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28 minutes ago, 赤い竜 said:

The real ECW pal


I remember really liking this and thinking it’s Kane’s best match ever, but I’m not rewatching it to find out if that’s still accurate!

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One of the most awe inspiring matches of my youth turns 31 tomorrow. I read about it in PWI and how this spectacle was described was so crazy to a kid who was a WCW and WWF fan and a fire match was such a wild and exotic concept. 


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17 minutes ago, 赤い竜 said:

AJPW 1993

Stan Hansen vs Barry Horowitz

Basically Stan beats up jobber match

The best part of that is we now have proof that Barry Horowitz used 2 Live Crew's "Pop That Pussy" as entrance music in All Japan. Feel free making any part of that sentence make ANY GODDAMN SENSE.

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WCW GAB 1998

WCW World tag team title singles match

WolfPac Sting (c) vs the Giant (c), the winner of the match choses who his new tag partner is. 

Something AEW needs to do.

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