

It will be for making me feel pain via review.

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Is there no photo thread in the Sports folder any more? Only it's the 50th anniversary of the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics today and I thought that would be the place to post about it.

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Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of repetition of content in various threads lately? It feels like I am sometimes seeing the same tweet or picture posted in three different threads, but not necessarily in a convenient "cross posted herw" way. 

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Well, and sometimes a tweet can fit in more than one thread, and you read one of the threads it fits in, but don't check the others it might before posting.

We did kinda hit a critical mass of awesome Becky Lynch tweets in three or four threads at once. But I just chalk that up to her being The Man.

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Survivor Series was a perfect storm since it was a SDL wrestler with an event happening on a RAW show leading to a PPV.

Frequently - the issue is people don't read anything else other than basically the main thread.

Like there was no reason for the David Arquette stuff to be outside of the indie thread.

But yeah like Morelock said - this has been nothing new. This has been happening since I segmented the board like 13 years ago.

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