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Jaguar Yokota vs. Peggy Lee (w/ heel referee Winona Littleheart)

Wendi Richter vs. Peggy Lee Leather

Bambi (Selina Majors) vs. Peggy Lee Leather (one of probably a thousand matches they had together)

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AJPW 1990, one the Real World tag league matches 

Abdullah the Butcher and Kimala 2 vs the British Bruisers or whatever name they used at the time

Blood n headbutts

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41 minutes ago, 赤い竜 said:

Tiger Mask 2 (Misawa) vs Kenta Kobashi

The first singles match against each other.

I am digging into the forbidden archive of stuff I’m not supposed to post to put up the first ever Kawada vs Kobashi match for the five year anniversary of NFF/FFF at Segunda Caida tomorrow. It’s never been out there in our trading circles. 

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AJPW 1992 

Andre the Giant and Giant Baba and Dory Funk Jr vs Kenta Kobashi and Toshiaki Kawada and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi

Andre and Baba's tag name was 大巨人コンビ or Dai Kyojin konbi or Giant Duo or Great Giant combi

At first the tag name was called Skyscraper Combination.

As a team, 17 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.

info from several assorted Japanese sites


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Bryan Turner posted a few fancams from ECW house shows in Georgia. Here's Super Crazy vs. Ikuto Hidaka ...

IIkuto Hidaka vs Super Crazy - ECW Wrestling Fan Cam Augusta, Georgia 12/04/1999 - YouTube


Nick Dinsmore has also posted a bunch of old OVW and HWA TV matches, including clips of the first OVW episode and the next five shows in full. A sample of what he's posted ...

"Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore vs The Prototype John Cena. 2001. - YouTube (HWA show at OVW's arena)

Nick Dinsmore & “Ironman” Rob Conway vs “Handsome” Jason Lee & Trailer Park Trash - YouTube


TPT hailing from "everywhere because his house is mobile" maybe a Top 10 all-time intro. 


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